Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Under 100

Mtech Usa Mt-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Smith & Wesson 8in Throwing Knives and 10in Hawkeye Axes

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

The best hunting experience is when you know you own all the right equipment. Each hunting items will play a crucial role in how well your hunting session will go. As for the knife, which is another item of great importance, you will always need to make sure you have the best one with you. To find the correct one, follow our guide on finding the best-fixed blade hunting knife under 100.

Hunting could be a profession for some people, while it is a hobby for many. Whatever the reason is, sometimes we will face that we are unable to spend the right amount of money to get what we want. But that should not be an excuse to purchase a low-quality item. There will always be some fantastic options with a reasonable budget.

The knife in your hunting session will come handy at great length. You cannot just pick up any knife to go out hunting. That is why you need to find the perfect one that will suit everything. In case you are worried about the budget, we are here to help you out by finding some of the best options under $100. We did our research and gathered the top five products. So, keep reading ahead to know all the information we have for you.

Top 5 Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Under 100 List


Mtech Usa Mt-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

The first product from our list will be the MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife. This knife has some of the coolest features that will make your hunting life much more comfortable and fun.

The first thing you want to know about this knife is that it has a fixed blade indeed, and most importantly, you can get this item without spending $100. You can use it on various occasions as well. Whether you are going for hunting or camping, this knife will come handy in any situation. Another great thing is that it is highly suitable for survival training, as well.

The design of this knife is very sleek and elegant. The whole product comes in a very matte black color with a touch of silver. The fixed blade is made out of stainless steel, which is one of the most durable and robust materials for crafting blades. The edge of the blade is very sharp and straight. It can easily cut through anything you need.

The handle of the knife is made out of ABS. It has a wing walk inserted into the handle so that you can have a firm and secure grip when the condition is wet. The whole product is about 12 ¼ inches in length. The blade alone is 7 inches with 3 inches of thickness. You will get a nylon sheath with the package that will help you to carry the knife with you without hurting or causing any accidents.


  • Suitable for hunting, camping, or survival training
  • The blade is made of stainless steel.
  • The handle is made of ABS.
  • Inserted wing walks for a secure grip.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath


  • A little challenging to cut through the woods


Smith & Wesson 8in Throwing Knives and 10in Hawkeye Axes

Next up, we got the Smith & Wesson 8in Throwing Knives, which is another fantastic product that you can get without spending a hundred bucks.

These Smith & Wesson knives can be a great option if you are looking for something that will reduce the chances of severe incidents. These knives could be one of the best one to keep with you during camping or hunting. The product is very durable and robust enough to be highly useful.

The blade of the knives is made of 2Cr13 S.S, and it is very reliable and durable. You will not have to worry about the power of the knives to be worn out easily. You will get a nylon sheath to keep it protected. The sheath is easy and quick enough to be accessible to the knife whenever you need to. With the nylon sheath, you can cover the knives up and carry it around with you.

These knives have a dimension of 8 inches in length. The whole product weighs about 4.1 ounces making it very lightweight to be carried around. You will have high confidence when using this knife. The knife has a dual-edge spear point for making working with it even more convenient. Another great thing about this one is that you will get a lifetime warranty once you purchase it.


  • Lightweight
  • Reliable and durable blade
  • Dual edge spear point blade
  • Quick access nylon sheath


  • The edges are not sharp enough.


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife With Carbon Steel Blade

Next up on our list of under $100 products, we have the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, which is a very sleek design with a sharp blade knife.

This blade is another beautiful addition to the under 100 hunting knife list. The blade is, for sure, a fixed one. The blade is made out of 4.1 inches high carbon steel. The carbon steel is known to be very strong and makes an excellent sharp blade to be used in knives. The whole product is based on Sweden.

The handle of the knife is made to be patterned with high-friction. This will let you have a good and secure grip on it. You will feel incredibly comfortable holding and using the knife. Often, the handle of the grip will not have the right measurement, which will lead to a tough grip. When you do not have a good grip on the knife, you will surely not have a good time working.

