Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, then we believe you should not waste any more time and get the right kind of shoes you need for your feet's treatment. For those of you, we have a complete guideline on finding the best women's dressed shoes for plantar fasciitis.

For those of you who do not know, plantar fasciitis is a foot condition where your fibrous tissue of the bottom of your foot is suffering from inflammation. This condition can get entirely wrong, and it can harm your daily life. To make it stop from spreading any further, you better start your treatment as soon as possible.

Besides other treatments, you should always find the right shoes to deal with the condition. Fortunately, there are many shoes specially made for these types of diseases or are generally good for the suffering feet.

As we are aware of the fact that it is quite hard to go through thousands of options to get the right one, we have decided we will help you. We went ahead and did our most exceptional research on finding the best shoes. We gathered them up with all the needed information. So, keep reading ahead to know everything.

Top 10 Best Women's Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis List


Croc Women's Kadee Flat

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The first option from our list is going to be the CROC Women's Kadee Flat. Croc is a famous shoe brand with a unique design. It is somehow both liked and disliked by people, but no one can deny the effectiveness of them.

These crocs are great for dealing with your plantar fasciitis. Whether it is the shape or the heal, everything will suit your feet and make your walking or running experience more painless. The heal measurement of these shoes is about 1 inch, and it is not too low or high, but perfect for keeping the right balance. The shaft of the boots is about 2.38 inches right from the arch.

The look for the shoe does not only give you the feeling of gentleness, but it is quite elegant if you are looking for a flat dressed shoe. The brand-new version is going to come with a metallic and micro-floral graphic treatment that will look lovely on anyone's feet. The shoes are designed in a way to provide all the necessary arch support you need on your feet. There are straps across the vamps of your feet that will make the fitting more secure and comfortable.

The shoes are totally locked outsole for the perfect fitting, and it is also slip-resistant. You will never feel like the shoes are coming off of your feet when you wear them as it will provide you comfort and support for your feet. They are even very lightweight that you will almost feel like you are barefoot. These crocs are available in various colors, so you can buy them to suit any of your dresses.


  • Low heal and with a right arch
  • Gentle and elegant
  • Available in a different color
  • Perfect fit with strap and non-slip design
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • They may shrink due to the heat.


Clarks Women's Emslie Warren

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The next one we have for you is from Clarks, which is the brand everyone loves. Their innovative design will always provide support to the wellbeing of health. The Clarks Women's Emslie Warren is their hybrid design to make walking with any bad foot condition painless.

The shoes are made of pure leather with a rubber sole. When you first see the shoes initially, you will be focused on the gothic design it comes with. The appearance of the shoes is so much like any other dressed shoes, but some details make the shoe unique and classy in their way. A little kind of like old-fashioned buttoned-up librarian look but with the smooth finishing and the two-button style will surely suit any dress you wear.

The heal of the shoe is approximately 2 inches tall. So, they aren't like much height but should be comfortable enough for you to wear them. The Ortholite footbed is what you should be glad to have as they are filled with a soft cushion to keep your food have a good resting time when you are wearing them. The pure leather is breathable, so you will never feel suffocated no matter how long you have been wearing them.

These shoes are most suitable for those who have to work outside every day. With the cushioning and the breathable leather, this is so comfortable for everyone to wear. Also, the shoes are incredibly durable, so even if you wear them roughly, they are surely going to last for a long time. And lastly, they come at a very affordable price as well.


  • Made of breathable leather
  • Has cushion footbed
  • 2 inches tall heel
  • Buttoned-up gothic style
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Affordable


  • It might be a little heavy


LifeStride Women's Dig Flat

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The next option we have for you is the LifeStride Women's Dig Flat shoes. This brand makes shoes to serve comfort, support, and flex, and you are surely going to find all these features in this pair of shoes as well.

These shoes are made to be comfortable on your feet to give you a good go on any foot pain you may have. They are made out of 100% synthetic material. The soles are even synthetic as well. The inside of the shoe is cushioned full and breathable. You will never feel the slightest discomfort, no matter how long you wear them.

The shoes have great balance and stability as well. The outsole is flexible for making it easier for you to walk comfortably. These Women's Dig Flat shoes do not have any uncomfortable heel on them. The design is very classic and sophisticated. It will surely look good on whatever occasion you want to wear them. They are useful for daily use as well.

