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Are you a mother-to-be and looking for the best collagen to take while pregnant? Then you are searching for one of the best things for yourself during this incredible, yet painful journey.

When you are about to birth a new life, your body and skin have to face a lot, starting from joints and bones pain, digestive issues, hair fall, and stretch marks. Some mothers face these during pregnancy; others face post-pregnancy. So, to cure and prevent all those problems, you need to include collagen in your diet.

If you feel nauseous eating anything, then there are supplements for you. And, in this article, we are going to review three of the best collagen supplements that you can take while pregnant.

This article will be beneficial for you to find the best collagen to take while pregnant.

Top 5 Best Collagen to Take While Pregnant List

We have selected the best collagens for all those pregnant mums out there to let you enjoy this beautiful journey by easing up a few of your problems, hopefully!


Multi Collagen Pills

This collagen capsules by DR EMIL NUTRITION are the safest and effective one that every pregnant mother should try. All the ingredients are grass-fed and derived from natural sources such as chicken, eggshell, bone broth, and others. Most importantly, these ingredients do not contain any preservatives, GMO, gluten, or dairy, as these ingredients can prove to be vulnerable to pregnant women.

This one bottle contains five different types of collagen for different needs of your body during this time of need, such as for skin, gut health, cardiovascular health, bones and joints, hair, and nails.

They get easily absorbed by your blood with an extract called BioPe Rine for better results. The medium-sized capsule form makes it easier to swallow, and they do not have any bad 'after-taste.' 


  • Completely Natural
  • Contains five different collagens
  • Gets absorbed easily for faster effects
  • Gluten, GMO, additives-free


  • Slightly expensive


Doctor's Best Best Collagen Types 1 and 3

Incorporated with collagen 1 and 3, the Doctor's Best Best Collagen is highly effective in preventing unwanted stretch marks on your skin; it also helps to relieve those joint and bone aches during pregnancy. They are free from gluten, GMO, and soy; they level certify their products before they hand them to you, to provide the best quality for you.

After consumption, this gets easily absorbed into your bloodstream and shows its effect fast as the collagens are 'enzymatically hydrolyzed into component amino acids with a low molecular weight' for maximum absorption.

Enjoy your pregnancy phase without bone pain, muscle tenderness, hair fall, and stretched skin with this collagen by Doctor’s Best.


  • Improves skin and bone health
  • Absorbs effectively and quickly
  • GMO, soy and gluten-free
  • Powder form gets diluted easily.


  • Needs to be stirred well


Protiva Pregnancy- Prenatal Protein Powder

This Protiva Pregnancy is developed with essential ingredients to nurse pregnant mothers with all the required ingredients. It is named 'Protein Powder,' which contains collagen as well, plus vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin D to absorb the calcium into the bones. This helps you maintain stronger bones, beautiful skin, and boosts immunity and metabolism, which means you will be able to take care of your baby post-pregnancy with lots of energy.

Protiva also ensures that this is safe for your baby, so it is made from all-natural ingredients, it is allergen, preservative, and gluten-free. The flavor vanilla is derived from natural sweeteners such as coconut palm sugar and stevia.

The powder mixes very well with any liquid without forming any lumps; you can mix it with your daily smoothie or even plain water.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Gluten, preservative, and allergen-free
  • Mixes effortlessly
  • Contains any type of required minerals along with collagen


  • Taste is not good in plain water

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Collagen to Take While Pregnant

Here are a few things to need to consider before buying the best Collagen While Pregnant.


Soy & Gluten-free

Soy restricts the absorption process of any kind of mineral into your blood; similarly, the collagen supplement absorption will not be done due to the heavy metals present in soy. On the other hand, gluten restricts the bowel movement and leads to constipation. Therefore, make sure your collagen supplement is free from these.



Additives or preservatives aren’t safe for anyone, especially for a pregnant woman. It hampers the brain development of the child. Therefore, make sure your collagen supplement is derived from natural ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Collagen to Take While Pregnant

Here, you will get to know the answer to the most commonly asked question by our customers. We hope this might benefit you too to find the best collagen while pregnant.


Is There Any Collagen Supplement for Vegans?

If you mean 'plant-based' collagen, then we would not recommend them to pregnant mothers because they contain metals and leads, which can be dangerous during pregnancy. The natural type of collagen is derived only from an animal source, such as bone broth, chicken, eggs, fish, etc.

So, if you want a safer journey during pregnancy, we would not recommend you vegan or plant-based collagen.


In the end, we would like to say that, consult your doctor and do try on collagen supplements. Collagen is one of the essential minerals for your body, especially during pregnancy. Consuming them will not only help you throughout your pregnancy but also in your post-partum. For stronger bones, beautiful skin and hair, good energy, and immunity, you can try on any of those three types we have shown above.

However, our top-rated and best-seller is the Multi Collagen Pills by DR. EMIL NUTRITION. Despite being high in price, this one well worth your money. It will prevent and cure every kind of problem you can get due to a lack of collagen in your pregnancy with its five different types of collagen. 

So, give it a try, and you will not regret it!

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