Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Lipsticks are one of the essential parts of female attire. Women are much sincere about using lipsticks in their everyday life. Besides, there is always a matchmaking factor that becomes associated with using lipsticks. There are thousands of shades available in the market, which lets the people obtain varieties of choosing an option. For this reason, there is always a confusion created while buying the lipsticks among the womenfolk.

Another essential aspect that is related to using lipsticks is the composition and the design of the lipstick. Some people choose to use regular lipsticks over the glossy ones. And there is also some folk who want to use the matte shades over the standard shades. So these are quite important for the manufacturers. Based on these issues, the lipsticks' production is manipulated; this creates a separate selling purpose in the market.

Colourpop lipsticks are manufactured, keeping all these in mind, and they have varieties of shades, including gloss and matte finishes. This will be much advantageous for the buyers because they can easily buy according to their choice. The tone of the skin is not at all a significant fact for this case. Especially for the people who are dark-skinned can make the best use of these shades. They can quickly grab the exact lipstick, which will suit their outlook.

For your readers' best concern, we have shortlisted the five best Colourpop lipsticks for dark skin, which will be very helpful for you while buying the same lipstick for your lips. You will get a proper assessment of these products, and our research team has been much efficient in marking out the advantages and disadvantages of these products. We assure you that our today's discussion will surely help you in decision making. The products are discussed below.

Top 5 Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin List


Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Bumble)

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Our first product from the list is a top-class Colourpop lipstick. This shade is much suitable for all skins. The composition of this product is very useful for users. This lipstick will provide an ultra-matte look to the lips. And for the people who are much sincere for their skin, this product is safe. This will create a contrast with the skin tone that you will love. And you will also become a fan of this product once you start using it.

The lipstick is highly pigmented. For this reason, you do not have to apply a hefty amount of this to your lips. You can easily use a small amount, and it will be long-lasting. Ultra-matte liquid lipstick is thin. And the formula of this product is specifically designed for being lightweight. This will quickly get attached to your lips, and you will feel the intense pigment on your lips vividly. One of the core advantages of this product is the long-wearing and hundred percent non-transferrable texture.

This means the lipstick will not place shade on the gals that you are using. There two shades that are available for this product. You can go for the pink shade or the red shade. This is dependent on the choice of the customer. This lipstick is composed of organic materials, and silica is one of the core components. There is also diisopropyl dimer and isododecane included in this product. Altogether, this makes a perfect composition for your glowing your lips.


  • This product is highly pigmented
  • The ingredients are not harmful to the skin
  • The product is non-transferrable
  • The product is much thinner in consistency
  • The product is long-wearing


  • Some customers have complained that the color of the packaging does not match the shade of the product.


Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix (Cami)

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Our second product from the list is another matte lipstick from Colourpop. This is a super-quality lipstick that is manufactured, giving sole priority to the users' expectations. This lipstick contains an ultra-matte finish. This helps to make your skin feel comfortable, and the product will remain steady at your lips. The product is manufactured with vitamins essential for the user's skin, and there is also Shea butter in the product.

You can quickly obtain this product, and the product's cost is well within reach of the customer. The ingredients of this product are much useful for the user. There is ample vitamin in the product, and there is also mango and avocado included as the constituent of the product. These elements make the product suitable for the skin of the users. The Shea butter that is used in the composition provides extra comfort and moisture to the lips.

This is much beneficial to reduce the dryness of the lips. There is no inclusion of harmful elements in this product. There is a strict company prohibition on using parabens or sulfates. The product is specially manufactured for the dark skin, and the lipstick is lightweight. This product's net weight is much less, and there is only one shade available for this product. The users can quickly grab the pink shade, and it will suit their lips very much.


  • The product has a unique composition.
  • The product will provide a velvety feel to the lips.
  • The product is enriched with vitamins.
  • The product is much less in terms of weight.


  • Some customers have complained that the product should increase the shades.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Tulle)

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Our third addition is a super quality lipstick, which is basically ultra-matte. This Colourpop lipstick is liquid, and you can easily apply it to your lips. This the boldest matte finish manufactured by this company. You will quickly get the best matte finish to your skin, which will profoundly go with your attire. This lipstick dries out much quicker compared to the other lipsticks by a similar brand.

The lipstick will provide a smooth swipe while applying to your lips. One of the best features of this product is that it is transfer-proof. And once you use this lipstick on your lips, it will be stable for a long time. This product's shade is deep and dusty burgundy; this will suit any dark color attire that you wear.


