Best Scroll Frame for Cross Stitch

Cross stitches are one of the best ways to show the prowess of a person who is indulged in stitching. But some accessories are most needed to make the entire process go according to the user’s requirement. In this case, the scroll frame is crucial, without which cross stitching will not be adequately accomplished. A scroll frame is a wooden structure that helps to keep the cloth in position and tightly holds the entire setup.

Best Scroll Frame For Cross Stitch

For our readers’ better convenience today, we are going to exhibit the five best scroll frame for cross stitch. Our research team shortlists these products, and the process was very hard due to the availability of similar products in the market. We will provide a full description of these products and help you choose the best one for your stitching purposes. So without enhancing the discussion, let us go through the product description.

Top 5Best Scroll Frame For Cross Stitch List

Frank A. Edmunds Split Rail Scroll Frame Set

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Frank A. Edmunds Split Rail Scroll Frame Set,2800

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The first product that wants to discuss is a high-quality scroll frame produced by Frank A. Edmunds. This is the most durable scroll frame from our list, and the manufacturer is always sincere in using the best materials for this product. This will be an ideal stitching tool for people who are much enthusiastic about sewing. This is a split rail scroll frame, and the dimension of this frame is laudable. There are tow six inches and nine inches spreader rails provided with this frame.

There are also strong dowels provided for splitting the rails, and you will get three such dowels, which will measure twelve inches, eighteen inches, and twenty-four inches, respectively. This will allow you to get all the scroll frame sizes, and the attachment of the cloth for stitching will be vital. You can use this scroll frame for multiple usages. This scroll frame will work for cross stitch. You can also use this scroll frame for needlepoint and crewel stitching.

Besides, the person who loves embroidery can use this scroll frame for extensive scale work. This scroll frame will tightly hold the cloth, and the accuracy of the stitching will be increased. The split rail dowels provided with the product will let you insert the clothes quickly. The wood used for this scroll frame is very rugged. It will be much flexible while stitching, and the best feature of this product is the long-lasting durability. This will amuse the buyers.


  • This product is made of strong quality wood
  • This product will remain tight to the frame
  • The dimension of this product is highly suitable
  • You can easily extend and insert cloths in the frame
  • The dowels are much flexible for usage


  • The nut and bolts of this product should be made more rigid.

Needlepoint Embroidery Tapestry Scroll Frame

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Needlepoint Embroidery Tapestry Scroll Frame

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The next product we want to state is another top-class scroll frame manufactured by All About Embroidery UA. This product is highly compatible with the people who are more into embroidery. But the people who love regular stitching can also use this scroll frame. Sometimes the users face difficulties with the dimension of the frame. For this reason, the company has designated four different sizes of this frame.

You will quickly get the opportunity to attach all the clothes in the scroll frame and fluently continue the work. Now comes the materials that are used for manufacturing this product. The company uses beech wood for the main construction, and the quality of the wood is premium. The woods are highly polished, and the company eliminates the roughness from the surface of the wood. And this material harmless to your hand.

The complete attachment policy of this product is very rigid. There are plastic holders provided with the scroll board. This allows the user to insert and dismantle the scroll frame easily. And there is also anti-skid material used for this product. This helps to maintain the balance of the scroll frame properly while performing the stitch. You can efficiently perform bead embroidery with this frame. Quilt and crewel needlework is also possible with this product.


  • High-quality beech wood is used for the main construction frame.
  • The frame has plastic holders attached for rigidity.
  • The frame is ha anti-skid materials included in the construction.
  • Fixing the canvas for stitching is very straightforward.


  • The weight of this product is quite more than regular frames.

Goncharoff Tapestry Scroll Embroidery Frames

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GONCHAROFF Tapestry Scroll Embroidery Frames from Organic Beech; with– 3 Variations of...

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Next, we want to enlighten another scroll frame, which a top-class product on our list. Goncharoff manufactures this product. This product is very durable, and the construction of this product is done with beech wood. Organic beech is used for this product, and this wood is slightly different from regular beech wood. This wood has more natural ingredients included as the core composition.

For the convenience of the users, there are three different variations of sizes produced by this company. This helps to assist the entire stitching process, and you will also feel the smooth edges of the frame while working. The manufacturer has the assurance that the wood is splinter-free, so long-term use is always possible, and there will be no cracks formed in the frame. This frame will provide the most precious stitching.

