Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Crossbow

In old times, humans used to hunt prey with fixed blades. With the modernization of technology, the fixed blades started getting more sharper and pointy. Now people look for maximum efficiency while buying fixed blades. For efficient hunting, you need to choose the best fixed blade broadhead for crossbow.

Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Crossbow

The fixed blade broadheads got blades that stay fixed in a permanent position while shooting. As it’s not that much movable, it’s more reliable than others. The fixed blade broadhead gives you much more speed than others because of its fix position. It’s much strengthening and more efficient.

The technology for sharper blade got so much advanced that it is confusing to choose which razor would be more suitable for you. Or, which would give you more performing accuracy. You want your hunting to be fruitful. You want to become an expert. So you need to choose very carefully. You need to consider which one is the sharpest. You also want it to last long. So, you can use it for a longer time.

You want the design to be aerodynamic for accurate performance even in spinning. You need to choose better quality metal for more extended durability, rust-resistance, and other advantages. So we are here to help you with selecting the best-fixed blade broadhead for the crossbow by suggesting five best products.

The Top Five Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Crossbow List

Carbon Express Troika Broadhead, 3-Pack

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Carbon Express Troika 125 Broadhead, 125 Grain Weight, 3 Pack

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Based on heavy 3-blade design. The design makes it more strengthful to defeat your prey within one shot. Very sharp tip, providing you the best efficiency in hunting. The cutting diameter 1.125″, with the thickness of the blade is 0.020″ and a weight of 100 grains, makes it a deadly weapon against any pray you want to hunt. The Chisel tip gives it the capacity to cut through the bones. So no one can stop you from successful hunting when you have these.

As it’s a fixed blade, it doesn’t need any adjustment. Most of the hunters find it difficult to decide how they should adjust their blade. Using this product would give you relief from that extra tension over your head.

More excellent quality materials give the blade more sustainability. So the razor never faces bending or breaking. This property offers it extending durability for year after year.

The aerodynamic property and the pointy edge, the blade shows more accuracy for hitting the target, which gives the crossbow an unbeatable speed against the air. No matter how faster the creature is, you’ll be able to catch it within a few tries.


  • Tougher than blades of other brands
  • The edge is very sharp and pointy
  • 3-blade design for more muscular efficiency
  • It doesn’t get bend or broken easily
  • Chisel tip cut through the bones
  • The 1.125″ Cutting Diameter, Blade Thickness of 0.020″ and 100 Grain Weight provides more accuracy than other razors.
  • It’s durable, provides long term services
  • Comes with three broadheads per packet


  • The blades are not secure

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip, 75, 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack

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Muzzy 225-MX3-3, Bowhunting 100 Grain, .025" 3 Blade Broadhead, 1-1/4" Cutting Diameter,...

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The product is specifically designed to ensure maximum performance. The pointy smooth edge, the lightweight(starts with 75 grains only), shorter profile, give it maximum speed against the prey. So it gives you more confidence with almost 100% success probability. Even if the creature is so much far away, it mostly doesn’t miss the target. Comes in various weight(75, 100,255), depending on the demand of the hunter

Maximum promising strength. The blade comes with a shorter profile, 1-3/16″ cutting diameter. So it cuts more in-depth than the other models. The 025″ thick stainless steel allows it to go through deeper flesh of the creature even in faster shots. The edge comes with trocar tip allowing it to go through the hardest tissue or skin and also through the bones.

The high-quality aluminum ferrule makes the blade much more reliable than others. It also makes it more dependable and durable for users. As it’s extra powerful, it doesn’t get broken or bent easily. Rust-free nature of the material keeps it clean even after using it for a long time. So it’s reusable after so many times. Some customers have been using it for more than 30 years, and it’s still giving better services.


  • It comes in various weight (75, 100, 125 grains)
  • Shorter profile, lightweight gives maximum speed
  • 1-3/16″ cutting diameter and 025″ thick blade provides more strengthening hunt
  • The Trocar Tip gives super penetration, even cuts through the bones
  • The aluminum ferrule gives extra strength and durability
  • Suitable for hitting the target accurately even from a very far distance
  • Rust-free and unbendable sharper edge.


  • It’s confusing to decide which weight is perfect

G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead 3/pk.

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G 5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 1-1/16" Cut Broadheads (3 Pack)

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Last update was on: July 6, 2024 7:52 am

The blade cuts your target instantly within just a touch. The angle of the blade allows you explicitly to hunt with maximum penetration.1″ to 1 1/8″ Cutting Diameter made with the most hardened material, and diamond-cut sharpness, it cuts more in-depth than other blades. So it defeats the target with just a slight touch so, it serves you with better efficient hunting.

The durable tapered edge makes resharpening easier. It’s molding construction, based on a one-piece metal injection. It injects directly into the body of the prey and cuts through it. Also, no part needs any replacement or adjustment. So, it’s easier and simpler to use. Anyone can learn to use it in a short time.

Available in 85, 100, 125 grains. It also tested 100% efficiency for spinning. It ensures maximum deployment probability in each shot. Strengthening and provides super speed by simulating various kinetic energy. Sharp edge cuts real quick and real clean. You won’t have to worry about the guilt of unethical killing.

100% solid steal makes it usable for a long time. Keeps it clean and reusable. Lasts longer, avoids damage or shape-changing. So, the edge doesn’t get blunt quickly.


  • Made with 100% solid steal
  • Diamond cut sharp edges
  • Cutting Diameter of 1″ to 1 1/8″ ensuring depth cut
  • Shows 100% efficiency in spin test
  • One-Piece construction makes it easy to adjust and use
  • Cuts instantly on any contact
  • Available in various weight(85, 100, 125)
  • Shows super-speed property for kinetic energy simulation


  • Too sharp, better use it carefully.

