Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor

All the roller skates come with wheels. However, the wheels that come with the skate may not be the ones you prefer. Sometimes, you might love a roller skate but not necessarily the wheels. We are here to help you find the best roller skate wheels for indoor.

Roller skating is a fun and exciting sport for kids and adults as well. Kids love skating, mostly with their friends. But it is essential to teach them skating inside the house first, ensuring the proper safety. Learning the skating can be extremely hard in the beginning.

All the skateboards and skate boots usually come with one set of wheels. They are fitted for one type of environment, either for the indoor or for the outdoor. Your kid’s roller skate may come with outdoor wheels. That does not mean you have to change the whole roller skate. You can just change the wheels.

Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor

But buying wheels for indoor can harder than it seems. It’s not that there are not enough roller skate wheels; it is the opposite of that. There are too many wheels out there in the market right now. It can be confusing going through all the products and finding the best roller wheels.

Don’t worry; we can help you with that. Here, we have searched the market for you and made a list of the top five best roller skate wheels for indoor. All these wheels are high in quality and show excellent performance. Without much talk, let’s introduce them to you.

Top Five Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor List

Sonar Wheels – Zen – Quad Roller Skate Wheels – 4 Pack of 32mm x 62mm 85A Wheels

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Sonar Wheels - Zen - Quad Roller Skate Wheels - 4 Pack...

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The first wheel we want you to take a look at is the Sonar Quad Roller Skate Wheels, especially famous for their long-lasting and durable skating experience. The urethane wheels are super durable and high performance, making the indoor skating fun and exciting. These wheels are even excellent for outdoor skatings like on a sidewalk or street.

These wheels are specially engineered for excellent high performance in the outdoor area. They create minimum friction with the surface, making the ride more smooth and comfortable. These Sonar wheels can be a better replacement of your current roller skate wheels and upgrade them for outdoor uses.

These 62 mm wheels provide better handling on rough surfaces. The 85A hardness level of these wheels makes them ultra-durable and capable of handling extreme skating. If the roads on your are not that plane and you are worried about your kid’s safety, you can go for these wheels as they provide a much safer roller skating experience.

The wheels come in eight different colors, making it easy to match the color of the skate, which can be very important for your kid. One thing you have to keep in mind is that these wheels come in four wheels a pack. So, you have to order two packages for a pair of roller skates.


  • 62 mm, bigger and better wheels
  • Smooth ride for comfortable skating
  • Engineered to an ideal ride
  • Durable for miles of use
  • Different colors to match your skate
  • Incredibly responsive for better handling


  • Comes four wheels a pack, and you have to buy two packs

Radar Wheels – Halo – Roller Skate Wheels – 4 Pack of 38mm x 59mm Wheels

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Radar Wheels - Halo - Roller Skate Wheels - 4 Pack of...

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The next skate wheels are the Radar Wheels, another high-quality roller skate wheels from Riedell. These wheels are especially popular for their excellent durability. The radar wheels are made of durable and long-lasting neothane that ensures the safety of the wheels in intense uses.

These particular components of the wheels make them lightweight and easy to handle. The minimum friction provides maximum speed on any surface. They are an excellent choice for smooth indoor performance as well as a comfortable outdoor ride.

The H-shaped hub makes stops and starts more comfortable, and offers overall better handling. The 59 mm wheels are a bit smaller than the previous Sonar wheels, but they still excellent for outdoor skating for their smoothness and durability. The edges of the wheels have less urethane, which makes it easy to stop.

They come in 10 different colors making sure that your kid can match the wheels with the skates. These radar wheels come in four wheels, a pack as well. So, you have to order two packages for one skate.


  • Durable for intense use
  • Engineered to maximize speed
  • Smooth ride for optimal skating
  • Incredibly responsive to you
  • Able to match any skates


  • The wheels are relatively smaller in size than other wheels

Sonar Wheels – Demon EDM – Roller Skate Wheels – 4 Pack of 43mm x 62mm Wheels

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Sonar Wheels - Ninja - Agile Roller Skate Wheels - 4 Pack...

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This time, its another wheel from Sonar. These demon wheels are 62mm in length like the previous Sonar Zen wheels, but these wheels are 43mm wide, making it extra durable and better for outdoor uses.

The broader wheels provide extra supports and safety for rough skating on any type of surfaces. They are safer for adults as well, as they provide support for more weight. The optimized and better hub makes the ride more comfortable and smooth. The wheels are made of durable urethane, making it strong and long-lasting.

These roller skate wheels come in eight different colors, making it easy for you to match any kinds of skates. These wheels can change the mood of your kid giving him access for outdoor skating. You have to buy two packs, though.


  • Designed to increase speed
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Incredibly responsive handling
  • Match any skates
  • Durable for prolonged use


  • They do not come with bearings

RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 8)

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RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 8), White,...

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These wheels are exceptional for their durability and endless use. Wheels support all the weights and most of the damages that occur during rough skating. Most of the kids show no mercy for their roller skates on the road or inside the house. In such cases, these RollerBones Roller Skate Wheels can offer necessary durability for all types of uses.

These rebound wheels are an excellent choice for recreational skating. Roller skating can be a piece of art if done correctly. The exceptional and colorful design of these wheels makes them an excellent choice for artistic skating.

