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Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso

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Coffee is one of the most brewed liquids around the world. Almost 80 % of the total world population has coffee each day. And some of them even have more than a cup or two every day. Some people cannot concentrate on their work until they have a coffee in their hands. It is believed that a good day starts with a gentle and soothing cup of hot coffee. So by this, we can have an idea about the vital impact of coffee in human life.

Many institutions manufacture coffee for professional purposes, and they earn a lot of benefits by exporting this coffee to the world market. And there also various automated machines that help the brewing of the coffee easier of the better convenience of the people. Among them, the French press is prominent because of the early discovery of this coffee making machine. This machine was patented in 1852 in France.

This machine includes a piston that is pushed after the coffee beans are inserted in the compartment, and hot water is poured into it; thus, the piston through its pressure exertion separates the seeds from the cores and gives it the best taste to the drink. This process is straightforward, but there are some aspects that you should have a decent idea before brewing. There is a specific limitation in the usage of the coffee used in this machine.

The coffee has some unique features that will let you have the best output from this machine. For this reason today, we will provide a clear conception about the five best coffee to use in a French press. Thus you can have the best coffee prepared in your house daily or for the customers of your coffee house. These coffees will be more compatible with the French press. So without further ado, let us jump to the main course of the product description.

Top 5 Best Coffee to Use in a French Press List


Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso

Our first product from the list is a high-quality coffee manufactured by Kicking Horse Coffee. This coffee is one of the best available in the current market. The compatibility of this coffee for the French press is very high, and people all around the world prefer this coffee beans for their regular basis drink. The weight of this product is much less in comparison to other products available in the market. The weigh is only 35.2 Ounce.

There is highly advanced technology included in the manufacturing of this coffee, which is commonly known as Pentax Technology. This makes the coffee much delicious to the people. Besides, there is also a mixture of fruit and cocoa, which provides a heavenly essence as well as taste to the drink. The overall feeling of this coffee is a bit like a chocolate smoothie. This taste is adored by everyone starting from children to elders.

There is a total of three types of packaging manners in which this coffee is manufactured. This coffee can be easily prepared using a French press. The piston of the media can easily crush down the beans and let the soothing flavor get dispersed in hot water. The taste of this coffee than will like smooth and silky chocolate with some wild berry syrup and a perfect cocoa finish. The sip of this drink will energize your whole body.

The origin of this coffee is from Africa and Indonesia. But some parts of central and South America also grow these coffee beans. The processing of these beans is done in an environment-friendly manner with responsible farmers who prefer the customer service above all. This coffee processing is a sustainable business for the people, and the coffee is fully certified by the professionals, too, for regular drinking. 


  • Soothing taste
  • Valuable ingredients
  • Easy carriage
  • Certified by professionals
  • Fully organic coffee


  • Some customers complained about the beans of this coffee to be much oily.


Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

Our next product from the list a super tasty coffee manufactured by Real Good Coffee. This coffee is mainly used in the French press. The beans of this product are much more compatible with the piston of the media. The company manufactures this coffee in four different flavors. So you can have the right choice of options while buying this product. This is the perfect coffee for starting your day. It will make your day refreshing.

These beans will provide you the best light roast coffee and act as your day starter. The manufacture of this product is done using the best Arabica coffee beans. These coffee beans are imported from Central America and North America. The principal processing place of this coffee beans in Seattle, USA. These beans are grown and processed and packaged in a very responsible manner. Proper hygiene is maintained during this process.

The taste of this coffee is much impressive. The coffee will provide you slight brisk citrus and a soothing flavor to your tongue. You starting of the day with the sip of this coffee will be much more surprising. This coffee is suitable for all kinds of coffee brewers. The company is one of the oldest manufacturers in this coffee business. This company has an experience of almost 30 years with the goodwill of the business.


  • Excellent taste and flavor
  • Hygienic manufacturing process
  • Works as a refreshment drink too
  • Not costly to afford


  • Some customers complained that the packaging of the product.


Two Volcanoes Coffee Gourmet Guatemala Whole Bean Medium Roast Single

Our third product from the list a premium quality coffee manufactured by Two Volcanoes Coffee. This coffee is straightforward to prepare, and it is much suitable for the French Press. The piston of the press creates the exact pressure that needs the beans to get separated and core and provide you the best coffee prepared from a French press. The product is manufactured in three different packages based on the weight.

You will have a great choice option while you are buying this product. You can select the package according to your usage. It will be difficult if you buy a container that will expire the date before you have finished the coffee. Your expenditure will go totally in the vein. This coffee will provide you the best flavor, and the aroma of this coffee will excite you while drinking. The taste if this coffee is entirely organic.

Before the processing of the product, the coffee beans are collected from the base of the two volcanoes in Guatemala. After the collection of the seeds, the whole processing is done in an environment-friendly manner. The flavor of this coffee is unique because of the mild roast essence of this product. The company also maintains the standard of the product with a very high altitude compared to the other products.