These shoes are considered to be one of the best pairs for plantar fasciitis because the inside of the boots around the arch is made to be very soft, and with no heel, you will not have to put any sort of pressure on them your foot. Also, the breathable material will help you to wear them for as long as you want. The design is also comfortable and will not make your feet feel like they are trapped.


  • Made out of synthetic material
  • Soft, cushy, and comfortable
  • Can be worn for a long time
  • Breathable material


  • •No refund policy


Skechers Women's Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat

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The next product we have for you is the Skechers Women's Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat. It is another brand offering a comfortable pair of shoes for making your walk easier and peaceful.

There are quite a few features of these shoes that are amazing and will make you and your feet happy. First of all, they are made out of 100% fabric. A lot of you may think that fabric made shoes might not be a good option for eye-pleasing, but if you look at the shoes, you will surely find them practical and elegant. The footwear is designed in a way that will not look flimsy at all, and you can wear them with any outfit you want.

If the outside is made of fabric, then the inside of the shoe has a rubber sole. The sole is comfortable and quite soft for your feet. It also has air-cooled memory foam in it. Initially, the memory foam will make your walking experience more vibrant and comfortable. As of the air-cooled feature, your feet will not get excessively hot no matter how long you are wearing them.

The shoe design also includes straps on it for making it fit perfectly on your foot. The straps are quite comfortable and also made out of fabric. You have to know that the shaft measurement of these shoes is not approximately from the arch. But overall, these shoes are made to be perfect and relaxing for your feet and make you feel good about your everyday walking. 


  • Made out of fabric
  • Has straps for a better fit
  • Rubber sole
  • Air-cooled memory foam.
  • Relaxing and comfortable 


  • It could be a little better with padding


Crocs Women's Busy Day Stretch Asymmetrical Wedge

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Next up, we have another one from Crocs. This is the Crocs Women's Busy Day Stretch Asymmetrical Wedge, which is not quite like the usual design of how Crocs shoes look like and if you did not like the other design, you perhaps would like this one.

The first thing you have consider about this product is how comfortable they are. These shoes do not need any belt or straps for a good fitting. Instead, it is made is the way that it will sit perfectly on your foot and give you the experience of a pleasant walk or run. They are made out of 100% very stretchy synthetic material. Due to the stretchiness, you will not feel distressed by wearing them.

The whole shoe is fully bolded with a croslite base making it more comfortable as well as long-lasting. The synthetic sole will make your feet feel good and will last for a long time. The interior of the shoe is perfectly shaped to help you endure the pain of your foot. The soft and reliable material will have a good effect on how well you are taking care of your feet. 


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of stretchy synthetic material
  • A good design that supports the foot
  • Long-lasting


  • Some people complained that the cushioning is not enough.


Rockport Women's Ridge Sling Sandal

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If you do not like the fitted and confined designed shoes, then it is time for you to try some of the sandals. The first sandals we will suggest to you is the Rockport Women's, Ridge Sling Sandal.

These flip flop sandals are what you called having the combination of comfort with loveliness. The sandals are claimed to have been manmade with a microfiber lining. It is not altogether a flat sandal but has a heel height of 1 3/8 inches. The slingback straps the sandals have will make a good fit for anyone's feet. You will find this beautifully comfortable pair of sandals at the most affordable price possible.

As mentioned before, these manmade sandals are constructed with pure leather and have a microfiber lining. The lining will help you prevent any sorts of blisters and make it more comfortable for you to wear. With the strap fitted on your foot, you will never have to worry about having trouble walking with these on.

The soles of the shoes are made out of rubber, and the footbed is out of thick EVA. The molded insole will help your foot, heel, and arch to stay comfortably seated on the top of the shoe bed. The rubber will help you fit to stay glued to the shoes, so you will not be slipping away wearing and maintain a good posture. The sandals may run a bit narrow, so you better get the correct size for your feet.


  • Made out of manmade leather
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Microfiber linings to stop blister
  • Has thick EVA footbed


  • Runs a little narrow on the side


Vionic Women's, Caroll Flat

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The next one that we got for you is the Vionic Women's, Caroll Flat. These flat ballet shoes have the design that is somewhat essential to have in the closet of a woman, especially those who might be suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The design of the shoes is pretty basic but has a hint of cuteness to it. While the outside of these shoes is made out of pure leather that will not rust away anytime sooner, and you can expect to wear them for longer than your other shoes. The inside of the shoes has EVA footbed that you can easily remove if you feel like it. When a lot of people are suffering from the footbed, you can easily remove this one if you wish to.

