Best Manic Panic Color for Dark Hair

The people who are having dark hair often want to dye their strands. This has become a trend for them. Especially for people living in the USA often dyes their hair to get a different look.

This allows them to obtain unique and stylish hair. But there is always the possibility of getting the wrong product in hand. And for this reason, dying dark hairs can turn into a disaster. It is quite evident that you have to buy the correct product that will suit your hair quality in such cases.

Assessing this situation, our team has managed to list the best hair dye that will be suitable for dark hair. These are five products from the same mother company, and all of them have different features.

We will also help you to decide the best one that will suit your hair correctly. You will surely love these products, and the hair of the users will not get damaged. So without enhancing this discussion, let us go through the description of the best Manic Panic color for dark hair.

Top 5 Best Manic Panic Color for Dark Hair List


Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner - Blonde Toner

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The first hair color that we want to discuss is the Manic Panic blonde toner. This is a high-quality hair dye, and the people who are willing to get a snow look in their hair can undoubtedly apply this color.

Some of the people who have blonde hair face the difficulty of brassy tones, which hampers the overall outlook. But this hair dye is manufactured with a view of eliminating these brassy tones. This will be highly beneficial to keep the hair in good form. Especially the brassy tones on the lightest level, ten blonde hair can be eradicated.

The virgin snow shade of this color will surely reach deep to the hairs' root, and then it will apply deep conditioning. This product will double the deep conditioning mask for dying the hair. The formula of this product is beneficial for the user.

There are no harmful ingredients used in this product, and the semi-permanent procedure of this product will be highly essential to keep the dye from invading the cortex of the user. In this manner, there will be no chance of damage, and the color will gradually fade away between four to six weeks.

This hair dye will rest on the top of the hair, and once your hair starts to form, the color will gradually disappear. You can also mix the shades of this product. There is a company-provided pastelizer which you can buy, and then you can combine this with the shade and get a unique color tone for your hair.

This is ready to use products, and you can easily customize the color. This shade applies to both ling and short strands. The formula of this product is vegan, and it is tested in actual human hair.


  • This product lasts for four to six weeks.
  • This product does not hamper the hair of the user.
  • The shade can be customized with a pastelizer.
  • This product is based on the full vegan formula.
  • This product will provide a snow finish on your hair.


  • Some users of this product are not satisfied with the amount that comes in a single box.


Manic Panic Silver Stiletto Hair Toner

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The next product we want to discuss is another addition from the Manic Panic Company, and this is their silver hair dye. The users highly appreciate this tone, and the color of this product after it has been applied to the hair will amuse you. Your hair will become nourished and shiny, and the best part of this dye is the tangled strands will be resolved. This is considered as the fast3st selling shade of all time by the manufacturer.

This hair dye is formulated using lavender. This makes the color look icy, and you can easily apply this shade on any hair. Besides, this eliminated yellow blues from the hair and will provide a pale and mature platinum look to your hair. The pre-lightened strands can also be used to apply this product. This will quickly acclimatize with such hair and give a soothing shade to the users.

If you are already a user of the Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color, you can easily mix this silver stiletto with the hair color and get a unique shade. For getting the best results from this dye, it is better to use the bleaching kit on your hair. After you have bleached the hair up to level ten, you can apply this dye, and you will surely get the best result. There is no need to mix the color. This comes in a ready to use quality for the users.


  • This color will provide a silver look to your hair.
  • The color is free of ammonia and harmful chemicals.
  • You can apply this color after bleaching the hair.
  • The color does not need mixing, and it is sold in ready to use manner.


  • Some users suggested increasing the intensity of this hair color for better results.


Manic Panic Vampire's Kiss Hair Dye

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The next product we want to discuss is the high-quality hair dye, which will provide a vampire red color to the user. This product o specifically manufactured to provide red and blood effects on the hair, and the users are delighted by this dye. When you plan to go to a Halloween costume party dressed as a vampire, this dye will be the exact choice for emulating vampire colors.

This is a medium red hair dry, and for the undertones of the hair, this product will provide a bright pink shade. Together this will look very beautiful, and the hair will not be damaged. The best part of this air is you can use this dye ion virgin unbleached hairs. The Manic Panic dyes are sued on bleached hair, but the dye's shade is so vibrant that you can also use this in unbleached hair. You will get the same result without shortcomings.

This product's formula is purely vegan, and there is no ammonia present in color; besides, the product will remain sturdy on your hair for six weeks, and the hair pores will not be damaged. You can apply this hair color on both dark and bright strands, and you can also customize the color with other shades. This will provide a more intense look to your hair. The company strictly prohibits the use of paraben and glutens for this shade.


