Best Paint for Baby Handprints

Babies are the best creation. This is a blessing for the parent, and many parents want to preserve the beautiful memories of their kids. At the various stages of growth, the parents can follow multiple techniques to keep the memories, taking photographs and videos is not the only solution, and you can also use baby handprints. This will be much efficient because, in this manner, you can keep track of your baby's gradual growth. Assessing these situations, we have come up with five best paint for baby handprints,

But for baby handprints, the most crucial aspect that the parents need is a set of beautiful colors. These colors must be very bright, and the consistency of these colors should be moderate. Besides, there should be no harmful side-effects of these colors on the skin of the user. these are the best in the current market scenario, and you will be much delighted to use it for the memory lane. These products are discussed below with proper explanation.

Top 5 Best Paint for Baby Handprints List


Colorations Simply Washable Tempera Paints

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The first product we want to discuss is a high quality washable paint, which is prepared by Colorations. This paint is highly suitable for baby handprints because you can easily wash off the paint after the session is over. These paints are sold in three different packages.

The first package holds six shades, which contains the most common colors, and each bottle weighs eight oz. Then there is another package that includes eleven different colors, and each bottle weight is sixteen oz, and the last pack contains nineteen colors with sixteen oz of individual bottle weight.

One of the essential aspects of this paint is the creamy texture. This paint is suitable for the majority of surfaces. But there are specific materials the company suggests which will provide the best result. Among them, non-greasy absorbent surfaces are highly appreciated. You can also use this color on cardboard tubes, boxes, and drawing paper. Besides, this color will also suit paper mache and plaster cloth. So you do not need to worry about the surface suitability for these colors.

The colors included in this package are very vibrant. These are perfect for projects. You can easily use this paint to mark the baby handprints, which will long-lasting. You can cherish these memories for the whole time. This color has a smooth consistency, and there is a matte finish obtained by the paint after drying. You can also use brushes and sponges to obtain different effects. This product does not contain toxic materials, so your baby's skin will not get affected, and after the use, you can easily wash the paint from the skin.


  • These paints are not harmful to the skin.
  • These paints come in different packages.
  • You can use this paint on plaster cloths and other surfaces.
  • You can also use sponges and brushes for this paint.
  • The color has creamy consistency and matte finish


  • Some of the prominent users expressed that, there is gas accumulation inside the tube.


Handy Art Little Masters Tempera Paints Set

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Next we want have another efficient handprint paint, which is produced by Handy Arts. This is the best tempera paint that you will get in the market, and these paints are sold in single bottles. And there are also packages available for buying all the seven colors at once. The main benefit of this color is you can easily apply them on surfaces. The tempera paints are hard to wash off, but you will not face such issues in this case.

The company used a special chemical treatment on these tempera paints, which allows the user to wash the colors easily after using it. This paint's consistency is very high, and after the paint is dried, you will get a beautiful matte shade. Another important aspect of this paint is opacity. The company has manufactured this paint with the best opacity. This will provide a clear texture for the users, and it will be wonderful.

The handprints of your baby will remain forever. This paint is much creamy and dense. The main feature that the users like about this product are the easy mixing ability. You can mix two or more colors and then apply them. This paint is thinner than acrylic paints. For this reason, there will be less time needed for this paint to dry completely. There will be no chipping of this paint will also refrain from flaking and cracking.


  • The color has a creamy consistency and a matte finish.
  • The product will not chip or flake.
  • The product can be mixed to create new shades.
  • The opacity rate of this paint is lauding


  • Some of the users stated that clothes get easily stained due to this color.


U.S. Art Supply 18 Color Children's Washable Tempera Paint Set

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Our third addition to the list of handprint colors is another top-class baby proof product manufactured by U.S Art Supply. These colors are authentic, and you can easily apply them on the hand of your baby. We assure you that these colors will leave a permanent stain on the surfaces, and you can keep the memory of your baby for a long time. This color is sold in a large bundle. There are mainly two packages available in the market.

The first package contains eighteen different shades, and the second package consists of thirty-two different shades. This will allow the users to get all the colors they want for the project. All of the colors are unique, and the shades are vibrant. This will provide a glowing look on white surfaces. Besides, you can also use colorful surfaces for applying the handprints. All of these will be very beautiful.

These colors will be the perfect choice for young artists. Your baby will love these shades, and there will not be any harmful effects of the paint on the user's skin. These colors are chemically treated so you can easily wash them off the hands after using them. The colors have high consistency, and they will also allow premium coverage to the surface. Cloths stained with this color are easily washable in machines.