  • Soothing flavor
  • Unique mild roast
  • Savings of money when more than is brought
  • The aroma is also much pleasing


  • Some customers complained that the product to be overrated.


Stone Street Coffee 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Our second last product from the list is a top-quality coffee which is manufactured by Stone Street Coffee. This coffee is much compatible with the usage in the French press die to the quality of the product. The company is frank about the quality assurance of their product. This coffee is much more popular among the users, and they have provided a much positive review about the taste and flavor of this product.
There are a total of four different flavors of this coffee available in the market for sale. The ingredients of this product are fully organic, and there are no side effects of this coffee. This coffee will provide you a great refreshment, and you starting off the day will be livelier after having this coffee. The main element used in the production of this coffee is the Arabica coffee beans. These beans are grown and obtained from various regions of South America.

The taste of this product is mild, and it will not cause any acidic effect in your body. This coffee has a slight aroma and a sweet taste with a nutty finish. This company is roasting coffee since 2009, which gives them an upper hand in this business. This coffee is handcrafted, and the processing is done in a very hygienic manner. The flavor profile is developed very sincerely by the tasting authority of the company.


  • Good profiling of flavor
  • Experienced processing technique
  • Handcrafted for better taste
  • The best beans are selected for the preparation


  • Some customers have complained that some flavors of this coffee lack in proper taste.


Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans, Whole Bean

Our last product from the list is top-notch coffee manufactured by Koffee Kult. This coffee is very delicious and provides refreshment to your body when you have this in your breakfast. The coffee beans used in the production of this coffee is purely organic. The beans' nature is 100% Arabica, and these beans are collected from the jungles of Indonesia.

There are mainly two flavors of this coffee manufactured by the company. The ground flavor of the coffee is a mixture of all organic elements, and the full bean flavor concentrates more on the processing of the bean rather than the natural ingredients. The seeds used in the process are very reached and are heavy-bodied with a smooth flavor.

This coffee is very suitable for the roasters for brewing. The French press is very suitable for the brewing of this coffee. A freshly brewed coffee will put your body at ease and provide you with much mental comfort. You can also use this coffee for Chemex coffee makers or any other coffee brewer.


  • Divine taste and flavor
  • Easy processing
  • No added harmful elements
  • Cost is also less


  • Some customers have complained that the product tastes a bit burnt.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Coffee to Use in a French Press

Almost all of us must have a cup of coffee every day. And for some of the day starts with a healthy dose of hot coffee and some toasts. The benefits of drinking coffee are enormous in contrast to the disadvantages. The coffee makes your body fresh and give mental health a fresh start every day. Besides, the touch of coffee will make you livelier, and you will be more focused on your work.

Nowadays, various automated machines are prepared, which makes this coffee without any wasted time of the person who wants to have it. The French press is also a sort of coffee making machine, and it is known that this machine is susceptible but provides the best taste when the right coffee is used as the ingredient. The combination of the French press and the right beans will give a heavenly feeling to your tongue.

But in case of buying the right beans, there might be some confusion that will be hit your mind. This will quickly place you in a sort of dilemma about the selection of the product. For this reason, we have marked out some key features: as a buyer, you should possess a clear conception. These features will depict the product's quality, and you will be able to buy the best coffee to use in a French press.


Taste of the Coffee

The first and the foremost thing that you should be well aware of is the taste of the product. We know the feeling of each of the products varies due to the ingredients present in the composition. So be sure to check the compatibility of the flavor before you buy.


Expiration Date

For buying any food item, the core thing that you must look for is the date of expiry. The same goes for this coffee. You must notify the expiration date before buying. If the time does not conform to your requirements, then you should go for the right one.


Ingredients of the Coffee

Another essential feature to look for before buying is the ingredients that are used for the product. Many elements may create allergic reactions to your body. So get a doctor's prescription about the parts and the go for the final purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Coffee to Use in a French Press


Are Beans Free of Mycotoxins?

These products are not entirely free of molds and mycotoxins. There might be slipping of some bad beans, and in this context, mycotoxins presence is in a large percentage in the coffee beans.


How Long Could the Coffee Be Stored?

The shelf life of the product is mentioned in the packet as the expiry date. But for your better concern, we did some dig up and found out that the products can be stored for about eight weeks.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that coffee brands stated here will give more compatibility to use the French press. But more selectively, we prefer the Kicking Horse Coffee cliff hanger espresso. This coffee is more delicious in terms of taste. The beans are processed environmentally, and the price is also affordable. So before concluding our words, we hope that our list of the top five best coffee to use in a French press has helped you buy the best one for your usage. Thank you for your patience. Happy buying! Check out our top pick, "Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso’’(CLICK HEAR TO BEST PRISE)

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