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Physical fitness is one of the essential aspects of having a good life in this world. A person who can attain a good physique is always ahead of every other in terms of skill and well-being. The health will only be considered as a wealth for a person when he can keep it in good shape, so a steady supply of fresh air is needed. We know that it is impossible to survive without oxygen in this world.

Oxygen is the fuel that runs the human body, and for some reason, if there impedes the constant supply of oxygen, then it is likely that we will fall sick, and it can result in death even. For this reason, it is a must that for having perfect and proper living conditions, the supply of an adequate amount of oxygen is significant. Impure air around us hinders this situation, so we have to take steps to purify these contaminated air.

Basically, in an enclosed space, the deficit of oxygen is seen regularly. And one of the most enclosed spaces having a significant habitat is the student's dorm rooms available around the USA. During their senior years, shit to these hostel rooms, the students sometimes face some oxygen deficiency issues due to the impure air in the rooms. For this reason today, we are suggesting you the five best air purifier for dorm room, which will be much beneficial.

The air must remain fresh inside the dorm room so that these air purifiers can be of much use. The air purifiers contain advanced technology that can quickly purify the polluted air around you and provide you with fresh and breathable air. In this manner, the harm to your health will be easily reduced, and the oxygen intake level will be enhanced. The air quality will be much improved. So without further ado, let us jump to the product description.

Top 5 Best Air Purifier for Dorm Room List


LEVOIT Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers Filter for Home

Our first product from the list is a top-quality air purifier that is manufactured by LEVOIT. This product ranks top in our list because of the advanced features that are incorporated in the manufacture of this product. The product is very durable, and the material functionality of this product is compelling. The product has a functional air purification capacity, which will make the dorm air fresh, and the oxygen content will be appropriately maintained.

The design of this product is unique; some brands use the UVC lights and the anion for the air's purification. But these purification system creates air-pollutant ozone which is harmful to the human body. And the best part of this product is that this product's design does not include pollutant products for the purification process. This air purifier is a hundred percent ozone free.

Another essential feature of this product is the three-stage filtration system that is included in this purifier. The first stage is the pre-filter, and in this process, the initial filtration process is held, and next, there is the HEPA filter; this is the ultimate filtration arrangement of the purifier. This high-efficiency particulate filtration keeps the germs away from the air, and the last stage of purification is the high-efficiency carbon activated filter.


  • The product is straightforward to install
  • The product does not contain any ozone.
  • The filtration process is beneficial.
  • Keeps the airflow steady
  • Carbon activated filters included.


  • Some customers complained that the product gives massive amounts of radiation.


Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier for Home

Our second product from the list is a super-quality air purifier that is manufactured by Hamilton Beach. This product has a good spread in the current market. The users of this air purifier have provided an excellent review of the process that involves in the purification. They have opined that this product is beneficial for purifying the air in a confined space. Besides, this product is much durable and can be long-lasting too.

The product is manufactured in two colors so you can choose the appropriate one to suit the décor of your home. The manufacturing process of this product is entirely pollutant free. Thus there is no chance of any side-effect by using this product in your room. The air that is expelled from this purifier is altogether breathable, and you can easily install this product at any suitable place of your dorm room.

Another essential feature of this product is the odor-reducing technology. This technology is incorporated into the product, and this makes the product eliminate any bad odor that is persistent in the air and can harm our respiratory system. A high-performance HEPA filter installed in the product captures almost ninety-nine percent of dust and small particles persistent in the air. It gives a fresh and healthy environment around the user.


  • Involves significant purifying technology
  • HEPA filters are used
  • Can eliminate 99% of germs
  • Reduces the door from the air


  • Some customers have complained that the permanent filter has some defects.


Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Our third product from the list is another high-quality air purifier, which is manufactured by Winix. This air purifier is very much suitable for your dorm room. The previous users of this product have given a much apparent review of the product. They have expressed their firm gratitude to the manufacturer for producing such an air purifier, which is the number one contender in terms of serviceability.

One of the basic features of this product is the HEPA filtration. This filtration system is the best in the world in case of air purification. This technology very much assists the product, and the air in the region where this product is installed shows full freshness and breathable features. The HEPA system purifies the air eradicating the smallest pollutant from the air.

Another essential feature of this product is the plasma wave system of filtration. The plasma wave system of filtration is more used for high-end air purifiers, but this manufacturer has been able to include this technology in this dorm room air purifier. This product can also be used to reduce the odor of the air and provide clean and fresh air. The three-stage purification system will be of much use to you for having an excellent surrounding air quality,


  • Easy to install
  • Cost is affordable
  • Plasma wave system included
  • Reduces the odor of the air


  • Some customers complained that the lights included in the product do not have any info-graphic explanation.