  • This product has a wide variety of shades.
  • The color can be washed using regular soap and water.
  • The clothes stained with these colors are machine washable.
  • The colors will provide high surface coverage.


  • Most users of this product said that, the colors are very thin and dull.


Acrylic Paint Set, Shuttle Art

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Our second last product from the list is a premium quality handprint paint manufactured by Shuttle Art. These paints are very vibrant, and it will provide the best result on all the surfaces. This is a total package for the painters. Though you are buying these paints for baby handprints, you can also use this product for a full-fledged painting session. This will be highly beneficial in this regard.

There are thirty-six different shades of colors included in this package. These paints are kept in small bottles, which measures sixty milliliters. Then you will get three paintbrushes and one palette. This total package will help you to get the most colorful creations. This is a professional-grade painting package, and the user will love the combinations. These paints are different from tempera paints, and it is thicker.

These colors' pigments are very thick, which allows the paint to spread quickly and provide maximum coverage to the surface. After you dip the baby's hands properly, you will get the actual handprints that you desire. This is also an ideal gift for people who are enthusiastic about painting. It is effortless to wash these colors, and these are not harmful to the environment. There is also no odor present in these paints.


  • These paints are thicker than tempera paints.
  • These paints cover the maximum surface area.
  • There are thirty-six different shades available for this paint.
  • This can be an ideal gift for the newbies.


  • Some customers complained that sometimes the bottles get leaked and destroy the package.


Washable Tempera Paint for Kids, Shuttle Art

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Our final product from the list is a washable high-quality tempera paint manufactured by Shuttle Art. This paint is highly suggested for kids, and the previous users of this product are much optimistic about the benefits of these colors. This paint is manufactured to provide beautiful shades, and hand printing is highly suitable for this paint. There are thirty different shades available in this package.

This paint is non-toxic, and the users highly appreciate finger painting. This paint will provide the best results for baby handprint, and you can also wash this color easily. The company has added neon, metallic, and glitter colors in this package to make the painting process enjoyable. These colors are perfect for sponge painting and posters. You can also use this paint for canvas paper and DIY works.


  • The product is manufactured explicitly for finger painting.
  • The product has thirty arrangement of vibrant colors.
  • The color is chemically treated to eliminate damage to the baby's skin.
  • The color is applicable for all surfaces, including DIY activities.


  • The main issue is the product takes significant time to dry.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Paint for Baby Handprints

When you opt to buy paint for a baby handprint, it is likely to get confused. Numerous manufacturers are associated with such productions, and purchasing these colors will surely need some specific assessment. For this reason, we have shortlisted some aspects which will allow our readers to buy the best paint for baby handprints. This will enable the parent's judge the quality of the product, and there will be minimal possibility of getting the wrong product.


Color Varieties

One of the most critical aspects that the buyers should judge before going for the final payment is the available color shades. Some companies sell these colors in package form, and some sellers are selling in single tubes. We prefer that you buy the package form for the best implementation. You will get more than fifteen color shades, and in some packages, there are almost thirty shades. This will allow you to make the correct choice for baby handprints.



These colors will be used for small scale works, handprints are not a tuff thing, but there are certain aspects that you should check. The density of the color is critical in this regard because if the color is too thick, then it will take much time to dry, and there is also the possibility of flaking. On the other hand, there will be easy, faster drying for too thin consistency, but the shade of the color might not form properly. For this reason, it is better to buy the product with medium density.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Paint for Baby Handprints


Do these products contain toxic substances?

We know that painting is always an exciting aspect, but some colors contain toxic chemicals. These are used to make the color long-lasting and enhance aesthetically. But the products we have mentioned here are manufactured explicitly for baby handprints. For this reason, the company is highly sincere about the skin of your baby, and they have strictly prohibited the use of toxic substances. The texture of these colors might not be as bright as the wall paints.


Is there an age recommendation for these products?

The products we have mentioned are mostly suitable for children, but some products can be used for professional grade painting. For this reason, age restrictions are implied in some of them. You will be using these paints to make baby handprints, but you can also use them for professional purposes. You should always be near your baby when you are using these paints, and parental supervision is still essential for this aspect.


In conclusion we are optimistic that all the paints we have exhibited here will surely help you create the best baby handprint, and you can keep it as a memory for a long time. But for the belter convenience of our readers, we prefer the Colorations Simply Washable Tempera Paints. These paints come in different combinations, and the colors are manufactured without toxic substances. There is no harmful odor for the paint, and you can also use these paints on the majority of surfaces. The paint takes less time to dry, and it is straightforward to wash the skin color. We think the list of the top five best paint for baby handprints has been advantageous. Thank you!

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