This product will provide a high level of sturdiness, and all the stitches will be adequately fit on the cloth, and the whole tapestry will be perfect. There are rounded clamps provided at the ends of the frame, this helps the easy attachment, and the tightness of the structure is checked correctly. There are always high tension abilities provided in this product, and there will be no damage to the clothes while using this product.


  • The product provides high rigidity to the clothes.
  • This product has rounded clamps for attaching the clothes.
  • The product used organic beech wood, which helps to make the product sturdy.
  • There are three size variations available for this product.


  • There are some attachment issues faced while using large needlepoint canvas.

F.A. Edmunds Mini Cross Stitch Scroll Frame

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F.A. Edmunds Mini Cross Stitch Embroidery Split Rail Scroll Frame - 4"X6"

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The third product we want to discuss is a top-class scroll frame manufactured by F.A Edmunds. This is a mini cross stitch scroll frame, but you can easily use it for embroidery and other purposes. The dimension of this product will easily suit such options. The construction of this product is quite different from the conventional scroll frames. The company has used two wood designs for manufacturing this product.

There is two parallel wood for the frame, which is cut in rectangle shape, keeping a hollow portion at both ends. These open ends are used for inserting the spherical wooden frames. The hollow frames can be adjusted, and as per the user’s requirement, the structure can be tightened. This is one of the core advantages of this product. And there are also split clips connected at the four ends of the frame, which helps adjust the dimension.

Another important aspect of this product is the variations in sizes. There are four different sizes of frames that are produced and sold in the market. This helps our users get the best one for their embroidery work. The product is much durable, and good quality wood is used for the entire construction. There is no possibility of cracking between the woods, and the tightening process will not damage the whole frame.


  • The product has a rugged construction.
  • For adjusting the dimension, clips are provided at the corners.
  • The wood used in the structure does not crack easily.
  • Handling of the product is much easy and affordable.


  • Sometimes, the corner screws get jammed due to rough usage.

Edmunds HC-820 Hand Clamp Scroll Frame

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Edmunds HC-820 Handi Clamp Scroll Frame, 8 by 20-inch, 8" x 20",...

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$24.99 $35.99

The final addition to our list is the premium quality scroll frame. Edmunds produced this. This product is one of the best because the people who have already sued this product have given a positive review of its total construction. They have highly praised the overall rigidity of the product, and they are also much happy with the service of the product. Your stitching will be very accurate by using this product.

The materials used for the making of this product are quite sturdy. The conventional scroll frames use beech wood for the production, but this company has used hardwood for the structure. This material makes the frame more robust, and pressurizing the frame while working will never bend e the wood. The frame’s dimension is quite suitable for the users, and there twenty-four inches of gap between the panels, which is enough.

The woods are appropriately sanded, and there is a two-layer coating provided on the wood balls at the corners. This makes the texture smooth, and handling the product will be easy for the user. The hardwood parts are much durable, and there is also a stretching facility provided for the product. This product can accomplish all types of stitching.


  • The material sued for the construction process is hardwood.
  • There is tow layer coating on the wood surface
  • The dimension of the product is suitable for the users
  • The full frame is highly durable and will remain aloof from damage.


  • The frame sometimes slips due to the smooth surface. Griping should be increased.

 What Are Cross Stitch Frames?

Cross stitch frames are a type of equipment that is used for holding and displaying cross stitches. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit different needs.

Cross stitching can be done on any fabric or material, but the most common ones have been produced using linen as it stands out better against other fabrics when machine-stitched with bold colors such as reds, yellows, or blues.

What Are Cross Stitch Frames

To hold these delicate items upright after they have been stitched onto the frame, there will either be one large hoop at the back that holds each side securely together so that no movement occurs while you’re working – this design is often called an “open stretcher.” Thus, these frames can easily be moved around if needed without having to be disassembled.

What is Open Stretcher Design in Cross Stitch?

Open Stretcher Design is a type of cross stitch that has an open framework. This means the fabric or canvas is not tacked to a frame but lays flat on its back and remains in place due to gravity.

The embroidery stitches are worked through both sides of the material to keep it stable during use. Another popular example of Open-Stitch design is counted thread work such as needlepoint and petit point tapestry needles.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Open Stretcher Design in a Scroll Frame? 

Some people prefer to use an open stretcher over other types. What advantages do they have and what type should you buy? Find out here! Read on below to find out more about why this kind might be better than another, how it’s designed, its pros and cons, and where you can buy one online.

