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On a sunny morning of Sunday, when you plan to go on fishing but suddenly get to know that the reel of your fishing rod is not working, then your entire plan for the weekend will be jeopardized. But to get rid of this situation, we are here to offer you the top five best click and pawl fly reels, which will ease your issue and give the best experience of fishing in freshwater.

Here a question arises why click and pawl fly reels instead of usual fly reels? The answer to that is these fly reels have a clicker instead of a dragging disc. This clicker gives tick against the teeth of the gear placed on the spool and creates drag. Thus it helps to have reasonable control over your prey with much flexibility.

When fishing is your hobby and you are confused about using the proper equipment due to some misleading information, we serve you the review about the top five best click and pawl fly reels to ease the hassle. So without further ado, let’s jump to the main course.

The Top Five Best Click and Pawl Fly Reels List

OKUMA Sierra Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

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Okuma Siera X Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel- SX-3/4

Last update was on: April 8, 2024 5:06 pm

The first product from our list is the Okuma Sierra Diecast Aluminum Fly Reels. These are approximately 5.3 ounces in weight. The producer company Okuma is famous for manufacturing fishing equipment from entry-level to expert level.

The manufacturing of the reel uses the highest and best materials. The quality department of Okuma is frank in this regard. Professionals worldwide use this reel for their work purposes. These are more reliable and tested against adverse conditions.

The drag system of this reel is fully adjustable using a clicker arrangement. It creates extra drag and eases the hassle. The bearing creates a uni-directional drag, which helps the user to use it more comfortably.

The drive system of this reel is based on a machined brass bushing. And the spool is situated in a shaft made up of stainless steel. This creates smoothness while using the fly reel. This fly reel comes with a weight of 2 pounds for shipping.

About the sizes of the fly reel, the available sizes are 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9. 10/11wt. And it covers almost 200 yards of backing, which is an impressive feature. If you want to interchange lines, then this reel is handy because the machined spool releases very quickly and gets attached very easily too.


  • Excellent quality reel
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality materials
  • Smooth spool arrangement
  • Stainless steel to avoid rusting
  • Comes of many affordable sizes


  • Sometimes drags go out quickly and toss off, but it is managed with proper care of the equipment
  • Sometimes the covering range does not match the buyer’s expectation. 

Orvis Battenkill Reel/Extra Spool

The next one is from the manufacturing company Orvis. This company makes flawless reels with the most simplistic design. Mostly applicable for freshwater fishing purposes, the product weight is about 5.6 ounces for shipping. It is more technically enhanced in features.

The most audience grabbing feature of this reel is its four-position click and drag system, which is one of the best features that fishers require. This four-position click and pawl system helps to adjust the rod with the palm of the hand in terms of sizzling and screaming runs.

The spool of the reel is very narrow in design. It is another dominant feature of the coil, which reduces the line slacking to a great extent. But on the other hand, the diameter of the spindle is high, which creates a more upper line retrieval rate Thus the thin thickness and top width balance the quality of the product.

For material purposes, ultra-lightweight materials are used, which is the core of the design of the reel. Thus the reel keeps perfect balance in the shorter fishing rods. But no reluctance is provided in case of a durability check of the product. The heavy-duty aluminum bar is used as a core material to retain its durability.


  • Available in many sizes
  • Cost-effective 
  • Four-position click and pawl drag system
  • Lightweight and durable
  • More efficient for short rods


  • Some customers complained about the compatibility with 4/5wt rods.

Redington ZERO Fly Reel

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Redington Zero 4/5 Fly Reel - Black

Last update was on: April 8, 2024 5:06 pm

The product we now represent is the Redington zero fly reel. It is mainly denoted as one of the lightest ones in the market. It creates a new standard about the lightweight and its affordability. Fishing using this reel is more comfortable.

Generally, achieving such lightweight material with decent durability is not easy. For this purpose, the company uses the die-cast construction method. This creates the core reason for the lightweight nature. This design is not achievable with the use of the CNC machining process.The clicker system of this product is also very matured and easy to control. The clicker keeps the reel in good hands during the use and prevents the slipping of the rod from grips. The lightweight nature of the coil boosts the handling capacity of the rod. It comes with two distinct sizes 2/3 and 4/5wt.

Besides all these features, another worth mentionable characteristic of this reel is that it can be used for a daily use purpose. The durability and material characteristics of the product allows the user to take the utmost advantage of this product. It is long-lasting and does not break down or slip off easily. 