  • This product will provide a red color with pink undertones.
  • This product does not have paraben or glutens.
  • Hair officials certify the product.
  • The product can be customized to obtain new shades.


  • Some users felt that this shade takes too much time to settle.


Manic Panic Hair Color Cream 118ml - Green Envy

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The next hair dye from our list is the Green Envy from Manic Panic. This is an exclusive quality hair dye, and the user experience of his hair dry is quote applauding. This hair dye is based on green color, but some variations are observed once you apply it to your strands. The company has suggested that this hair dye provides an emerald green shade to your hair with a slight blue color.

So the people interested in going for a greenish-blue outlook to their hairs can grab this product. This hair dye will work on unbleached and virgin hairs, but it is recommended by the company that the user should use this dye on bleached hair, and the hair should be lightened at a level of eight blonde or lighter than that. Thus the best results can be obtained by the customer.


  • This product provides a greenish-blue shade.
  • This can be applied to both bleached and unbleached hair.
  • This product is vegan friendly.
  • The lasting duration of this product is about six weeks.


  • The amount of blue shade is much dominant under the sunlight.


Manic Panic Red Passion Hair Dye

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The final product on your list is the Red Passion hair dye from Manic Panic. This will provide a pure red outlook to your hair. This is a high voltage color, which means the red color will shine brightly under the sunlight. This will add a soothing look to your outfit, and this is highly applicable for the users who are planning to look unique.

You can mix this shade with other shades, but you must use the same company's product. Besides, this product is long-lasting, and it takes less time to settle on your hair. This product's composition includes vegan ingredients, and there is no paraben or phthalate in this product. The hair follicles and pores will not get damaged by this product, and surely you will love this shade.


  • This shade will provide a blood red look to the hair.
  • The product is composed of suitable and natural ingredients.
  • There is no harmful side-effect on the hair.
  • You can customize the shade with the same brand products.


  • This shade sometimes fades to provide an orange color vibe.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Manic Panic Color for Dark Hair

Dying your hair has become a typical style for the youth, and the people who are having black hair occasionally dye their strands. And for this reason, the best product should always be used. But before buying these products, there are certain aspects that the buyers should assess. For the better convenience of our buyers, we have managed to shortlist some of these aspects. These key points will allow you to buy the best Manic Panic color for dark hair. These are explained below.



The essential aspect that the buyer should judge before buying the Manic Panic hair dye is the ingredient used to prepare the paint. Manic Panic uses natural colors for adding the pigment to the product. And there is a strict prohibition of using gluten and ammonia in work. Because these are harmful to the hair, the formula is fully vegan-based, and it will suit black hair. It is better to take dermatologists' advice before applying this dye for better preference.



Sometimes the users get biased while buying hair dyes. This happens due to the wide availability of the products. The buyers always want hair dyes, which will last longer, and it will take less time to settle in the hair. For this reason, the company has assured that. The hair dye will get fixed on the strands within a short time, and it is stipulated in the packaging. And about the shade's durability, you can quickly go for two months without hampering the dye. This is highly beneficial for people with black hair.


Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Manic Panic Color for Dark Hair


Are These Hair Color Harmful to the Users?

This is a general question for users. The Manic Panic hair dyes provide an intense color to the hair, which lasts about two months. But there is no need to worry about the color to damage your hair. Because there is semi-permanent formula introduced in this product, which is vegan and cruelty-free, this formula makes the dye remain on the hair's surface, and it does not penetrate the cortex through the hair pores. So you can easily apply this hair dye and stay free of damage to your hair.


Is This Color Applicable for Pre-lightened Hair?

Pre-lightened hair is generally bleached hair. This helps to reduce the tone of your hair, and then you can apply hair color. This is done to make the hair color compatible with the hair. The company is certified for the Manic Panic hair colors to use these hair dyes on pre-lightened hair. Even these dyes will efficiently work on the hair, which is bleached up to level ten, and there will be no significant damage. Instead, you will get the best result for your hair after you have used these dyes.


In conclusion, we hope that the Manic Panic hair dyes which we have exhibited here will surely help you get the best result in your hair. But to ease the selection of our customers, we prefer the Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner - Blonde Toner. This dye is formulated with semi-permanent ingredients which do not invade the cortex rather keep the dye on the hair surface.

Besides, this dye will last for six weeks, and the tone will be highly suitable for black hair. The cost of this dye is also affordable. Thus our list of the top five best manic panic colors for dark hair will benefit the person with black hair. Thank you for your time.

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