Best Roller Derby Knee Pads

Roller derby is a very famous game in the USA. Many people play this game, and this makes it very interesting. You have to play the entire game wearing roller skates in your leg.

These roller skates make the game very interesting, and the performers must keep their balance throughout the game time. In this case, they need to wear some safety equipment. Among them, knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets are prominent.

Best Roller Derby Knee Pads

Knee pads are the most important aspect because if the player slips and encounters sudden shock, these knee pads will reduce the damage. Assessing this situation, our team has shortlisted the five best roller derby knee pads, which will be highly beneficial for the players.

Wearing these kneepads will save them from unwanted situations, and the entire body balance will be maintained appropriately. These products are described below.

Top 5 Best Roller Derby Knee Pads List

PHZ Adult/Kids Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards

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PHZ. Kids/Adults 3 in 1 Skateboard Protective Gear Set Knee Pads Elbow...

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The first knee pads that we want to discuss for our readers are an excellent guard manufactured by PHZ. The users highly appreciate this product, and this is a total package of knee pads that will make sure you have a great roller derby.

Three different guards are included in this package. There will be two knee guards and an elbow guard for the skaters, and the materials used for the manufacture of this product are highly durable. This product is ultra-soft, and there is EVA padded material used to cushion the effect.

The company manufactures this product in four different colors, and there three different sizes of this product. So you can easily use this product for marking the teams, and for the child learners, this product can easily be worn.

As this is worn on the knee and elbows, so during the game, there is a huge possibility of facing an impact on the pads. And for this reason, the company uses high-class polypropylene plastic as outer material. This retains the total shape of the product after the occurrence of impact during the game.

This product is not only applicable to roller derbies. You can easily use these guards for other sports too. These guards will offer you protection during ice skating and cycling.

You will feel much comfortable wearing these pads, and there is also an adjustable strap provided by the company that will keep these protective guards firm to your knees.

These straps make the pads flexible, which helps to make this product fit multiple sizes of knees. There is always a twelve months warranty with this product, and this will act as a motivating force for the users.


  • This product contains high-quality plastic for rigidity.
  • This product has an adjustable strap for suiting.
  •  This product can be used for multiple sports purposes.
  • These pads can retain high impact during the game.
  • These pads will suit all ages of performers.


  • The small size of this product is thought to be too cheap in material features.

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

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Pro-Tec Street Knee Pad, Black, S

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The second pair of knee pads that we want to discuss for our readers is the Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads. These are high-quality knee pads that are manufactured by Pro-Tec.

You can visit their official website to view the products. This product is made ultra-stable for rough use purposes. For this reason, this is called street knee pads; it will provide the highest ruggedness at the most challenging stage of the game and will keep the player safe.

The primary material which is used for making this product is Neoprene. This is a synthetic material that is produced by a polymerization reaction. This will suit the pads’ outer covering, which will make the product durable for long-term use. For providing full ridding comfort, these neoprene materials are most suitable.

For securing the product to your fit, there are fasteners provided by the company, and there are a hook and loop arrangement for this product.

 Use This Pair of Knee Pads

CE certifies the product. The authority approves the use of these knee pads for people who weigh above fifty kilograms. This product can easily retain weight, and you can also use these pads for other sports events.

This company has a long heritage of forty-five years, and they produce the most stylish knee pads for roller derbies. There are distinct sizes available for this product, and there is stretchable fabric inside the knee pad.


  • This is made of Neoprene material, which is very sturdy.
  • The inner lining of this pad is made of stretchable fabric.
  • The product can be used for people weighing above fifty kilograms.
  • CE officially certifies the product.


  • The sizing chart of the product should be developed.

Lucky-M Adult Kids Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards

Our next product is another top-class protective guard for roller derby, which is manufacture by Lucky-M. This product is a complete package that will help you keep safe during the whole game.

This product comes in three different colors, so you can easily choose the color that will go with your attire. This is six in one protective gear, and you will get two pairs of knee guards and one pair of elbow guards with this product.

Now comes the materials that are used to manufacture this product. The company is highly sensitive about the users; assessing this situation, the manufacturer has sued high-density EVA. This makes the entire structure rugged and thick.

Then there is foam provided in the inner layer. This helps to maintain the ventilation of the player while performing. This product will efficiently ventilate the sweating of the knees.

This product is appropriate for skating and riding bikes. You can also perform cycling with these products. The knee pads provide cool airflow in the joints, and it also prevents perspiration. The high strength polypropylene material used in this product makes the entire setup highly durable.

There are adjustable straps and long Velcro materials provided for making the pads firm to your knees and elbows. You will get a company based warranty with this product.


  • This product has twelve months of company approved warranty.
  • This product has soft foaming, which prevents perspiration.
  • The straps are made of elastic and Velcro, which provides perfect security.
  • The product comes with two pairs of knee pads and one pair of elbow pads.


