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Ardell False Eyelashes Wispies Black

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Many elements are used nowadays by women folk for beautification purposes; eyelashes are essential. This is an integral part of women's attire. This makes the eyes look much beautiful, and it also enhances the entire outlook of a person. Many eyelashes are found in the market, but all of them are not suitable for Asian eyes because Asian eyes are comparatively thin compared to other communities.

For this reason, some specific eyelashes should be used for such eyes. People wear eyelashes to look more beautiful. Besides, every girl's dream is to have voluminous and long eyelashes. But due to some reasons, it becomes impossible for them to have such a look. In these cases, the benefit of using eyelashes is much essential. You will gain the exact look that you want for your eyes by using these eyelashes.

Commonly eyelashes are used for two main reasons; when you are going for a function, your eyes look voluminous. But this is applicable for special functions only. For regular days it is better to wear thin eyelashes to get a sleek look for your eyes. This will provide a glamorous look to the eyes. Besides, eyelashes make the make-up of eye easier because you do not need to make up kits while you are wearing eyelashes, this is much beneficial.

Especially for the people living in the Asian subcontinent, they are prone to using eyelashes because they attend many functions and events. Assessing this situation, we need time to choose the best quality eyelashes for the eyes. For this reason, our research team has shortlisted the five best Ardell lashes for Asian eyes. This will be much beneficial for our readers. We will provide a descriptive review of these products. So without making any delay, let us go through the product description.

Top 5 Best Ardell Lashes for Asian Eyes List


Ardell False Eyelashes Wispies Black

Our first product from the list is the Ardell Wispies, these are special kind of lashes that anyone can wear, and especially for the Asian women, this eyelash will easily suit their attire. This eyelash will provide a soothing look to your eye make-up because these lashes are not much extended, and you will always get a demure vibe. The best feature of these lashes is you can wear it on any daytime occasion. It will always enhance the beauty of your eyes.

You can quickly get to your workplace or a brunch party wearing these lashes even these lashes will be suitable while you are attempting to surf around the mall. Another essential feature of these lashes is the lightweight nature. These eyelashes are manufactured with natural hairs, which makes it light, and there is no chemical treatment allocated for the preservation of these lashes. After you have worn these lashes, you will completely forget about it.

Because it will not allow you to feel any extra burden on your eyes, and people will never be able to notice it. The people who are interested in having a glamorous eye with light make-up, these falsies will be the best solution. There is no doubt about these falsies' authenticity, and you can use them for a long time. The lashes will suit your skin, and it will not do any harm to your eyelids. Another essential aspect that you should always know is the design of the lashes. They are intentionally made round so that the shape of your eyelid easily fits in them


  • This product will provide a glamorous eye make-up
  • This is an invisible eyelash which can be used for a slim fit
  • These are long-wearing eyelashes
  • The eyelashes are rounded in style.
  • The eyelashes are reusable.


  • Some customers have complained that the product is lopsided.


Ardell False Lashes Faux Mink Demi Wispies Multipack

Our second product from the list is the Ardell demi wispies. These are the best lashes that can be used for your everyday look. These lashes will look so smart on your eyes, and the shape of these lashes will amuse you. The beauty of your eyes will be enhanced by manifold once you have started wearing these lashes. The material used to manufacture these lashes is natural hair, which makes these lashes soft, and the strands are susceptible to lightweight.

Wearing these lashes is much comfortable. You have to take it out of the packaging with much care and sensitivity. You have to take the eyelash, and with some white eyelash adhesive, you can wear it. There will be no side effects if the adhesives because these are manufactured with all such precautions. These lashes will make your eyes look natural and bright. This the fastest way to get a voluminous eye with spending little expenses.


  • The product can be used as an everyday wear
  • The product has soft and comfortable strands
  • This will let you have a succulent eyelashes
  • The product has a less dramatic finish


  • Some customers have complained that the product uses cheap plastic while manufacturing.


Ardell False Lashes, Naked Lashes 424 with Invisiband

Our third product from the list is the Ardell Invisiband lashes, these lashes are much lighter in terms of weight, and you will never feel any discomfort wearing these lashes. The lashes are made to look your eyes bright, and there is no extra bulk effect associated with these lashes. After wearing these lashes, you will feel authentic, and the artificial falsies will not be an issue for your beautiful eyes. You can wear them on any occasion with maximum conformability.

The product is handmade. The manufacturers are much sincere about the product quality, so they have used a hundred percent natural hair for this product. The best part of wearing these lashes is the effortless feel on your eyes. You will always love to wear them because they will very softly merge with your eyes, and you will always get a premium look on your eye make-up. Besides, these lashes will reduce the amount of tedious occasional eye make ups.


