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A campervan is a vehicle that provides homelike facilities. It has all types of things to make you feel like home. So, when you go to a camp, you bring this with you to make sure you can fight the unfriendly situation on your trip. And facing this type of antagonistic position isn't something exceptionally uncommon. The possibility that you won't get any help is high. That's why it is always better to keep things with you to make sure you can deal with anything.

So, you bring a wide range of stuff in your campervan, at least the bare necessities. That's why delivering the best battery for van life is a must. To spend your days in the van, you have to make your van livable. That can't happen without the presence of a minimal source of energy. If you don't have that slightest energy supply with you, life can be more stringent. But generators or other power supply is comparatively expensive and yet you don't need that much energy always.

So, it is better to buy a battery for fulfilling the fundamental needs of power. You may have to cook or drink tea. You need a small fan to make yourself comfortable. All of these demands can be fulfilled by purchasing just a battery. And it is much cheaper than any other power supplies.

There is a lot of cell in the market. We analyzed the most suitable one for van life according to their price, quality, durability, and many more. They vary a lot in performance. Some may perform for a long time; others supply different types of electronic devices. That's why you need to choose the one that fits your needs.

So, it is hard for you to decide among the lots of variations in the market. That's why we picked some of the top products to shorten your preferable list. We hope you can really find a suitable one among them.

Top 5 Best Battery For Van Life List


Universal Power Group Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP Cycle VRLA Battery

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If you think batteries may be too tiring to maintain, this product will change your perspective. You don't need to know more about managing an array to use this one. When you want to go on a van trip, you don't expect to learn a lot of things before to get prepared.

You want to chill and relax through the journey. But using some batteries isn't that simple. You need to know a lot of stuff to use those batteries. So, not knowing about assaults can cause trouble on your trip.

But when you have this one with you, you'll never feel like a noob. Managing it is so much easy that you can literally do it without zero Knowledge. Also, you don't have to give so much effort to maintain it. Hence, to have a journey with fewer struggles, this one.

Another good thing about this one is that you can mount it in any position you want to. On a camp, you never know in which situation you may be stuck in. Also, the van can be bumpy or shaky for the roads and many other things. That's why you never know mounting in which position may need.

That's why you should buy this one to make sure that you haven't chosen something that may not get fitted with your campervan environment. But with this one, you won't have those worries. You'll be able to mount it in any position you want to.

It prevents all the harmful vibrations and shocks. That's why your electronic devices are completely safe with this one. Hence, if you're cautious about your safety, this one is a very viable option.


  • Prevents vibration and shock
  • Doesn't spill
  • Maintaining is easier
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes with one year of warranty


  • May not be fully charged while manufactured.


Chrome Battery 12V 35AH lead_acid_battery

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If you want to use the battery for various electronic devices, this product is the perfect one for you. Most of the cells work for some specific electronic devices. So, you can't use all of your gadgets. But some of the gadgets are really mandatory to use.

That's why it becomes complicated to cope up with the unfriendly environment of the camp spot. As a result, your vacation gets ruined in the lack of proper tool usability. But with this one, a wide range of gadgets are usable. So, you can have the full facilities of using all the electronic devices and have a better vacation.

The high-grade technology makes it very easy to maintain. You can manage it with very lower maintenance. So, you won't have to be an expert to handle this one. Also, it is spill-proof, so you won't have to face any hazard. Hence, it is simple and easy to manage batteries.

It comes fully charged while manufacturing. So, you can use it right after purchasing it. You can simply connect it with other devices. Many batteries come with a complicated system to communicate with the tools. Sometimes you don't even understand how to connect which device.

You don't want to have extra training in these things. So, you need something with exceptional ease of use. This one can be just connected to the appliances like your home energy supply. That's why it is straightforward to use. And you should think about buying this one.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wide range of use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to connect with appliances
  • 18 months of warranty
  • 30 days refund warranty
  • Spill-proof


  • The customer service is not enough good


Vmaxtanks VMAXSLR125 AGM SLA Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

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If you are looking for a battery that needs to last long, this product is the one that you should buy. This one comes with very sturdy materials. The plates inside are military grade. So, one thing for sure, even if your van goes bumpy or shaky, the plate won't be harmed in any way.

Thus, the plate lasts for a very long time. This makes it last for 8 to 10 years very comfortably. So, when you're traveling through country road, this one ensures you not to get itself into any harm even in a lot of jerk and bump. Hence, it is the most reliable one to take within the van road trip.

Many of the battery Doesn't come with proper safety. When you are going to travel, you have to use that battery no matter what. So, even if you know that the battery can cause severe trouble, you still use it and face a very unwanted situation. It can release fumes that can make everything go blurry.

Not only that, but these types of fumes are also hazardous for your health. You won't like to inhale it. It can ruin your whole camp experience. Also, the gases that may leak are dangerous too. They are flammable and can cause significant accidents. But this one makes sure that no such fumes or gas will be leaked from it. That's why it is one of the safest batteries to travel with.

It also comes with a battery calculator to calculate the requirements. So, it is better for you to keep track of the AC, DC specifications. So, you should think about buying this one.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Firm plates
  • No chances of gas or fume leaking
  • Comes with battery calculator
  • Lasts for 8-10 years


  • May spread burned battery acid smell.