PARTU Air Purifier for Home

Our second last product from the list is a super-quality air purifier that is manufactured by PRATU. This air purifier is made with the best possible features, and it is one of the most widely used air purifiers for dorm rooms. The air purifier includes a four-stage filtration process. The four-stage filtration process is uncommon because most air purifiers maintain the three-stage filtration procedure.

The filtration process includes the pre-filters, which can capture the firs and pet hairs and eliminates them from the air. Next is the HEPA filter; this removes the pollens and pet dander from the air, which is very helpful. Afterward, the air passes through the activated carbon filter in which the smokes and odors are easily eliminated. The last step of the filtration process is the anion neutralization process, which removes the pollutants like specks of dust for the air.

Another essential feature of this product is ultra-silent sleep mode. One of the disadvantages of air purifiers is that the product creates noise while purifying the air, which sometimes irritates the users and hinders nap time. But this air purifier is designed in such a manner that the noise level is reduced to 25dB, which is quite less, and it will not create any sort of disturbance for the user.


  • The design is improved
  • The cost is affordable
  • Four-stage filtration process incorporated.
  • The product eliminates the extra noise


  • Some customers have criticized that the product is not long-lasting.


Holmes HEPA Type Tower Air Purifier

Our last product from the list is a premium quality air purifier, which is manufactured by Holmes. This product is very much efficient for the dorm room air purification. The product's material features are much durable, and this product will be beneficial and long-lasting for the buyer, the filtration process of this product removes 99.7% of the dust from the air and makes the breath fresh.

The filtration process of this product is so intense that it can easily filter the pollens, dander, pet hairs, and dust fort the air. Any pollutants or particles that are at least 0.3micron in size can easily be filtered using this product. Besides, the harmful bacteria that may harm our body can be eliminated through this purification process.

Another essential aspect that the manufacturers have included in the product is the optional ionizer. This optional ionizer is used to improve the purification quality of the product. Your surrounding air purification will attain a boost with the use of this feature for the product. Besides, there are cleaning speeds which are divided into three categories for your better convenience of choosing.


  • Purifies almost 99.7% of air
  • Cost is affordable
  • The product contains optional ionization system
  • The filtration process is highly improved


  • Some customers have complained that the product is not durable enough.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Air Purifier for Dorm Room

As mentioned above, the significance of fresh air around us is incomparable. The amount of fresh air regulates the quality of the environment around us. If the environment around us is not correctly maintained, it will be difficult for us to live as an inhabitant. Especially in confined spaces, the necessity of purified air is vital. For this reason, we have already suggested the five best air purifier for dorm room.

But buying these air purifiers is not an easy job for us. As the internet is filled with various information regarding these products so judging the authenticity of the product can be confusing for you as a buyer. For this reason, we have marked out some aspects which are the essential quality dictating features of these products, and a clear overview of these aspects will refrain you from getting into a loss after having paid the final expenses for the product.


Filtration Process

The first and foremost aspect that you should check as a buyer before buying the product is the filtration process that is included in the product. The product must serve a healthy manner of filtration and include the HEPA factor for air filtration. The air which is not purified through the HEPA method should not be bought at all.



Another essential aspect for the buyer is to judge before buying the product is, whether the product is eco-friendly or not. In this case, some air purifiers produce pollutants like ozone while purifying the air surrounding you. This type of product should be strictly avoided; otherwise, it will harm the environment.


Percentage of Purification

Another essential feature to judge before buying the product is the percentage of air that can be purified. It can also be stated as the efficiency of the product. Air purifiers can clean the surrounding air in a range of 97-100%. So you should check the product's effectiveness before buying it. The product does the more amount of purification; the more fresh air will be available around you.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Air Purifier for Dorm Room


What is the Area Coverage of These Products?

The area coverage of these air purifiers differs from company to company. For this reason, on average, we can suggest that these products are suitable to cover an area of about one hundred and twenty square feet. So before buying the product, you can check this aspect and make it compatible with your room where you will install this product.


What is the Tenure of the Filters?

Usually, the company's instruction guide about the maintenance of the product states that you must change the filter every six months, but this is applicable when you have a pet in your house. But if you do not have a pet in your home, you can wash the filters and use them again. But we suggest you not to use the filters for more than eight to ten months at a stretch.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that all the air purifiers mentioned here for having fresh air in your dorm will be much useful to you. But more selectively, we prefer LEVOIT Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers Filter for Home. This product includes the best purification process. There is no incorporation of pollutants in the purifying process, and the product is much durable. Besides, the cost of this product is also affordable. So before concluding our words, we hope that our list of the top five best air purifier for dorm room has helped you buy the best one for your usage. Thank you for your patience. Happy buying!

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