  • The lipstick is much easy to apply
  • The cost of the lipstick is relatively low
  • The product contains essential ingredients
  • The shade of this product goes with dark color attires


  • Some customers have complained that this shade does not suit light color clothes.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Avenue)

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Our second last product is top-notch liquid lipstick. The main feature of this lipstick is the ultra-matte finish that will enlighten your whole outlook. You can easily apply this liquid lipstick, and when it dries off, you will obtain an excellent look for your lips. There are two shades available for these lipsticks, which are brick red and dark.

You can choose any one that you want with your attire. The net weight of this product is much less. One of the most important aspects before applying this lipstick is to keep your lips dry, and you must use lip primer for the best result. The product is a hundred percent kiss-proof, so you do not have to worry about transferring the lipstick.


  • The product has two unique shades.
  • The product is rich in vitamins.
  • The product will surely enhance your entire outlook.
  • The lipstick provides a bold look to the user.


  • Some customers complained that the product is much difficult to remove after use.


Colourpop Disney Designer Collection Creme Lux Lipstick - Cinderella

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Our final product from the list is a traditional lipstick, manufactured by the same company. You must be well aware of these lipsticks because they are sold in an orthodox manner. You can quickly get a proper creamy lux finish from this lipstick, and you can also take it off quickly. There is one shade available for this product, which is the pink shade.

The product has a unique composition, and sometimes there is a confusion among the buyers about the ingredients used for the production. We assure you that there is no animal fat included in this product, and the product is vegan. The company has strict prohibition for making the product devoid of harmful components.


  • The product has a long-lasting effect
  • The product is vegan and oil-free
  • The product is much easy to apply
  • The product is non transferrable.


  • Some customers have complained that the product is overpriced.

What Are Colourpop Lipsticks?

Colourpop is an American cosmetics company based in Los Angeles. The makeup line initially launched with a range of cruelty-free, vibrant lipsticks and has since expanded to include other products like mascara, highlighter palettes, and liquid eyeshadow.

What Are Colourpop Lipsticks

How to Adjusting Lip Color for Dark Skin?

The first thing you need to do is choose the right shade. The best way to do this is by figuring out your undertone or skin color's tone. There are three different types of undertones: warm (golden), cool (purple/ blue), and neutral (pink).

To figure out which one you have, swatch some lipstick on your wrist, then compare it with white tissue paper in natural light. If the pigment moves towards red tones, then you're most likely wearing a warm undertone makeup; if it's more pinkish or purple-toned, that means there's probably a cooler undertone beauty product for you.

Finally, if it seems close to being brown-based but contains some red pigments, you might be a neutral-toned beauty. The second is to adjust the lip color to your skin tone. If it's lighter than me, I add some brown in my foundation or bronzer, for example, and blend it on top of my lips so that they look more natural.

This technique will also make dark lipstick shades appear brighter. For darker complexions, use an analogous shade like purple toned pink or blue-based berry colors, which are similar in-depth as your own complexion but have warm undertones – otherwise known as "warm" tones that complement all skin types (i.e., yellow/ orange) instead of cool ones (i.e., green).

Adding liners can help with this too. The third technique is to make sure you have a good base, such as a nude liner or lip balm, before applying any dark lipstick. I do this to give my lips more of an even surface so the color will look smoother and less patchy.

It also helps with dryness which can be common when wearing darker colors for long periods of time! The last tip is to use gloss on top of your finished look if desired; it's great for making these shades feel lighter at night without washing out your face entirely, like some matte formulas might do.

Is Colourpop Suitable for Dark Skin?

Colourpop lipsticks are not only available in a variety of colors but also come in different finishes. These include matte, satin, cream, and metallic. They have an extensive selection so that you can find your perfect shade for any occasion or event!

The formulas are long-wearing with high-intensity pigments to help make the lips pop without having to worry about smudging (even when drinking from a water bottle). Some people may think that they offer inexpensive products that aren't good quality, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

It's important to note that all their products don't work well on dark skin tones as they will emphasize dry patches while looking patchy due to patches or look too light and unnatural.

Which Lip Colour Suits Dark Skin?

A dark skin tone makes it difficult to find the right lipstick shade. Most of us have a dark olive complexion or deep brown skin, and only a few lipsticks are created for this particular type of color, but don't worry! There is still hope out there for you guys with darker skins. Here's our guide on finding your perfect match:

If you have an olive complexion, then choose shades like Poppin' (a pink hue), Pillow Talk (a dusty rose), or Lunch Money (a brick red). If you're more on the chocolate side, try Match Maker (deep blueberry) or Brinkley (burnt orange). A deep tan looks best in Peeper Creeper (a plum wine) and Play With Fire (a deep red).