These wheels last longer as well, showing fantastic quality in performance. They make good grip one the floor, keeping your kid safe and secure one the skateboard.


  • Easy and comfortable to ride
  • High rebound indoor wheel
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Artistic and colorful design
  • Great for recreational skating
  • Different color choices for matching skates


  • Not suitable for rough outdoor use

ATOM Pulse Outdoor Quad Skating Wheels Green set of 4

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The last wheels we want to present to you are the ATOM Pulse Outdoor Quad Skating Wheels. These 65 mm wheels are the longest wheels in our list and an excellent choice for outdoor skating. They can handle rough and uneven surfaces or roads very comfortably. Relatively soft yet durable material makes it a great companion for outdoor.

They are 37mm wide as well, offering a robust and broad base for much better support for kids of all ages. Bigger size wheels are usually better for roads and sidewalks. These 65mm wheels are an excellent choice for off-road or sidewalk skating.

The wheels are 78A in the hardness level, providing a durable and robust roller skating experience. Higher A numbers represent better hardness levels. Safety is an essential issue in roller skating, and ATOM Pulse wheels make no compromises in safety issues.

These wheels come in six different colors, giving you lots of options in decorating and matching your skates. They come in four wheels a pack. And you can choose two separate packs for exciting decoration or two of the same pack.


  • Great soft material
  • Big 65mm wheels for rough surface
  • An excellent 37mm sturdy base
  • Great for outdoor pavement
  • 78A hardness level
  • Six different colors


  • The size is a bit larger for indoor use

Tips for Buying the Perfect Roller Skate Wheels

  • The weight of the roller skate wheel will affect how heavy it feels when you’re skating. Lighter wheels are easier to spin, but they may not be as durable or have a smooth roll-on rough surface.
  • Skaters should choose their wheel diameter and hardness based on what type of surface they’ll mostly skate (i.e., hardwood floors vs. tiled or concrete). Wheels with greater diameters provide more stability for speed skates than smaller diameters do, while less soft wheels offer better grip on slippery surfaces like wood flooring and tile that might otherwise cause slippage.
  • It’s important to check your local rink for any restrictions before buying new wheels because some rinks only allow certain types of tires.
  • Be aware that some wheels are made from different materials, which may affect how they feel while skating. For example, plastic and resin roller skate wheels will be lighter than aluminum ones because the weight is distributed differently in those types of wheel designs. But this can also lead to faster wear and tear.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor

Buying wheels for roller skates can always be a hustle as there are a lot of wheels to choose from. Some wheels are for indoor uses, and some are outdoor. You need to be sure which type of wheels you want. The same skateboard can be used for different circumstances by changing the wheels. You can have different types of wheels and use them in different situations.

Safety is another vital factor that everyone is concerned about while buying the wheels. All the wheels are not made of the same material and do not provide the same level of hardness. It is essential to consider all these factors before choosing a skating wheel.

In this list of the best roller skate wheels for indoor, we have discussed five of the best roller skate wheels that are available right now. You can go for either one of them without any worry. However, if you want to keep looking, there are some essential factors that you should keep in mind.

Wheel Size of the Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor

Wheels sizes are one of the most important features you should be looking for while buying them. Wheels of different sizes can be used in different circumstances. Smaller wheels are suitable for indoor uses, and bigger wheels are better for outdoor uses. You should go for a bigger wheel if you like outdoor skating.


The material of the wheels is also essential. Wheels can be strong and durable or weak, depending on the material. Some wheels are made of plastic, and some wheels are made of special material like urethane with a combination of high-quality plastic. Make sure which kind of wheels you want before you purchase them.

Design and Color

Wheels come in different designs and colors. If you are purchasing them for your kid, then you should consider the design and the color very seriously. Kids love things of exciting designs. Make sure the color matches the color of your skate.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor

Can You Use Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Indoors?

It depends on the type of wheels you are talking about. If they have a hard plastic core, then no. They will probably break at the first sharp turn or crash into something and shatter.

These kinds of wheels were made for outdoor skating only because their hardness is needed for longer wear time on rougher terrain outdoors. The bad thing is that these types of indoor roller skate wheels don’t grip as well indoors since there’s not much friction when on smooth surfaces like wood floors which have more give to it than concrete or asphalt outside.

What Causes Wheels To Wear Out?

A few things can wear out your wheels, including old bearings that are not working well, low-quality urethane formula, or just skating too much and wearing the wheel down before it expires naturally.

Are These Wheels Delivered With the Bearings?

No, the bearings are not included with the wheels. The skates usually come with bearings and a set of wheels. You just need to change the wheels afterward, not the bearings.


All these wheels have different characteristics, but one thing they have in common is that they all have high quality and excellent performance. It can be challenging to choose a specific one from them.

However, we want to refer Radar Wheels – Halo – Roller Skate Wheels – 4 Pack of 38mm x 59mm Wheels as the best roller skate wheels for indoor. Why? Because these wheels are neither too big nor too small, and they are excellent in quality as well. They are very smooth to use and long-lasting. They come in different colors for you to choose the perfect one.

The Radar Wheels are the best for indoor use. However, you can buy either of them if you want to.

Let’s Check Our Best Pick:

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Sonar Wheels - Zen - Quad Roller Skate Wheels - 4 Pack...

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