Best Shoes for Dancing On Concrete

Dancing is a form of art that is practiced by innumerable people around the world. To some people dancing is their primary way to earn a livelihood. It is a type of art which makes people lovely, and you can also earn much respect and fame via dancing. It is not an easy task to perform, to become a proper dancing a person needs years of practice starting from the juvenile stage, and once you have reached an apex, it is not a temporary event. It will be a lifelong achievement.

One of the essential parts of dancing is a costume, there are many forms of dances available, and people perform them in front of the mass. And for them to wear the perfect dress which will go with the theme of their dancing is much essential. We can say that costume is one of the most integral parts of a dance performance. There is variety included in it based on the performance category. The whole outlook of the performance depends on the dress.

Best Shoes for Dancing On Concrete

For this reason, the dancers must wear the perfect costume, which is suitable and safe to wear. One of the most crucial parts of the dance costume is shoes. This should be kept in mind that the shoes should always be comfortable with the dancing surface; it will slip and cause severe injury to the performers. Dancing on a concrete surface is quite tricky because it is much rough compared to other surfaces, so it is the performer’s sole duty to wear the correct shoes, which will match the body and make the dancer perform comfortably.

Assessing this situation, our team has shortlisted the five best shoes for dancing on concrete. This will be much beneficial for the performers because it will not allow them to slip while dancing and the grip of these shoes are firm. It will become their best companion to deliver an elite class performance to their audience. We have conducted an in-depth survey of these products, which will help you in decision making. So without making any further delay in our course, let us start evaluating the shoes for dancing on concrete floors.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Dancing On Concrete List

Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe

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Linodes (Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance...

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Our first product from the list is a high-quality dancing shoe manufactured by Linodes. These products are much qualified for use on the concrete floor. The shoe is based on pure leather, and the quality of the leather is much appreciable. There is an upper and arch insert design associated with this shoe. There is always a sole split feature available with this product, and then you will be able to obtain the EVA sole patch and heel.

The shoe is based on a fabric lining design; this will help maintain a perfect arrangement. Besides, this shoe’s heel is much less, and it helps to keep the dancer’s balance. You will get approximately half inches of a heel with this shoe. So you will get an adorable design and a flat heel which will provide you ease and comfort while dancing. You will also get color verities in these shoes.

Another essential feature of this product is the synthetic sole. The natural soles get eroded easily, and this creates a significant issue for the dancers. So synthetic soles will be much helpful in this regard, and it will also make the product long-lasting. This shoe will apply to both men and women, and you will also get all the sizes you want. So it will not be an issue for the user, and you can quickly wear them and get to work.


  • This product has high-quality leather
  • The shoe consists of synthetic sole
  • There is a split sole system in this product
  • The product has a fabric lining with a flat heel


  • Some customers have complained that the measuring of the shoes should be improved.

Theatricals Adult Lace-up Tap Shoes T9500

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Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500BLK06.5M Black 6.5 M US

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Our second product from the list is a top-class shoe which is manufactured by Theatricals. The main feature of this shoe is the advanced design of the shoe. Because all the other dancing shoes on our list are manufactured with an ordinary design, but this shoe is based on Oxford design, which is always adored by the dancers. This shoe provided more grip to the users.

This is a lace-up tap show which is consists of a screwed board. The heel of the shoe is always an essential issue for the dancers, and for this reason, the company has provided a heel counter for making the balance during the performance. There is also a non-slippery rubber patch attached to the shoe. This will be much helpful for dancing on the concrete floors.


  • The product is constructed using PU leather
  • The product has a classic oxford shape
  • The product has screwed top
  • The heel measurement is within the allowable limit


  • Some customers have complained that the product has a chemical smell from the sole.

Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dance Sneaker

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Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

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Our third addition to the list is an exclusive quality shoe that is manufactured by Capezio. The user much applauds this shoe because the design of this shoe is different. The shoe is human-made, and you will always provide stability to the users. The materials used to make this shoe is fully imported, and the sole of this shoe is made from synthetic materials.

The heel measurement for this shoe is almost one inch, and there are also three-quarter inches of the platform provided with this shoe. There are two color variants of this shoe available in the market, and the size of this shoe is almost one size smaller than the regular street shoes. There is also superior arch support available with this shoe, and you will also get an Achilles notch whit the shoe.


  • The product is entirely human-made
  • The product has a synthetic sole
  • The heel and platform measurement is well within the range
  • There are color verities for inside sole


  • Some customers have complained that the shoes are too narrow for their feet.