  • The quality of the Velcro used in this product should be enhanced.

Triple Eight Kp 22 Heavy-Duty Knee Pads

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Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads (Pair), X-Large, 6081, Black

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Triple Eight manufacture our next knee pads. These knee pads are trendy among roller derby players. This is a sleeveless skateboarding knee pad that comes with heavy-duty EVA material.

This combination makes the total pair of kneed pads stronger. And the comfort for the users is maximized. The design of this knee pad is quite different than the traditional ones. There is a flat cap located in front of the knee pads, which is highly beneficial.This makes the knee pads shock resistant, and some rivets keep the flat cap wholly connected to the pads. The sudden impacts on the performers’ knees while these flat caps will eradicate roller derby. The longevity and stability of the knee pads will be increased.

As a core material, Neoprene is used for the construction of these pads, and it is straightforward to operate the knee caps. There are a strap and flexible arrangement provided by the company. 


  • This product is highly durable due to neoprene inclusion.
  • The product has flat caps to protect from impacts and shock.
  • The product weighs very little so that no extra weight will be felt.
  • An elastic and strap arrangement is provided for security.


  • The inner layer of the knee pads should use durable foaming.

Smith Safety Gear Elite Knee Pads

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Smith Safety Gear Elite Knee Pads, Black/Black, X-Small

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Our final product is premium quality knee pads, which are manufactured by Smith Safety Gear. These knee pads are easily washable, and the previous users of these knee pads are very much satisfied by this product’s service.

For beginners and professionals, this knee pad will be very much useful. The adjustment process of this knee pad is simple, and it will fit easily to the knees.

This knee pad will provide proper protection and comfort to the users. Sometimes the users slip during the game and then hurt their knees. But these knee pads will help to hold the balance of the users, and slipping will be checked.

You can use this pair of knee pads for cycling and skateboarding. This is a preferable choice for protection in the extreme category of sports.


  • This product can be used for multipurpose sports.
  • This product has non-skidding features that will protect the users.
  • The size can easily fit on the knees of the users.
  • This product comes in variable designs for user preference.


  • The material characteristic of this product should be improved.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Roller Derby Knee Pads

It is evident for the players to wear knee and elbow guards for having a perfect sports experience in roller derby. But buying these knee pads can turn into an issue for the users. This generally happens due to the abundance of identical products in the market.

For this reason, we have shortlisted some points that will help the users mark the perfect knee pads. The quality of the knee pads is dependent on these aspects. Some of them are explained below.

Material Quality

The essential point to keep in mind before buying the knee pads is the material used to manufacture the product. Neoprene is used as the outer covering of these kneepads, and plastic caps are used to protect from impacts.

So it would help if you bought the knee and elbow guards, which have a sturdy plastic cap on the outside, and there is an outer lining of neoprene polymer. You should also observe the inner fabric, and it should be a soft cushion, which reduces perspiration, and ventilation is appropriately accommodated.

Adjustable Straps

The buyer should properly judge the straps lock that is used in the knee pads. The company uses conventional straps that are elastic based. This helps to stretch the knee pads and also creates room for the knees.

But sometimes, due to usage, the elastic gets loosened up, which is harmful to the user. So it would help if you always bought the knee pads with a strap locking system and a high-quality plastic flip. This will help the knee pads remain firmly to the user’s knees, and there will be less possibility of an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Roller Derby Knee Pads

How to choose the perfect size of knee pads?

The buyers often fall into the dilemma while buying the knee pads. They get confused about the size chart because there are differences in the size chart according to the manufacturing company’s policy.

For the betterment of our customers, we are going to suggest an easy method for size selection. You should always observe the respective sizes of the knee pads, and then you should measure the diameter of the knees. You should choose one size more significant than the size chart. It will allow you to settle the knee pads quickly.

How to wash these knee pads?

Long term use of these knee pads will make the product dirty, and the continuous secretion of sweat will also damage the fabric of the knee pads. So you need to wash them regularly.

For cleaning these knee pads, you can use regular detergent mixed water. But you should never place them in the washing machine for the best results you should always use the manual technique. You can use your hand and a brush to clean the entire plastic flip.

Best Roller Derby Knee Pads

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we hope that the list of products we have mentioned here will help you choose the best knee pad for participating in roller derbies.

More specifically, we prefer the PHZ Adult/Kids Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards. The best feature of this product is that it is applicable for players of all ages, this product is manufactured using high-quality plastic, and the straps used for locking the knee pads are reliable. 

You can also use this air of knee pads for other sports, and this company has the most accurate size chart for their customers. Thus, our list of the top five best roller derby knee pads will be highly beneficial for your knees. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!!

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PHZ. Kids/Adults 3 in 1 Skateboard Protective Gear Set Knee Pads Elbow...

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