If you have brown skin, try shades like Lumière (pinkish nude), Notion (dusty rose), or Kweenie (metallic bronze). For the darker girls out there, opt for Mami Wata (deep burgundy) and Ruby O'Hara. If you want a dark maroon color on your lips, then go with Gossip Girl or Woody.

Are Colourpop Lipsticks Matte?

ColourPop has a huge range of high-quality, long-wearing lipsticks and glosses. In this article, we're going to talk about the matte lipstick options they have for dark skin. While I would love to include many more here (because their liquid lipstick selection is amazing), it's worth noting that these are mattes!

A really nice thing about Colourpop's matte shades is how well they suit darker complexions because not all colors work on every person with varying degrees of pigmentation - but the popular browns do seem to be flattering regardless of your natural skin tone or undertone. Of course, no matter what you wear in the warmer months, it's always going to be a little more difficult when the sun is out.

How Long Colourpop Lipsticks Last?

One of the most common questions is about how long Colourpop lipsticks last. The truth is, it depends on a lot of things- from your skin type to what you're eating and drinking throughout the day. For this article, I will focus on just one aspect: whether or not you have dry lips.

Dry lips can make lipstick wear off more quickly than say if they're moist. If you have constantly chapped lips (most people with dark skin do), then you'll want to keep an eye out for my upcoming best color pop liquid lipsticks post because those tend to be better at staying put.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Having the right shade on your lips while you are out with your friends or for your work purposes is always essential. For this, the women folk takes up many lipsticks. For this reason, it is much necessary to have a good quality lipstick in your bag. The skin tone is not a fact because the main thing that you have to observe is the whole outlook that you are getting from the product you are using. We have already mentioned our best Colourpop lipsticks.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin

But there are certain things that you should remember before you are buying the desired lipstick. Because lipstick quality is essential for the skin's welfare, you must ensure the proper ingredients present in the lipstick and the product's compatibility to your skin. For this reason, we have shortlisted some essential points that will help you to but the best Colourpop lipstick for dark skin. The issues are discussed below.



The first aspect that you should judge before buying the lipstick is the pigment of the lipstick. Some lipsticks are highly pigmented. In these lipsticks, you have to use a minimal amount, and it will be long-lasting. And some lipsticks are not highly pigmented, these lipsticks can be easily worn, but you have to apply them in a high amount to your lips. So it is better to choose wisely before buying lipstick.



Another crucial aspect that you need to detect while buying lipstick in the shade of the product. All the shades are not compatible with the dark skin people. Because creating a color contrast is always essential for a better outlook. For this reason, you have to buy the best shade that will suit your skin and your attire. For your readers' better convenience, we suggest the matte shades, which will be suitable for the skin.



An element's ingredient is vital because there is always a compatibility issue connected with the lipstick composition. Many factors are used for the design of lipstick; among them, vitamins are much essential. It would be best if you bought the lipstick which consists ingredient which is suitable for the skin. There are some harmful elements which you should avoid while purchasing these lipsticks.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin


How to Apply These Lipsticks?

For applying these lipsticks, you will need a lip pencil. At first, you have to apply the lip pencil around the border of the lip. You must use the same shade of lip pencil for this step. Then you have to take the lipstick that you have bought and started applying them gently. You have to use the lipstick uniformly, and for the lipsticks which are highly pigmented, you must be careful while implementing them to your skin. In this way, you can apply the product to your lips.


Is It Necessary to Apply Lip Primer?

Lip primers are used as a layer of adhesive in the lips; it is used before applying the lipstick. Because applying a primer to the lips will provide a greater connection between the lipstick and the lips. But some lipsticks are not transferrable. This happens for the ingredient used in these lipsticks. For such products, you do not need to use a lip primer. You can directly apply them to your skin. So you must read the complete information before buying the product.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that all the Colourpop lipsticks we have mentioned here will surely benefit your skin. But more selectively, we prefer the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Bumble). This lipstick is highly pigmented, and the best feature of this product is the long-lasting effect on your lips. Besides, this product is not transferrable, and you can also get them at a reasonable price. Thus we hope that our list of the top Best Colourpop Lipsticks for Dark Skin has helped the users. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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