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

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Sansha Salsette 1, Jazz Sneaker, Purple/Black, 3 Sansha (2 M US Women's/1...

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$19.81 $32.99

Our second last addition from the list is a jazz sneaker that is manufacture by Sansha. This shoe’s best feature is the high-quality textile fabric used as a core manufacturing material. You will get a hundred percent mesh and suede support in this shoe, and the grip of this shoe will be much sturdy while dancing on concrete floors.

This shoe is manufactured with a mixture of leather and mesh. There is also a padded collar available in this product. The heel measurement of this product is approximately half inches. This product’s fabric is of high quality, and there is always an easy drying option available with the product. So sweating will not be an issue for the user of these sneakers.


  • The product is a hundred percent mesh-based
  • The product contains the suede sole
  • The product has a padded collar
  • The fabrics used in the product is quick-drying


  • Some customers complained that the product is not suitable for Zumba dancing.

Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede

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Bloch Boost MESH Sneaker Dance Shoe, Black, 10 X(Medium) US

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Our final product of the list is a top-notch dancing shoe that is manufactured by Bloch. This shoe is manufactured with the amalgamation of leather and fabric. This makes the shoe durable, and you can quickly dry the shoe. There is also a quick-drying feature that comes with this product. You will get two color variants of this shoe, and there are ample sizes available for the buyers.

The materials used in the manufacture of this shoe are imported. For better stability, the company provides rubber sole. The heel of this shoe is slightly elevated compared to the regular dancing shoes, and the platform measurement is also much high. There is also spilled sole available with this shoe, and you will get Dri-Lex lining, which is non-wrinkling connected to this shoe.


  • The product has a pure leather sole
  • The fabrication used in the product is imported
  • The product has a suede hill grip
  • The product has a variable lacing system


  • Some customers have complained that the product is overpriced.

Why Do I Need Special Shoes to Dance on Concrete? 

If you love to dance on concrete, there is a good chance that the soles of your feet are suffering because of it. Concrete can be brutally hard and unforgiving when one steps onto it with their bare feet, and as such, it will often result in mild injuries like scraped skin or blisters due to friction from shoe bottoms rubbing against them.

Why Do I Need Special Shoes to Dance on Concrete

And for those whose only form of exercise consists solely or mainly of this activity, then these problems may become more pronounced over time. This isn’t just an issue for dancers; individuals engaged in other forms of physical exertion involving prolonged contact with concrete have also experienced similar injury issues.

So if they want to continue exercising without sacrificing their health (or having to be in pain), then they’ll need to find the best type of shoe possible.

What Kind of Precautions Should Be Taken While Dancing on Concrete?

  • Wear shoes that have a good grip and are stable.
  • Choose shoes with rubber soles to avoid sliding on the surface.
  • Check for shoe sole durability by doing this quick test: take your hand, place it against the bottom of one shoe and push down as hard as you can without bending your thumb or fingers – if they bend, then those might not be the best shoes for dancing on concrete!
  • If possible, try these tips out at home before going into public spaces where there is likely more traffic (like malls). This will give you an idea of what works well for you, so when you go to stores looking around, you already know what kind of things work better than others. These precautions still apply when dancing on carpet.

The Difference Between Shoes – Dance on Concrete and Others Dance?

Dance on concrete shoes is a bit different from other types of dance shoes. Dance Shoes for Dancing On Concrete have higher heels and stiffer soles to help them grip the surface better.

The high heel helps you stay balanced when your foot is in contact with the ground, especially if it isn’t flat or even–the ball of your foot can tilt slightly outward instead of being straight down like most ballet slippers would allow.

A more rigid sole that’s designed specifically for dancing means less time spent breaking in those expensive-yet-not-as functional new pair and knowing you won’t be slipping around, either.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoes for Dancing On Concrete

You are wearing the perfect shoe while dancing is the most crucial aspect for a dancer, especially for dancing on concrete surfaces. For this reason, we have already suggested the best shoes for dancing on concrete. These shoes will make your performance easy and comfortable. And you will not worry about sliding on the floor, and there will also be a minimal amount of mishaps. But there are some aspects which you should always be aware of while buying these shoes.

These Shoes Will Make Your Performance Easy and Comfortable

Many manufacturers are available in the market producing these shoes, and such varieties will create a sense of dilemma among the buyers. Assessing these aspects, our research team has shortlisted some essential points which you should judge before buying the product. We assure you that you will not be subjected to fraud once you buy the shoes after checking these features. For the betterment of the users, some of them are stated below.