  • These eyelashes are much fluffy.
  • These eyelashes will provide a professional-grade glamor to the eyes.
  • The product is manufactured with natural hair.
  • The eyelashes are rounded in the style which is elongated in the center.


  • Some customers have complained that the company should be more aware of the accuracy.


Ardell Multipack 110 Lashes

Our second last product from the list is the Ardell multipack. This product is basically for the people who use lashes more often than others. This multipack will be the exact solution for the people who are always in search of voluminous lashes. The volume of these lashes is much suitable for the eyes, and the length of this lash is relatively less compared to similar products. For this reason, the Asian people are fond of these lashes.

You will get four pairs of lashes in one packet, and all of them are similar, so you can easily use them while you are opting to go on a part or other occasions, and losing any one of them will not be an issue. The lashes are slightly flared, and the density of the strand arrangement us relatively less. This makes your eyes much visible after wearing the lashes.


  • The product is light in volume.
  • The length of the work is mediocre
  • The product is much comfortable to wear
  • These lashes are undetectable


  • Some customers complained that the products might have allergic reactions


Ardell Natural Lashes False Eyelashes 120 Black

Our final product from the list is the Ardell all-natural lashes, these are sold in pairs, and in one package, and there are four pairs. This is manufactured with natural hair, and the strands are densely arranged in this product. So the people interested in providing a bulky look to their eyes can quickly grab them for the best results.

This lash will provide you a glamorous look every day with a total natural element. You can easily change them, and these lashes are long-lasting. You can wear them for almost half-day, and it will not create itchiness on your eyes; instead, your eyes will look smart and voluminous. These lashes will merge with your eyes quickly and provide an invisible demur look.


  • This product is lightweight.
  • These eyelashes are invisible and comfortable to wear
  • These lashes are reusable.
  • And the product is cost-effective.


  • Some customers have complained that the product should be adequately packaged.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Ardell Lashes for Asian Eyes

Ardell lashes are one of the best brands for manufacturing eyelashes for women. The quality of these eyelashes is much superior in comparison to regular eyelashes. For this reason, it is the core duty of our customers to buy an accurate product. The people who are living in Asian countries always use these eyelashes to among their eyes more beautiful. But there are specific issues that you should be concerned about before buying the Ardell lashes.

Many companies are producing these eyelashes, and for this reason, it is quite natural that a buyer will get into confusion, observing the realities of the eyelashes. In such a scenario, we must make the decision making it easy for our readers. Our research team has some essential aspects to help you identify the best product among all the products. For the betterment of the users, we are discussing some of these points below.


Size of The Lashes

Eyelashes are crucial for proper eye make-up, and there is always a size issue associated with the product. In this case, the buyers must be very sincere because the eyelashes' size should always be proportional to the user's eyes. It would be best if you always bought the eyelash, which should look even on the eyes. It would help if you still bought lashes that will degrade the eyes' beauty. So you should be well aware of this issue while buying.


The Density of The Lashes

The lashes are made to look thick, but there is another issue that is much important for the buyers to judge before buying the lashes. The density of the lashes should always be checked. There some ashes which are manufactured with dense hair, make the eye make-up look voluminous. Still, the eyelashes' suitability depends on the user's eye, so you should always buy the less dense ashes. It will suit Asian eyes properly.


Shade and Packaging

Another critical aspect of the product is the shade and packaging. There mainly two shades of eyelashes that are widely available, which are black and brown. For this reason, you must choose the best one that will suit the tone of your eyes. The lashes' packaging should always be checked before buying because the lashes are manufactured with natural hair. So airtight packaging is much required, or else the quality of the eyelashes will be degraded.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Ardell Lashes for Asian Eyes


How Long can One Wear These Lashes?

One of the most important questions that pop into the user's mind is the lashes' durability. Lashes are used occasionally. And the lashes we have mentioned here are also much durable. We strongly suggest that you wear the lashes from morning till evening or quickly wear them while night function. But it is never wise to wear them during your sleep. So it would help if you took it off before sleeping. These aspects should be adequately maintained.


Do These Products Come with Glue?

Naturally, the eyelashes we have mentioned here do not come with glue because these are branded lashes which are always manufactured, keeping in mind that the product should be of top quality. For this reason, there is no addition of glue with the package. It is better to buy the adhesive for wearing the eyelashes. For the betterment of our buyers, we suggest the regular eyelash white adhesive. This will be very beneficial for the users.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that all the eyelashes discussed here will be highly beneficial for Asian eyes. But more selectively, we prefer the Ardell False Eyelashes Wispies Black. These eyelashes are gorgeous, and it is manufactured with natural air. The product is highly suited for Asian eyes, and the density of the lashes is quite thick. Besides, you can quickly wear them, and they are reusable. Thus we hope that our list of the top five best Ardell lashes for Asian eyes has been beneficial. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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