These shoes are an excellent support for those who have a high arch. It also has an elastic strap at the front to prevent your toe from getting injured or feeling too tight. Combined with everything, you will receive the best arch support wearing this footwear. There is a tiny heel at the bottom to not make you feel like you are walking on the ground.

The integration of the thermoplastic rubber for the outsole will provide you with the perfect amount of traction. Not only are different colors of these shoes available, but there are several patterns as well. Another great thing about these shoes is that you can easily wash them with a washing machine if you need to.


  • Made out of leather
  • Has rubber strap to support the arch
  • Available in different colors and patterns 
  • Removable footbed
  • Machine washable 


  • There is no antimicrobial coating on it.


Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge

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As for the next option, we have the amazingly stylish and comfortable Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge.

These wedges are a combination of beautiful, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. They have a classy look for oxford shoes to them with the strap in the middle of the shoes. You can get them on various colors according to your preference. The shoes are made out of comfortable and durable leather and a soft texture lining.

The materials are so breathable that it will keep your feet sweat-free and comfortable throughout the whole time you are wearing them. The footbed is designed to be anatomic so that it will match your foot shape the best. The heel of the shoes is not exactly too high instead has the perfect high for a comfortable walk. The strap will also make you have a good fit over the shoes.


  • Made of leather
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Has a good fit


  • In the beginning, the toe may be a little stiff.


Soft Walk Women's Napa Ballet Flat

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The next option we got for you is the SoftWalk Women's Napa Ballet Flat. These ballets are another addition to our list that is very stylish and beautiful but yet has the most comfortable wear.

These shoes are also made out of 100% leather. It is so breathable and comfortable to wear that you will never feel the burden of wearing them. The soles of the shoes are made out of synthetic materials, and this is going to ensure that it will last for a long time.

The heels of these ballets are barely visible. Those of you who have problems wearing the slightest bit of heel will be happy with them. The measurement of the almost non-existent heel is about 0.25 inches.

These Napa Ballet flat shoes are very comfortable to wear. There is no doubt. They have a cushioned footbed to provide the maximum facilities to your arch. The fit of these shoes is also perfect. You can get these shoes in different colors and patterns as well.


  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Tiny heel
  • Long-lasting


  • Maybe a bit wider for narrow feet


Naot Women's Madison Wedge Sandal

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The final product from our list of the best women's dressed shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Naot Women's Madison Wedge Sandal.

This is the second edition of sandals from our list. The design of these sandals does not only speak for comfort but also a good look. It has straps on them for a good fit and a little heel for making it more ladylike.

The shoes are made out of 100% leather with a rubber sole. It is also covered in cork and latex to make it last for a longer time. The shoes are very flexible and lightweight. No matter how long you wear them, you will never get feet discomfort.


  • Has adjustable straps
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Leather and rubber sole
  • Arch support


  • A lot more expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Women's Dressed Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Shoes are not only meant for you to have a comfortable walk and to make your feet look good. There are many features to the shoes that are entirely relatable to your health. If any of you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you know how important it is to have a right shoe for supporting your feet.

We have already suggested the top products, but before you get to choose the ones you want to buy, we would like to remind you of the few things that you need to keep in mind.



The first thing you should be considering is the fit of the shoes. The fit will help you have a comfortable walk with them and ensure that you are getting all the benefits correctly.



The next thing you should be considering is the sole. The sole is the main thing for your feet when you are wearing shoes. The soles will ensure that your feet are getting the right treatment of wearing the product.


Heel or Flat

The next thing you should consider is the height of the heel, or you need a flat! This is totally depending on personal preference, and you should be getting the one that you feel comfortable walking with.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Compact Taser


How Can I Clean My Shoes?

The secure way to clean is by using a brush and little water.


How Long Should I Wear the Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

You can wear them as long as you want until it runs out of your comfort.


That was all from our list of the best women's dressed shoes for plantar fasciitis. We believe you will find the right product by looking through our guidelines. If you are still confused, we will ask you to consider the CROC Women's Kadee Flat, which was our top favorite.

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