Huntingdoor 12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain Arrow Head Hunting Arrow Tips for Compound Bow and Crossbow

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Huntingdoor 12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain Arrow Head Hunting...

Last update was on: July 6, 2024 7:52 am

The product we are going to introduce now is a heavy blade (8g/125grain) that provides strength and accuracy to a greater extent. It also comes with three extreme sharp blades providing the highest possibility to hunt down your target. With 2.74cm cutting diameters and 0.4mm. Blade thickness, it cuts through deeper within any hard flesh or skin. It can also pass through bones. The super piercing power makes it inevitable.

The standard screw system thread design makes it easier to install in any kind of arrow. So, it shows compatibility with any type of crossbows. It doesn’t matter if your crossbow is based on carbon fiberglass or aluminum. You’ll still get your perfect fit. It comes with a more straightforward replacement system, easily learnable for both beginners and shooters. So, no matter what stage you are, you would find it easy to use.

Great precision. The sharp pointy edge allows it to cut precisely with accuracy. The high-grade solid pointy head cuts deeply without causing any extra pain to the prey. It kills quickly and smoothly. The prey won’t even feel a thing. It keeps tight even after several times of use. Durable and reusable for the long term.


  • Three super sharp fixed blades.
  • Available in various weight (8g/125grain)
  • More massive blade for accuracy and strength
  • Straightforward screw insert thread design
  • Compatible with all types of crossbows
  • Excellent precision and piercing capability
  • Solid metals cut clean and accurate
  • Faster hunting and reusability


  • It’s hard to adjust if the blade gets loosen once

GPP 125 Grain Fixed Three Blade Broadheads, (6 Per Pack), Compatible with Crossbow and Compound Bow

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GPP 125 Grain Fixed Three Blade Broadheads, (6 Per Pack), Compatible with...

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The product provides you with a healthier dinner from your hunting. A value meal costs a lot. While this blade is shallow at cost. Very useful for practicing shooting. Especially if you are a newbie, you would love to try this product for practicing accuracy. Your skill will increase day by day, and you’ll eventually get a better ratio of killing.

The screw-on tip allows the user to adjust it easily. So it’s easier to set, even for someone new. It provides a quicker and secure learnable setting.

The fixed broadhead provides a magnificent performance. As it’s head is fixed, its easier to target any prey. It comes with 125grain heavy-duty blade to cut through the creature in-depth. The 1.035-inch cutting diameter and massive thickness help to defeat your target, providing more efficient hunting and strengthening metals to cut deep in each contact, making it more fruitful. It shatters bone instantly within just a touch and goes through all harder skin or flesh. The sharp blade is efficient even in the cautiousness of the animal. It fits a crossbow of any category. Suitable for all kinds of hunting, even for practice.

The sharp edge is capable of hitting the animal even from afar target like 40 yards or more. Also, it can be reused for so many times. Its pointy edge is made of solid stainless steel, which makes it last for a really long time. As the killing is more sharp and accurate, the blade doesn’t get damaged or broken easily, no matter how big your target is. The product is especially recommended for archery season, as it helps you become a skilled professional archer.


  • Better quality within a reasonable price
  • 1.035-inch cutting diameter with 125grains for better accuracy
  • Sharper and pointy head for cut-on-contact property
  • It comes in 6 blades per packet
  • Super accuracy assures hitting the target from a really far distance
  • Provides clean hunting and healthier meal


  • It’s a little hard to adjust it with the aluminum crossbow

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Crossbow

As you are going to buy the blade broadhead for archery or hunting, it gets confusing to choose which one is better for you. It’s a crucial and dangerous sport. So you better be very careful while choosing your fixed blade broadhead. To choose your best-fixed blade broadhead for crossbows, you must consider the safety issue. Otherwise, you can face any sort of accident. Also, you need to consider the better killing ratio. The blade needs to be much faster, considering airflow and other obstacles.

Better adjustability with your crossbow is also something to think about. If the adjusting process is hard or lengthy, you’ll get easily frustrated. So better choose it carefully which one to buy. The blade needs to last longer, stay sharp for a long time. Or at least should have a simpler resharpening system. These are some points you must consider before buying the best-fixed blade for the crossbows.

Product Specifications

You must consider the blade’s length, thickness, cutting diameter, sharpness, weight, and other specifications. As these specifications decide the accuracy and efficiency range of that product


The blade needs to have a better speed to compete with other products of the market. The more the speed, the better the chances of hitting your target precisely.

Deep Piercing

The blade should have the ability to cut deeper into the muscles and bones of the prey. Precise piercing provides accurate killing in each contact made.


The blade needs to fit your crossbow properly. The adjusting method should be easier and faster to learn.


The blades materials have to be solid and robust so that the hunter can use it for years after year without facing any shape damage or breaking or loosening issues

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Crossbow

Should I Buy Lightweight or Heavyweight Blades?

The blade with lightweight gives you more speed. On the other hand, the heavyweight assures deeper cuts. Now it’s up to you what you consider most.

What Type of Blade Sharpening Technology is More Reliable?

The laser technology that provides diamond-cut sharpness is the most reliable sharpening technology. And you should definitely buy a product made using this technology.


Some hunters consider mechanical blade over the fixed blade. But fixed blades give the accuracy and preciseness that can never be provided by mechanical blades. It stays as it is after a proper setting for one time. So it’s much more ensuring while hunting. But within so many options of a fixed blade, you must choose wisely. Choosing the best fixed blade broadhead for crossbow will surely give you the confidence to hunt with your best potential.

Let’s Check Our Best Pick:

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Carbon Express Troika 125 Broadhead, 125 Grain Weight, 3 Pack

Last update was on: July 6, 2024 7:52 am

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