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Weber 17142 Cherry Wood Chunks

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Are you looking for some wood to make smoking beef jerky? Well, you arrived at the perfect place as we are ready to provide you with a guideline on finding the best wood for smoking beef jerky.

Whether you are camping or having an outside party, most of the time, you will arrange something that will include making smoking or roasting meat. So, if you are a lover of smoked beef jerky, then it is indeed a must-have item in your occasion.

If you are ready with all the ingredients, you will need only to make sure that the cooking procedure is ready. And that will include having a smoker with wooden chunks for burning up your meat. The thing is that these wooden chunks come in various forms and types, and it gets a tough time finding a suitable one.

For all for you struggling, we found the top five products available online for you to purchase. We gathered up all the information with some tips for you. So, without further ado, let's see what we got for you.

Top 5 Best Wood for Smoking Beef Jerky List


Weber 17142 Cherry Wood Chunks

The first product from our list is going to be the Weber 17142 Cherry Wood Chunks.
Making your beef jerky, you will need to combine the perfect ingredients, and among the elements, your cooking material is also included. This Weber Cherry Wood Chunks will be one of your best mates when you are about to smoke your foods.

The cherry wood chunks come in great shape and will not require you to do the additional work of cutting them in places. Even though the sizes of the chunks may vary, the average measurement will be something like 2 inches wide, 2 inches height, and about 1.5 inches to 3 inches long. As much as the dimension of the chunks in a great requirement, surely Weber's one should be okay with everything.

When you use these wooden chunks for cooking your food, you will get a subtle fruity scent that has a mixture of sweetness to it. Weber offers you a few different flavors: apple, hickory, mesquite, pecan, and cherry. You will get 350 cu in one bag, and that should run for a long time and how can we not mention, it is also very affordable.


  • Has different flavor
  • Has a subtle fruity and sweet scent
  • Good shape chunks
  • 350 cu in one bag
  • Affordable


  • Some of the reviews complained that some of the pieces are very small


Camerons Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Alder Wood Smoking Chips

For the next products, we got the Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Alder Wood Smoking Chips.

The best thing about this sawdust wood chips is that they come in a bucket container with a resealable option. That is a lot helpful as you will not have to worry about storing and sealing as the other products come in a packet. The container will make things much convenient for you.

With one of these buckets, you can at least yield approximately 30 smoker's and that's a lot and will go for a long time. The chips are raw timber with the dried kiln. Everything in this pack is 100% natural. The chips will ignite very quickly and create a very soothing flavor. The smoke is perfect for cooking poultry, seafood, lamb, cheese, and pork. The flavor it serves goes well with steak, as many customers said.


  • Comes in a resealable bucket
  • Yields up to 30 smokers'
  • 100% natural raw timber and dried kiln
  • Smokey flavored 


  • The buckets are not as big as some of the customers thought


Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks

The next product we got for you is the Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks.

This product is another excellent addition to our list for being a great performer! Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks will offer you three different flavors. It comes in apple, hickory, and mesquite, you got to choose whichever you like.

The chunks will burn very quickly and will last for a long time. The infusing is going to create a great taste in the meats. You can use charcoal with a combination of these smokers' chunks to create a fantastic flavor. These chunks can burn for a long time to make your grills cook for as long as you like.

They are ideal for cooking poultry, meats, vegetable, and fishes. Every ingredient used in this product is made out of natural materials. You will get 8lb of the product with 560 cubic inches chunks, which is an excellent option for everyone. 


  • Comes in three different products
  • Easy to burn and last for a long time
  • Creates a fantastic flavor with charcoal
  • Comes in a pack of 8lbs


  • A lot of people showed their disappointment due to not getting 8lbs accurately.


Wood Fire Grilling Co. Cherry Wood Chunks for Smoking

The final product from our list of the best wood for smoking beef jerky is the Cherry Wood Chunks for Smoking.

With this pack, you are going to get 10 pounds of wood chunks for your smoking session. The chunks are made out of cherry woods that are a favorite of a lot of people when making their smoke beef jerky. The chunks are all made out of 100% raw wood with no bark, insects, or any foreign elements.

The wood chunks are going to create the perfect smoking experience you will have. It will provide your food with a pleasant smell of cherry. The flavor is excellent for cooking poultry, chicken, and almost everything you want. The product is made in the certified food-safe facilities so you can be assured that they are safe for your use.


  • Cherry wood chunks
  • Comes in 10 pounds pack
  • It will last for a long time.
  • Does not contain any unwanted foreign particles
  • Has a smokey flavor
  • Made in certified food-safe facilities 


  • A lot pricier than the other products


Zorestar Apple wood chunks for smokers

The next product will be the Applewood chunks for smokers.

This pack of smoke wood will come in a weight of 15 lbs, and that is a lot for the price it is offering you. The woods are known to be applewood chunks that are perfect for cooking or smoking your poultry, beef, pork, salmon, or anything that you need. The woods will give you a delicate smokey flavor that will taste the best with your food.

The size of the wood chunks that you will get is about 2 to 3 inches in measurement. You can use them for your smokers or even in your charcoal grills. The ingredients used to make these products are all-natural, and there is no added chemical to it. It is also safe for your health as it was treated with pesticides before storing it. 


  • Made of applewood
  • It comes in a pack of 15 lbs.
  • Has a smokey flavor
  • All-natural ingredients and no chemical added
  • Treated with pesticides to make safe 


  • The chunks are considered to be small for some people

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Wood for Smoking Beef Jerky

There will always be some things you need to consider when you are trying to purchase something. You probably will read through all the information about the product, but sometimes you need to look out of it and see if everything will be set.

We have already shown you our top five wood for smoking your best beef jerky. But before you can select, we will like to mention the few things to keep in mind during the purchasing. 



One of the first things you would love to consider before buying is what flavor the wood will offer you. The character is extremely important for making beef jerky, as the flavor is going to contribute to your jerky taste. It may be a minor thing for some people, but sometimes you need to make sure that you are getting a suitable one.



The next thing you have to look for in the package is the measurement of chunks. Some of the products will come with more significant pieces, while others will have small and sometimes even sawdust. I believe it depends on the cookers themselves to choose, which will suit their cooking style the most.



The next thing you should consider is the price. These wooden chunks shouldn't cost you a lot, but some of the products will come with a high price. But there are other options available for you to choose as an affordable product. You better consider them.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Wood for Smoking Beef Jerky


Do the Wooden Chunks Free of Chemicals?

The ones we have mentioned are free of chemicals.


Can I Use Wood With Charcoal?


Yes, you can mix them up.


That was all from our guideline on finding the best wood for smoking beef jerky. We can only hope you will be benefitted from our article. If you cannot decide, we will tell you to go with Weber 17142 Cherry Wood Chunks, which stood out the most to us.

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