ML35-12 - 12 Volt 35 AH SLA Battery- Mighty Max Battery Brand Product

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The product is best for high power consuming applications. As it contains a 12 V 75 AH capacity, so it provides the final performance to supply high power. So, you can undoubtedly use this in solar emergency lighting or security or other high power implementation.

It also contains a 12V 75Ah SLA battery, which is rechargeable and maintenance-free battery because of sealed lead-acid( SLA). Also, it's commencing sealed design produces higher discharge duration.

It doesn't need to add extra fluid or water for reuse. It's commencing design ensures zero adding of liquids or water. This feature makes it better than a flooded wet cell battery undoubtedly. The product is baggage-free because it doesn't require any extra wire harness or mounting accessories. It only includes regular battery and screws.

Furthermore, as it's a sealed lead battery, it's safe to use it in a confined or indoor environment because the sealed lead battery prevents all kinds of leakage caused by the environmental condition.

It's extraordinary design makes it fit at any suitable place smoothly with the dimension of 10.24 inches X 6.61 inches X 8.27 inches.
It's a unique feature. It's spacious conducting temperature. No deterioration occurs during the performance of it. So it gives it's excellent service in both high and low temperatures.


  • Better construction
  • Longer discharge time
  • Mountable at any position and any place
  • Reasonable cost
  • Comes with a reverse capacity


  • Doesn't support smaller devices


Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle  Rechargeable Battery

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If you want to buy a battery that got a built-in battery management system, so you won't have to do anything substantial; this product is the right choice for you. In most of the battery, the maintaining is very tough. You need to know a lot to do so. It makes the use really harder.

But with its built-in management, you won't have to do or learn anything extra. You can deal with it very quickly. Also, the BMS protects from battery failure. So, you can rely on this one for a continuous power supply without any disturbance. Also, it shutdowns itself in case of unsafe operating conditions. So, no chances of getting into any trouble while using this one.

It can be mounted anywhere, so you don't have to worry about where to keep it. Also, the battery supply remains ongoing for a very long time after charged once. So, this one is very efficient and saves you a lot of money.

This one is entirely made of nontoxic materials. So, it doesn't hamper your surroundings. That's how you don't have any fear of getting any bad environment around you.

It comes with a wide range of use. So, you can use it for all types of gadgets that you may need on your road trip. So, you can get all the necessary facilities if you have this one with you. Also, it charges really fast than all other batteries. So, you won't have to powerless for very long. As it is very lightweight, you can quickly move it. That's why you should consider buying it.


  • Versatile use
  • Comes with BMS
  • Better protection against failure
  • Doesn't harm the environment
  • Flexible mounting
  • Better safety
  • Faster recharge
  • Better runtime
  • Lightweight, easy to carry


  • Sometimes may not accept the charge.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Battery For Van Life

Choosing a battery for your van life is a tough decision. Especially when you have no experience of using one. There's a lot of options in the market, each with a considerable number of features and quality promises. But not all of them keep that promises. You keep thinking that you may get something good, but you end up getting a battery that is doing more harm.

Still, we have to check some criteria before buying a battery. Otherwise, it may not stand up to your expectations. And you may get frustrated because of it. If you buy one with inferior quality that doesn't last long, obviously it is a waste of money. So, it is always better to go check the brand. You should buy it only if the brand is reliable enough. Otherwise, you may end up facing a disaster.

Also, the warranty ensures its probable lifetime. So, it is a good habit to check that too. Even if it gets broken within that time, you do get a free service. Though you are never sure that the service is good enough, but it still does some help. That's why checking all the facilities that you will get along with the package is obviously essential. And some criteria are a must to check before buy. We have discussed some of those crucial criteria.



It needs to be safe, and it should not leak any types of gas or other harmful things. Also, it should avoid spilling.



The structure needs to be sturdy. Otherwise, internal things may get harmed. Also, the plates need to be sturdy.



It needs to be recharged very fast. And the recharge must be straightforward. Also, it needs to accept recharge from almost all types of available sources.



It needs to be mountable. It should give the user the flexibility to mount in any place.



It should have a wide range of use. Otherwise, the user won't be able to use it for multiple gadgets. So, it will limit your electronic device using.



It should come with more extended lifetime warranty. So, the user can get a minimum idea of the probable lifetime. Also, the user will get free customer service for that specific lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Battery For Van Life


Are The Batteries Suitable for Heavy Gadgets?

It is better not to use the battery for more substantial electronic devices. Still, some of them provide enough electricity for heavy gadgets. It is better to use the specified methods only.


Are The Batteries Safe for The Environment?

The battery that uses nontoxic materials are obviously environment friendly, but not all of them are made with nontoxic materials. So, it depends on the product.


A battery is an essential power supply when you are traveling through a van. So, if you don't have a battery in your van, you'll have to live in a blackout. That is really a trip ruiner situation. No matter how close you are to nature, you do need some level of homelike facilities. But you won't be able to use electronic gadgets if you don't use a battery.

Generators are expensive and yet unnecessary if you don't use that many devices. So, for a simple trip with the most straightforward use of electronic devices, it is always better to look for batteries. The battery provides power supply with all sorts of safety concerns. So, you won't have to worry about the risks of using electricity supply.

The campervan batteries are specially made for vans. That's why to make your trip happy, and you should buy the best battery for van life. We are suggesting some of the top cells for the van, hope you find your desired one among them.

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