  • Ultra-lightweight in nature
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy handling
  • Comes of various sizes


  • It does not support easy switching between left to the right hand.

Bodhi Die-Cast Clicker Fly Fishing Reel

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Bodhi Die Cast Clicker Fly Fishing Reel (3/4)

Last update was on: April 8, 2024 5:06 pm

This product is the trademark product of the sole fishing company Bodhi Fishing. It comes only one size 5/6wt. This product weighs almost 7.5 ounces. The click drag installed in this product is a traditional one. But the reel is very clean and aesthetically enriched. Another feature is this product is very lightweight.

The company intentionally designs only one size of this product to keep the perfect balance with the fly rods. The most appraised feature of this reel is that it gives a great advantage to the user in case of a brook class fishing diet its unpatrolled sensitivity of click and pawl drag system.

Some users may want to switch hands while fishing. In this case, the best choice will be the Bodhi fly reels because they allow the most easy access in case of changing hands during fishing from left to right. Despite it, the company gives the surety of 100% quality assurance, and the product also comes with a neoprene cover included.

Though there remain some size constraints about the product, the longevity of the product is worth mentioning. The material features of the product allow it to be one of the best and most long-lasting products among all the other products available in the market. So, in this case, it is a plus point for the users.


  • Lightweight materials used
  • Durable and affordable
  • Cost-effective
  • Neoprene cover included
  • Easily switchable between hands


  • It comes with only one size 5/6 wt.

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

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Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel

& Free shipping
Last update was on: April 8, 2024 5:06 pm

Our last and the final product is the Pfluger Medalist Fly Reel. The manufacturer of this product is the Pfluger Company. The product comes off with three distinct sizes 3/4, 5/6, 7/8wt. This is America’s most iconic fly reel. This one is widely used in America. For construction material, high-grade aluminum is used; these are machined.

The spool, which is used in the reel, is also very durable and made of lightweight material. The best feature of the spindle is that it has a high backing capacity. Thus the range is extensive, and the spool is also very easy to use.

For handling the rod, a polymer is used as a material. This gives the lightweight nature of the rod and makes it more user friendly. Thin rods are easy to handle, and they keep the slacking less. Gripping is easy for such reels.

Another acute feature of this reel is that it is easily converted from left to right hand. This feature enables a user’s to use the coil in both ways. And this one of the most audience grabbing features. Many of the buyers search for such reels for easy and quick retrieval. The click and pawl system is designed for multi positioning.

Besides all these features, the range of the reel is also mentionable. The range can be adjusted along with the sizes. The user can get the desired range of the spool for their work purposes. 


  • Comes of different sizes
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Can retrieve to both hands
  • Widely used in America 


  • Some customers complained about the drag, but it was later fixed by the company.

What Is A Click And Pawl Fly Reel?

Click, and Pawl Fly Reels are a fly reel that uses a sliding gate (also called clicker) to control the free spool. A typical Click and Pawl Fly Reel consists of a frame, an arbor, pawls, one or more ball bearings on the arbor, and a drag system.

The ball bearings allow the arbor to rotate freely as the line is drawn off the reel. When a fish pulls against the free spool, both pawls are lifted by their respective clickers and stop on an opposing tooth of each other.

The drag system (typically consisting of one or more sets of parallel friction pads) then holds back some of the lines from being taken off so that it can be reeled in at a slower rate than when fighting a large fish.

Click and Pawl Fly Reels Mechanism

The click and pawl system is a simple yet effective way to reel in the line. It’s called “click-and-pawl” because when you pull on the rod, it clicks as if something were being pinched together, then slides over another gear that functions as an axle. This process continues until there is enough pressure on the line to pull it through.

Daiwa’s X-Pert is an example of a click and pawl reel with the main drive gear fulcrum mounted on its rear. This allows for easy adjustment when changing from left to right hand retrieve.

The clicker can be found at the front end of this type of system to provide audible feedback and prevent line overruns due to increased control over the retrieval process.

The angle between both gears determines how far back pressure (also called braking) will retract or advance the spool during fly casting and retrieving while also adjusting how much friction there is with each turn of the handle: less brake per rotation means easier pulling power; more brake per rotation provides greater resistance but requires less effort when the handle is cranked.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Click and Pawl Fly Reels


Clicker-pawl mechanisms provide better stopping power for larger gamefish because they provide finer control over how much tension is applied to the fish.

They also provide more leverage for a smoother and easier winding experience because the pawls engage at multiple points along the reel’s arbor, rather than just one point as with older technology.