The blade has a thickness of 2 mm, which is perfect for your hunting purposes. It is sharp enough to cut through all the needed items. The whole length of the product is about 8.6 inches, with a weight of only 3.9 ounces. That makes everything more comfortable for you to use. Also, you will get a lifetime warranty with this one for sure.


  • Carbon steel blade
  • Secured grip handle
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The blade is a little thick to slice through food.


Ka-bar Full Size Us Marine Corps Fighting Knife

The next one, we have the KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, which is another great addition on our hunting knife list.

This knife has a very traditional and sleek design to it. The blade made to be straight and is colored in black. It is made out of 1095 Cro-van steel, which is very strong and durable. The edge angle of the blade is 20-degrees. The angle is perfect for cutting anything, which is why it is an excellent knife for hunting. The blade is about 7 inches long itself.

The handle is what makes the blade design look amazing. The handle is made out of wood and has a rounded curved design to it. The wood makes it easier to grip and balance on your hand. Also, the curve contributes to the grip as well. The overall length of the knife is about 11.8 inches, which is a fantastic length to handle.


  • 1095 Cro-van steel made strong blade
  • 20 degrees edge angle
  • Wooden handle


  • The blade is extremely sharp, so people tend to get hurt if not careful


Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

This is great self-defense equipment. It is lightweight, easy to use with its superb craftsmanship, the flashlight is good, and the taser part is loud and scary. It has a built-in electric stun feature.

The flashlight can be switched to a large and small area with a simple twist. It's camouflaged as a flashlight from attackers. You will not be defenseless with this, and it is easy to carry, too- definitely a great investment.

The best thing this has going for it is its potential to catch the other person off guard. Whether you're walking at night or you pull out it when something happens, there's a decent chance the other person won't be expecting a shock out of a flashlight.


  • Six inches 420HC sharp steel blade.
  • Corrosion-free and durable
  • Comfortable grip and well balanced
  • Comes with leather sheath
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some of the users reported that the sheath is not durable at all.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Under 100

Hunting will never be satisfying and fun if you do not have the best quality equipment. There are many things you will need when you are going hunting. And you have to make sure that you purchase all the right quality products to make the best out of your hunting experience.

A knife is essential equipment in your hunting session. It will not only come in handy for cutting, but to protect and make your way through any jungle, you will need the knife most. That is why you need to make sure you get the best one up to date. We have already shown you the best of the options that are currently available.

But as we want the best for you, we are going to mention a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are making a choice. They are-



You need to make sure you get enough that has a weight comfortable for you to carry. Unfortunately, some of the fantastic quality knives will be very heavy. When the knife is heavy, you will find it hard to maneuver and carry around with you. A comfortable weight knife will make it easy for you to balance and do the work without getting your hands tired.



The next thing you should keep in mind is how sharp your blame is. This thing could be a bit tricky. As you are buying the knife for hunting purposes, you will definitely need to buy the knife to be sharp enough to cut through the meat and wood. But sometimes the sharpness could be so much that it becomes dangerous for you. That is why you need to determine how sharp you want your knife to be.



The last thing you need to keep in mind when making the purchase is your safety. There are many incidents where your survival knife becomes a danger for you. That is, knives will come with a sheath. You need to make sure that your sheath is good enough to protect you from unwanted incidents. Also, it is always better to buy a limited extend of sharpness.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Under 100


How to Sharpen a Hunting Knife?

The best and easiest way to sharpen your knife is to grind it against a stone or use a blade sharpener.


How to Take Care of a Hunting Knife?

The best way to take care of your knife is by keeping it clean of any spots or stains. You can use an abrasive to keep the outer portion clean.


That is all from our completed guideline of the best-fixed blade hunting knife under 100. You must make your choice after consulting all the possibilities and features. If you are still confused, we will tell you to go with MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife, as it stood out the most in our eyes.

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