The Benefits: Some people like that it encourages them to work upwards from the bottom left corner instead of down from the top right corner (which many designs require). It also gives beginners who may not know which stitches go with symbols an easier way to tackle projects without feeling like they’re doing anything incorrectly.

The Design: It’s designed to be more flexible and able to fit a wider variety of projects, something that other types can’t always do as well. This is because the stretcher arms are less rigid than in traditional frames; it also doesn’t require additional hardware like clamps or wedges on top of what you need for your project itself, so there’s less chance of parts being lost when not needed.

What Makes Up A Scroll Frame For Cross-Stitching?

A scroll frame for cross stitching is one of the most important tools you will need to succeed with your project. It may seem like a strange object, but it serves an essential purpose that can’t always be replaced by something else.

You will use this as the framework or the foundation for all of your work, and any mistakes made here will show up at every stage of crafting unless you fix them.

What Makes Up A Scroll Frame For Cross-Stitching

For instance, if you make a mistake while crocheting, then chances are good that there won’t affect anything noticeable until after finishing when you sew everything together inside the scroll frame.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize their error until they have gone through all the work to sew the piece together, only to find a hole or some other issue. This can be avoided if you are careful with your work and measure everything correctly before starting any of it.

You will get the best quality scroll frame for cross stitching by paying close attention during every step in this process so that nothing goes wrong later down the road.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Scroll Frame for Cross Stitch

The people who love stitching are eager to buy the best accessories for their work, but the abundance of the different manufacturers in the market can confuse the buyers. The scroll frame is also such an accessory that should be bought with proper guidance. The entire expenditure might turn into wastage. For this reason, we have shortlisted some aspects which will allow the buyer to get the best scroll frame for cross stitch. These aspects are stated below.

Size of the Frame

The most vital aspect that the buyers should judge before buying the scroll frame is the frame’s size. This is the panel dimension because all the cross stitching does not include the same size of the cloth. The stitch is always done centering a specific portion of the fabric. For this reason, the dimension of the panel should match the size of the cloth. There are variations in sizes available in the market for the scroll frames, so you can buy the one you prefer most.


The more this developed, the better features it got and easier and time saving it has become to operate. So before you go on a search for the best compact taser, you need to think about a few things and keep those in mind, especially if you are new in using a taser.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Scroll Frame for Cross Stitch

How to Use Cross Stitch Frames?

If you are a beginner to cross stitch, the use of frames can be quite confusing. However, there are many different types and sizes available for purchase that will make this process easier on your part. To find out what is best for you, consider where or how you plan on using it before picking a frame size.

How to Use Cross Stitch Frames

The smaller ones usually have pre-stitched designs included as well, which would work perfectly if all you want is an easy way to start stitching up some projects without having the hassle of finding patterns yourself! If not, then larger scroll frames might suit your needs better because they provide more space when designing large patterns in mind.

Is Cross Stitch the Same as Needlework?

Cross stitch is the most popular form of needlework in America. It has been around for over 100 years, and it’s not going away anytime soon!- The term “needlework” covers a broad range of craft techniques, including crochet, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, and embroidery.

Needlework encompasses more than just sewing; these crafts are often created by hand using needles or pins to fabric pieces with stitches – either as appliques on top of other fabrics or sewn into place.

What to do when the fasteners are jammed?

All apparatus have their specific workability period ad after that particular time frame. There might be some problems with the machine. The same goes for the fasteners attached to the scroll frame. The pins are metal, so if they get jammed, you should always use some oil to clear the jam. This will be much beneficial, and the rust on the metal will also be eliminated. In this way, you can again use the scroll frame properly.

How to keep the wood fresh for the scroll frame?

Scroll frames are manufactured using high-quality wood. Most of the companies use beech wood for this process, but there some products which have hardwood. The category of wood is not a prime issue for the frame. Environmental facts should be appropriately checked. For protecting the quality of the wood used in the frame, you must keep the structure inside the closet after use. Keeping the frame open to air will cause damage to the wood.


In conclusion, we would like to state that the scroll frames we have mentioned here will surely help the users have the proper stitching experience. For a better choice of the buyers, we prefer the Frank A. Edmunds Split Rail Scroll Frame Set. This product uses the best quality wood for constructing the entire frame. Besides, there is also an easy stretching option in this frame. The wood’s texture will not disappoint the user, and the cloth will remain tightly connected at the edges. So we hope the list of top five best scroll frame for cross stitch has been beneficial. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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