Some clicker-pawl reels offer a one-handed operation that allows the user to play or fight fish with only one hand. This is advantageous in situations where you have lost your balance and cannot safely use both hands for reeling in the fishing line.


The disadvantage of a click and pawl is that it needs to be disengaged by the fish before the reel can be turned. This means longer flight times with larger gamefish because they need more time to tire out enough to relinquish their grip on your line or lure, which may not always happen within angling regulations.

The mechanisms of click and pawl are typically heavier than traditional ones due to their added features (e.g., additional bearings). As a result, there is an increased amount of noise produced by these reels over time which can be annoying if not expected or wanted from your fly fishing setup.

Set-Up Guide for Click and Pawl Fly Reels

Click, and pawl fly reels are a type of exposed gear reel where the line is attached to one side. The clicker, or clicking mechanism, is on the other side of the spool when it spins for you to feel which direction that your fly has taken off from.

Setting up the clicker:

To set up your clicker, you will need to attach your fly line with a loop knot, or “blood” knot. Then, pass the end of the line around the spool in order for it to wrap back upon itself before coming together again at a spot alongside its starting point.

The key is ensuring that when this part is completed and tightened up, the crossover point is kept as low to the spool as possible.

Setting up the pawl:

To set up your pawl, you will need to attach a backing line from one side of the reel and then bring it around in order for it to wrap back upon itself, forming an X-shaped figure that rests over the top of where the fly line meets with the spool.

The key with setting up the pawl is to make sure that there are no twists in your line and also making sure that it’s not too heavy or too light when pulling on either side of the X-shaped figure created by the backing line resting overtop of where the fly line meets with the spool.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Click and Pawl Fly Reels

Buying fishing products is always a hustle. You need to think about so many things before you finally able to decide which one is suitable for you and which one will serve you the best and the longest.

In case of buying the best click and pawl fly reel, there are certain things that come to mind, and there are some more things that are needed to be in consideration. The durability and affordability of the fly reel is a prime concern. But the first and foremost concern is the compatibility of the coil with the fishing rod. If the rod slips while suing the reel, then it will be of no use.

Again another consideration is the size of the reel. In the market, the size of the coil varies a lot, and it is hugely available. But before buying the coil, these things are to be considered thoroughly. Below some essential features that need strict supervision for purchasing the best click and pawl fly reel are stated below: 


Obviously, size a prime concern for the buyer. All types of fishing rod do not comply with the same volume as the reel. So before buying the exact reel decision should be a=taken in order to obtain the correct dimension of reel


The range of the coil is also a dominant fact. It totally depends on ion the buyer’s requirement. Some buyer needs long-range reels, and some need short-range reels .so before b using the coil this should be determined.


The weight also matters in the case of fly reels. Lightweight reels are more affordable in this case. Almost all the reels mentioned here are lightweight and durable in nature. The compatibility of the weight of the coil with the fishing rod should be analyzed beforehand.

Switch Ability

Sometimes the user requires this feature for the reel. They want to switch from left to right hand or vice versa during fishing. In this regard, all the reels mentioned does not support the left to right retrieval facility. So it should be taken into consideration before selecting your desired reel.

Frequently Ask Questions of The Best Click and Pawl Fly Reels

What Is The Difference Between Click And Pawl Reels And Other Types Of Fly Reels?:

Click, and pawl fly reels are typically less expensive than other types of fly reels because they use fewer parts to make up the reel. They can also be easier to repair for this reason as well. However, click, and pawl fly reels do not have an adjustable drag setting like another type of fly reels which means that you need to set it manually before every cast or retrieve.

Are the Reels Suitable for Saltwater?

To our consent, the reels are made up of stainless steel. So freshwater is best for use. But in the case of saltwater use, their reels should be rinsed regularly with clean water after every use in saltwater

Are the Spools Durable?

The spools are covered with the reel, and they are sufficiently durable. The adjustment is checked for quality assurance.


So lastly, we would like to conclude that all the reel described above will serve the purpose of your fishing, whether it is for weekend plans or for full-time work purposes. But more positively, we want to suggest the Okuma Sierra Diecast Fly Reels. These are more user-friendly and cost-effective in nature. The clicker arrangement is very smooth and durable.

Thus the user will be more comfortable using it. Besides this, the other reels are also very affordable and pleasant to use. Before wrapping up our words, we hope that our list of top five best click and pawl fly reels have helped you choose the best fly reel. Thank you for your patience. Happy buying!

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