Leather Quality

Leather is the most critical aspect of the shoe. This makes the covering of the shoe, and it is used for most of the shoe’s part. As a sincere dancer, it is the dancer’s sole duty to choose the best leather quality while buying the shoe. There are some artificial leather materials which are advertised as leather in recent days. You should always be sincere about these materials, and for the betterment, you should always check the leather using fire. This will be much helpful


Now is the era of online shopping; for this reason, we are much adopted to order shoes online. But while ordering these shoes, you must be well aware of the size because these shoes will be used while dancing, and in such cases, you will need the exact grip on your leg. You must not wear anything which too loose or too tight. Ether of them will be harmful to our body balance while dancing. For this reason, you must check the accuracy of measurement before ordering the shoes.


Another crucial aspect that should be judged before buying the product is the fabric quality that is used. Most of the shoemaking company uses leather as the main element. Still, some manufacturers use regular fabric like textiles, so you must be well aware while choosing the best one for your feet. This is much important because leather and standard fabric have a different effect. They are also different in terms of features, so you should be well aware while choosing the dancing shoe’s fabric quality.

Fabric Quality

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Shoes for Dancing On Concrete

What To Look For Having a Good Dancing Shoe?

  • Dancing on concrete can be a lot of fun if you’re wearing the right shoes.
  • Here’s what to look for in order to get your best pair of dance shoe sneakers that will protect your feet and keep you comfortable when dancing:
  • Flexible soles make it easier to move around while still providing support, especially for dancers with weaker ankles or new at breaking moves like salsa.
  • Durable outsoles mean they won’t wear out easily – great news because this type of shoe isn’t cheap!
  • Good comfort is also key, so think about padding inside the shoe, and rubberized heel caps that give more traction were needed during harder steps.
  • Lastly, consider how the shoe will look with your outfit since we know the importance of looking good.

Is It Safe to Dance on Concrete With Any Shoe?

First, it’s important to note that we don’t recommend doing this in the first place. Dancers should never perform barefoot or in socks, because they’re more likely to experience foot injuries and blisters when they hit hard surfaces like concrete floors.

Shoes are designed with shock absorption features specifically so dancers can be comfortable during long periods of activity while still protecting their feet from injury.

That said, some people believe that certain types of rubber-soled shoes might work better than others due to the combination materials used for each sole, which are different depending on what part is touching the floor at the time (toe box, heel, or forefoot).

What are The Categories of Soles in Dancing Shoes?

There are three main types of rubber soles that you’ll find on dance shoes: natural gum, synthetic, and PVC. Natural gum is a more expensive material because it’s sourced from the sapodilla tree in South America, which has to be harvested by hand without damaging them while they’re still alive.

It lasts longer than other materials but can also be difficult for some people with allergies to wear due to its chemical composition. Synthetic rubber is generally cheaper and easier to produce in bulk quantities but doesn’t last as long as natural gum when used on concrete floors.

Finally, PVC may have an even shorter lifespan if repeatedly used on hard surfaces such as concrete because this type of sole tends to show damage faster when combined with the friction of these surfaces.

How to assess the leather quality of the shoes?

For assessing the quality of the leather, you need some basic knowledge. The first thing you need to know is the comfort level of the leather. You can assess this feature after wearing the shoe. You should always feel very comfortable after wearing genuine leather. Then you can also evaluate the shoe by bending the leather. High-quality leather will not break while turning. Besides, you can also light them up using a lighter and see the reaction on the shoe. Good quality leather will not catch fire instantly.

How to Assess the Leather Quality of the Shoes

What is the most accurate heel size?

You will be wearing these shoes while dancing. These do not apply to your ordinary locomotive purposes. So the heel sizes allocated for these shoes are quite different from the regular shoes. It would be best to buy the shoes with a heel measurement within half inches to nine inches. Heel size less than this will affect the shoe’s inner sole, and the heel sizes more significant than this will indeed affect the user’s body balance.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that all the shoes discussed here will be efficient for dancing on concrete. But more selectively, we prefer the Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe. These shoes are much superior in terms of leather quality, and the sole of these shoes is much comfortable. You will get adequate sizes that will match your feet, and there is also split sole and EVA sole patch in the boots. The cost of these shoes is also well within the range of buyers. Thus we hope that our list of the top five best shoes for dancing on concrete has been beneficial. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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Linodes (Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance...

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