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Kombucha is one of the popular fermented drinks consumed for thousands of years. Although they aren’t probiotics, they actually work like them. A perfect kombucha has more significant benefits for your health. And their taste is far better than any other beverages out there. You will definitely fall in love with its taste. So how to make a cup of perfect kombucha tea? But for that, you have to first ensure the best tea for kombucha. Well, that’s where the task becomes a bit complicated. As there are several types of teas in the market, how would you know which one is appropriate for kombucha? Let’s do the job. We know what exactly you want. So, come with us and let’s find you the best tea for kombucha.

Who doesn’t like to have tea? Probably, there’s no one. And it is the most famous drink out there. However, due to their extreme popularity, there is a wide variety of tea in the market. Kombucha is another popular beverage, and when it is combined with tea, you’ll surely get a heavenly taste. Honestly, a particular sip of a perfect kombucha tea will always remember. Maybe you are lucky enough to enjoy the sip, so why not make some kombucha tea in your home? As we have mentioned above, you will first need to find the best tea for kombucha. And for that, we have made the selection and listed them according to their popularity below. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best Tea for Kombucha List

Honestly, it was the hardest task we have ever done. There are thousands of options out there, and that’s why we have taken the help of some key features. These are the top five products that have got all those features and proven to be the best of the best out there.


Assam Black Tea Leaves

Our review list starts with the Assam Black Tea Leaves. This particular tea is one of the finest teas out there. Wanna why? The tea is made from the garden-fresh loose leaf of tea, which is naturally grown in Assam's gardens. That’s why you will surely get the unmatched taste from every particular sip of this tea. The tea is packed appropriately with its freshness and shipped directly from India. So, you will get superior freshness from the tea. You can make your unique black tea with this product, or you can add milk to it and kick start every morning.   

By the way, it is also a suitable item for serving as hot or iced tea, and most importantly, it is a perfect item for making the best tasting kombucha. That’s exactly what you have been looking for. However, Assam is actually a well-known place for producing the finest black teas in the entire world. So, the tea leaves of this place will be better than any other places for sure. Besides, the manufacturer picks every particular leaf carefully with their workers. And for doing that, they ensure a unique supply chain module. As a result, you will surely get the freshest teas. However, if you aren’t pleased with its taste, you can feel free to return it. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee with this tea.


  • Made from the garden-fresh loose tea leaves
  • Manufactured in Assam
  • 100% natural and organic
  • One of the freshest teas out there
  • Packed explicitly for maintaining the freshness
  • Perfect for making kombucha and several other teas
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some of the customers said that there is a lack of maltiness
  • Some of them find it a bitter aftertaste


Prince of Peace Tea

We have got the Prince of Peace Teas in the second position of our list. Prince of Peace is one of the renowned names out there. It has made its debut for producing high-quality products in the market. And that’s why it has been a trustworthy name out there. The brand actually focuses on organically making its products. This particular tea is not an exception to that. Each of the leaves of this tea is 100% organic that are selected from the highest quality tea leaves. The tea leaves are usually collected from Yunnan, which is also a renowned area for cultivating tea plants. So, like the previous one, you will also be able to get the heavenly taste from this tea.

If you got any concerns about its organic components, stay relaxed. It is because the tea is certified to organic by ICO, USA, and ECOCERT. This means you can fully rely on this product without any hesitation. The rich flavor and soothing aroma of this tea have made it stand out amongst others. Its anti-oxidant properties are actually responsible for that. These anti-oxidants also contribute to several benefits. As a result, you will get benefited from both sides. Great taste with health benefits, sounds interesting, right? Moreover, it will also help you in losing your weight.  


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • 100% organic
  • Certified by USA, ICO, and ECOCERT
  • Delivers a rich flavor with a soothing aroma
  • Filled with healthy anti-oxidants
  • Has a hint of sweetness


  • The flavor is too strong for some people
  • Some bags come with less tea.


Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags 20-count Boxes

Next, we have got the Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags 20-Count Boxes. It offers a smooth flavor that you would definitely like to expect from the tea. The unique thing about this tea is that it can be paired with many other meals. Yes, you can surely do that, its consistent mellow notes will blend it perfectly with the meals and enhance the overall taste of them. This means you can add this tea with your kombucha and enjoy the enhancement. So, bring this tea, brew a pot of kombucha, and make every occasion memorable.

The good thing about this tea is that they are always found to be wrapped in foil pouches. And that’s why it delivers peak flavor and freshness for ensuring the enjoyment with every single sip. Besides, the brand has a rich history of delivering premium tea since 1945. This is why you will get uncompromised quality with accurate taste. This tea is completely free of GMO, gluten, calorie, and kosher. Even it is certified for avoiding those components. So, it is completely safe to take this tea. And by doing that it will also provide you with several health benefits. By the way, the tea is completely made in the USA.


  • The bags are individually wrapped in foil pouches
  • Offers rich flavor with the added aroma
  • Made in America
  • Great to pair with any meals
  • Delivers uncompromised quality
  • Free of all sorts of harmful elements


  • Customers raised questions about its being organic
  • The tea bag materials are relatively thin, which may rip eventually.


Bigelow Organic Green Tea Bags

Due to the consistency and popularity, we have selected another Bigelow product on our list. It is the Bigelow Organic Green Tea Bags. Only the black teas aren’t suitable for making kombucha, you can make better tasting kombucha with green teas too. Besides, some of us also prefer green teas more than black teas because of their decent taste. If you like to enhance that taste with kombucha then this item is only for you. Customers may have raised questions on the organic part of the previous tea, but they wouldn’t be able to do that with this green tea for sure. Let’s see why!

