Best Ping Pong Rubber for Intermediate Player

Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Table Tennis Rubber

Killerspin Fortissimo-High Tension Table Tennis 

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber 

Are you looking for the best ping pong rubber for intermediate player? Here you can find all top ping pong rubbers to purchase. Also, it is recommended to check and compare these leading brands before selecting your final product.

Table tennis rubbers are essential to your amusement since they control how the ball carries on with each stroke. But there are hundreds of distinctive sorts and alternatives, and it can be troublesome to get it how they work or what to select for your amusement. Here's a direct to choosing the leading table tennis elastic to assist you in getting it this essential piece of hardware.

​Here you will find some great options to select your ping pong rubber for an intermediate player. We have mentioned the top three best ping pong rubber for the intermediate player below. We hope you can find your desire ping pong rubber.

Top 3 Best Ping Pong Rubber for Intermediate Player List


Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Table Tennis Rubber

Most players are searching for that elastic that fits them reasonably right. Nittaku has presented the Fastarc arrangement with a variety to select. The Fastarc G-1 has the preeminent control of the settlement. It's a coordinate and to the point elastic. All undermining strokes from fast drives at the table to long remove counter circling executed with high precision—the hardest and speediest of all the Fastarcs.


  • Hard and speedy. 
  • A power beat sheet with a built-in pressure control wipe produces the perfect combination of ball speed and ball bend.
  • Good quality, high speed, high spin.
  • Fast rubber with high arc returns.


  • Rubber cracks easily and dries out when left in the sun.


Killerspin Fortissimo-High Tension Table Tennis Rubber

Killerspin's modern Impact is cutting-edge table tennis elastic made particularly for progressed aptitude, topspin players seeking out for additional control. Like Killerspin's Fortissimo, the Blast's table tennis elastic comprises a crossbreed top sheet made of a flexible compound, which produces astounding bounce back, as well as a delicate compound that makes a difference get the ball and make more turn.

Break-even with components of standard and engineered elastic grant an additional spring impact. Be that as it may, the Blast's top sheet is stiffer than that of Fortissimo, producing further control for a foul shot.

The Impact moreover highlights a made-in-Japan delicate wipe, perfect for capable topspin shots with incredible power, and German "Torqsion TechnologyTM," which is more grounded than ordinary pressure guidelines and gives the elastic an included execution edge. 


  • Ratings: Speed 10.8, Spin 9.3, Control 9.3
  • Includes a hybrid top sheet made of an elastic compound
  • Incorporating a made-in-Japan sponge with German 'Torqsion Technology.'
  • It comes with a 30-Day Limited Warranty.


  • Not very durable.
  • They are pricy. 


Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber 

Butterfly Tenergy 05 encompasses a special feeling employing a combination of Spring Wipe innovation, Tall Pressure elastic, and a flat surface. It is fantastic for conferring an excellent bargain of a turn on the ball. The assignment of 05 within the title was received from Pimples Code No. 5.

It keeps its dangerous control all through the life of the flexible without the utilization of speed adhere or boosting. Energy 05 is exceptionally well known among world-class table tennis players, counting US Men's #1 Kanak Jha. Some information of surface are Inverted Speed is 13.0, Spin is 11.5 and Density is 36. You should clean after every use and store properly to get the best performance.

Using this Racket Care Kit, apply the Spin Refresh on each side of the rubber, then clean it thoroughly by the Rubber Care Sponge. After drying, apply your protective sheets and then place it in the case. In a perfect world, store your paddle in a climate-controlled space and maintain a strategic distance from extraordinary temperatures for amplified periods.


  • The to begin with within the Tenergy line, with both Spring Wipe and Tall Pressure technologies. 
  • This Butterfly elastic is best-suited for hostile all-round play, both close and far from the table. 
  • Get the foremost out of your diversion as a looper with simple control and turn from this Japanese elastic sheet. 
  • Butterfly Free Chack, II table tennis stick prescribed when amassing Tenergy table tennis rubbers. 


  • Too much bouncy causing less control.
  • High-cost item.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Ping Pong Rubber For Intermediate Player

It is tough to choose the perfect ping pong rubber for the intermediate player, also a little bit confusing as all the products look similar. You should consider some reviews of these items before buying ping pong rubber for an intermediate player. So, how do you select the leading ping pong rubber for you? Here are some components you should consider:


Thickness of the Best Ping Pong Rubber for Intermediate Player

The exceptionally to begin with thing to consider sometime recently buying a table tennis elastic is none other than width. You'll discover table tennis with diverse thicknesses out there. Be that as it may, if you wish an assaulting elastic, you ought to go to table tennis with a thicker sponge. In case you're an attacking player, it's predominant to go with a 2.0mm or 2.5mm wipe. In any case, in case you'd like something which can illustrate profitable in defense, select one with 1.0mm or 1.5mm wipe.


The Density of The Sponge

This figure is regularly not taken exceptionally really as the foremost center is, for the most part, one the elastic. One might think what the contrast between thickness and thickness is? When we're talking approximately width, it implies the hardness of the wipe. On the off chance that the wipe is painful, it means the recurrence is high. Wipes with more top thickness offer quick shots but require more vitality too. So if you adore swinging hard, you ought to decide on a harder one. Something else, go for a milder one.


Pimples Out

There are two sorts of table tennis rubbers; blisters in and pimples out. Those with the pimples (pips) out pitiless that the smooth side of the flexible joined to the wipe. They advance partitioned into short and long pimples out. Short pimples come in helpful for a player who fancies a powerful and hard-hitting diversion. On the other hand, long pimples perform best in cautious play style.


Pimples In

The minute sort is pimples in, which proposes the pimples are onwards, and you hit the ball with a smooth surface. It's the preeminent common sort utilized in table tennis since it allows you to grasp a broad run of strokes to apply. Besides, such an elastic gives you distant better; a much better; a higher; a more reliable; an improved, a firmer grasp and control.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Ping Pong Rubber for Intermediate Player


What Could Be a Table Tennis Elastic?

A table tennis elastic is the elastic surface of your ping pong paddle. It's the portion of the bat that impacts the ball with each stroke. It first used on a racket in 1901, and after that, within the 1950s, players begun including a layer of wipe between the elastic best sheet and the edge. When we conversation almost a table tennis elastic nowadays, we're frequently alluding to the combination of the sponge and the flexible best cloth. They very regularly come as of now stuck together, although you'll be able to buy them separately.


What Does the Table Tennis Elastic Do?

The elastic encompasses an enormous impact on the ball's speed once you hit it. It can absorb and decrease the rate of the ball abating down your opponent's assaults or making a difference; you go on the hostile by bringing more control. It's too incorporates an enormous effect on how many turns you'll be able to put on the ball. In brief, the elastic decides how the ball carries on after you hit it.


Which Tenergy Elastic is Best?

When it comes to the leading energy elastic, nothing can beat Tenergy 05. It comes with a turn of 9.4 and a wipe hardness of 6.3. Isolated from Tenergy 05, Tenergy 64, and Tenergy 80 as well considered as the driving energy rubbers in terms of execution.


Finally, if you check all the consideration and pros and cons of these ping pong rubber, you can now decide what you will choose to purchase.

In my perspective, Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Table Tennis Rubber is the best ping pong rubber for an intermediate player.

​We hope this review will help you to pick the best ping pong rubber for you and hope you will purchase it again and share it with others.

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