Unlike most other tea in the market, this tea is completely organic and loaded with healthy antioxidants. This means you will be able to treat your health with the benefit of organic components through this tea. And due to that, every sip will become a reason for celebration. The green teas actually have the lower use of caffeine compared to black teas. Besides, it tastes better than black teas. As a result, you will be able to enjoy its fresh and delicate flavor from this tea without having any concerns about the harmful ingredients. The tea is manufactured in the USA and maintains the premium quality of Bigelow. So, you can fully rely on this product.


  • Packed with healthy anti-oxidants
  • Offers fresh and delicate flavor
  • Made in America
  • Uncompromised quality
  • 100% organic
  • Contains a lower amount of caffeine compared to black teas


  • Some of the customers complained that the tea is weak
  • The teabags are relatively small
  • Sometimes it may leak.


Uncle Lee's Tea- Organic White Tea

After that, we have got the Uncle Lee's Tea- Organic White Tea. This time we have got something special. Do you know that you can also make the best testing kombucha with the white teas? Yes, you can surely do that, but for that, you have to find something accurate. If you are looking for the best white tea for kombucha, you can undoubtedly pick this item. It is because the tea is organically cultivated in the mountains of Fujian. And are packed naturally with the utmost freshness. This is why you will get an unparalleled taste. In fact, mount fuji is also renowned for tea cultivation.

If you have planned to amaze your friends with kombucha tea, then don’t forget to brew this tea. The tea can be easily brewed with kombucha, and once you have completed the brewing, you will undoubtedly get the best testing kombucha. Thus, there will be many praiseworthy complements for your kombucha tea. Isn’t that the thing which you have always wanted to have? As the tea is 100% organic, you will surely gain some health benefits. The most important is that the tea contains a low amount of caffeine compared to the traditional black teas. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any toxic elements that can impact your negatively throughout the usage. You can also serve the tea in both hot and cold conditions. All these beneficial things with a better taste will obviously give you a great value of your invested money.


  • 100% organic
  • Great for mixing with kombucha
  • Naturally sourced from mountains of Fujian
  • Tea is grown without pesticides
  • Contains 100 tea bags per box
  • Offers a complex and mildly sweet tastes


  • The packaging is a bit hard to open
  • Like the previous one, this tea is also weak.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tea for Kombucha

So, how to find the best tea for kombucha? As we have mentioned above, you have to first ensure some key components before making the selection. Those components are mainly responsible for making the tea best and useable with kombucha. We did the same before putting the above products on our list. Do you want to learn the process? Now that you have come this far, let’s have a discussion on them.



Although it is a tea, it can have both negative and positive impact on your body. This is why you have to pay good attention to the ingredients which have been used while making the tea. In this case, you must choose the 100% organic ingredients. It is also recommended, indeed. Don’t know if you have noticed or not. Every product in the above list contains organic ingredients. The tea materials of those products are collected from naturally grown tea trees and packaged properly with full of freshness. That’s why you will get the natural taste of tea through that tea. The organic ingredient of the tea will provide you with several healthy facts. With them, you will feel more energetic and be able to acquire some healthy components. In fact, their taste will be far better than ordinary teas. So, it will be better if you choose from there.

However, if you bring something else that doesn’t have organic ingredients, bringing them will be a waste of your money. They may taste better, but honestly, consuming them may lead you to several health issues. Thus, you may have to end up paying some hospital charges. So, avoid them and make sure to check for the organic components of a tea.


Non-toxic Material

This one is really very important. But if you can ensure the organic components keep your self free from the use of these abusive materials. The toxic materials mean gluten, pesticides, artificial flavor, etc. Besides, farmers are often found to be using harmful pesticides for acquiring the best possible results from the plant. But by taking these elements, a lot can significantly harm your body. The added flavor may taste better, but those are not ideal for our health. That’s why you should avoid those products that use toxic materials. Even you should avoid the use of pesticides too. You can simply pick the best tea for kombucha from the above list to get rid of the toxic materials.


Benefits of Consuming Kombucha

Well, there are lots of benefits if you consume kombucha on a daily basis. Above all, it maintains the digestive process in a better way and ensures a proper digestive system. You may have used different types of probiotics for acquiring a healthy digestive system. But if you make kombucha, you won’t have to take those probiotics anymore. It’s because there are some high levels of probiotics included in kombucha. Not only that, but you will also get a considerable amount of amino acids and enzymes. This means you will get a perfect aid for your gut and prevent all types of stomach diseases through this.

According to several types of research, the effectiveness of kombucha in preventing stomach ulcers was proven in many patients. Moreover, it aids the cell damages and enhances the immune system of our body. It also prevents several types of infections that can cause cancer. So, drinking kombucha will genuinely the ideal thing if you want to acquire all these benefits and lead a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Tea for Kombucha


Which One is Better for Kombucha, Green or Black Tea?

Well, it completely depends on your taste. Black tea is loved for its intensity, so if you like the intense flavor in your kombucha, you should use black tea with it. On the other hand, green tea is lighter than black tea due to the lower amount of caffeine, it can also provide you with a better taste.


Are These Tea Bags Non-irradiating Organic?

Yes, the bags are also organic and don’t contaminate the elements inside of it.


If you want to enjoy every occasion with something healthy and better tasting, nothing will be as great as a kombucha tea. So, get the best tea for kombucha from the above list and enjoy the occasion to the fullest.   

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