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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Smooth Shaving

Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and Toning

Using an electric razor to shave will save a lot of your time. But you can make things even better by adding the perfect shaving cream to the session. So, all of you who are looking for buying a good shaving cream just follow we guideline of the best shaving cream for an electric razor.

What shaving cream you are using will decide how well your shaving session will go no matter what device you are using. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not focus on their cream, which results in having to deal with bumps, burns, rash, and many other unwanted things. That should never be an excuse to suffer from this.

Whether you are a man or woman, and no matter what part of your body you want to shave, you need to find the perfect shaving cream. Each part of your body's skin will require an equal amount of attention and care. Shaving can sometimes leave your skin feeling very irritated, and the shaving cream contributes much to the reasons. Hence, it is essential to find the right one as soon as possible.

As we already know the struggle of going through different kinds of products and their information on finding the right one, we decided to step forward with our help. We researched enough to find the top five shaving creams currently available. We gathered up all of their information with some other handy tips for you. So, keep reading ahead to know everything we got for you.

Top 5 Best Shaving Cream for Electric Razor List


Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

The first product we got for you is the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl. Taylor of Old Bond Street is a company that started way back than your comprehension. This company started its journey around 1854, and since then, it has delivered this fantastic shaving cream to maintain the style of every man.

Using this shaving cream will going to set your standard in a high position. The shaving cream has a consistency like lotion but will lather up on your skin impressively. If you are someone who is about to take their first step, this product will definitely make your experience pleasant. And it is a fantastic product to support your electric razor as well.

The cream initially has a sandalwood smell to it. A lot of people may not like to have a scent in their product, but this particular sandalwood smell is loved by many men. With the sandalwood's natural scent, you will also find a tinge of cedar and vanilla afterward. In case you do not prefer this smell, then there are few more to choose from. Taylor of Old Bond Street comes with other scents like almond, coconut, grapefruit, lemon and lime, lavender, peppermint, and rose.

This cream has glycerin on it, which helps the skin by providing moisture after use. That is why this cream is a fantastic suit for those who have dry to combination skin. The product is going to come with a plastic bowl that will help you to use it properly. It is said not to be used with a bare hand as it can minimize the effect. Also, another advice is to keep the product at room temperature. After purchasing, you will have a total of 12 months to use the product after opening.


  • Lathers up amazingly
  • Has glycerin for moisture
  • Comes in the various smell
  • Can be used with cartridge and an electric razor
  • Can be used for 12 months


  • It is a little time consuming to prepare


Cremo Cooling Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Smooth Shaving Cream

The next option we have for you is the Cremo Cooling Shave Cream. This cream is another excellent option that will provide you with fantastic performance and will go on for many days.

The best thing about this product is that it will save you from razor burns. There are thousands of people who are struggling due to their shaving cream or the razor itself due to the injuries. You will have a great time gliding your electric razor smoothly across your skin and will not suffer a bit. This cream is excellent for shaving any parts of your body.

The cream will not take a lot to do that work. You can just take a pinch and go on with your shaving by leaving a smooth finish. You will not have to worry about using a brush or other techniques for this product. Just take it out of the container and use it, it is that simple. The formula of the cream is very thin, but it does the work just fine.

The formula contains peppermint and menthol on it that will give you a cooling sensation after use. It will refresh your skin and invigorate it as well. The formula also contains Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula, Papaya Extract, Olive Leaf extract, and lemon extract, and everything here is natural. The product is going to last for 90 days or even four months for some. Everything in it is free of parabens and has not been tested on the animals.


  • Thin formula
  • Lasts for 90 or more days
  • Does not need a brush to be used
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Will not cause razor bumps.


  • Some people said they do not like the smell and called it unpleasant.


Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and Toning

As for this one, we got the Proraso Shaving Cream to offer you. This particular formula was created and developed in Italy around 1908, and it has been serving with amazing shaving sessions to men for over a century now.

This cream is available in various forms and skin types. You can get the formula for sensitive skin, for keeping skin moisture and nourishing, protective and moisturizing, and just for general use. Whatever suits your skin, you should be getting according to the need. The most important thing is that you will have a fantastic time shaving your beard with your electric razor.

Proraso is created to provide you with the most comfortable and easy gliding shaving session. Whether you are using the traditional razor or an electrical one, you will have it all right. To get the best of the formula, you will need to use a brush for making the cream rich and foamy on your skin. The product does not contain any parabens, silicone, mineral oils, SLS, and artificial colors, so you can be at ease knowing that it will not harm your skin.

Another great ingredient that stood out a lot in it is the use of menthol. The menthol of the formula will help you to refresh your skin after the shaving and cool it down. It contributes to the smell of the product as well. The scent is strong enough that it will last for a while, and you will not have to worry about using fragrance. Another great thing about this product is that you will get the right amount at a very affordable price.


  • Formula available in a different form to suit skin types
  • Comfortable to use and glides easily
  • Does not contains any harmful product
  • Has menthol scent
  • Leave skin feeling refresh and cool.


  • The fragrance is a bit too strong for some people.


Pre De Provence-no. 63 Men's Shave Cream

The next product from our list is the Pre de Provence-No. 63 Men's Shave Cream is a fantastic addition to our list for being a high-quality performing product containing various sorts of ingredients that will contribute to making the skin feel amazing afterward.

A lot of people suffer from burns and being left with rough skin after they shave. It will not only make your skin irritating but also make it look bad. But using this product will help you to nourish and hydrate the skin leaving with the right amount of protection. The shaving cream could be your most comfortable product to use on your face.

The formula contains shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and aloe vera. The shea butter will enhance the moisture and glow of your skin alongside with coconut oil and glycerin. The use of aloe vera is there to provide you with the needed protection as well. You will be glad to know that the usage of this product is effortless. You do not have to use a brush, just get some of the product on your hand and massage it on your face to be done with everything.

As for the scent of the product, it will provide you with the perfect balance of aromatic, spicy, and warm scent. It contains a peppery substance, citrus, cedarwood, plum, and violet leaves to create the amazing smell. The smell is not too sweet or overpowering. A lot of users mentioned that they love the scent, and it has a manly aura to it. Overall, the ingredients together will provide you with an excellent shaving finish and leave a nice fragrance as well. The only problem a lot of the users reminded us is that it may be a little bit pricier than the other products.


  • Protects skin
  • Makes skin nourished and hydrated 
  • Has a good smell
  • Last for a long time


  • It is a little pricier than the other products on our list.


Intimd Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream

As for the final product from our list of the best shaving cream for an electric razor, we are mentioning the IntiMD Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream. This amazing product you can use it for shaving the intimate parts of your body.

This product is extremely moisturizing for the skin. It is formulated with five powerful moisturizing ingredients that will make sure the skin feels soft and smooth. The elements also include anti-inflammatory and are enriched with vitamins that will surely change your shaving experience. There is jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and maca root to make your skin feel smooth and protect it from anything harmful. 

This shaving cream is safe for all kinds of skin and suitable for both men and women to use. By lathering it on the over the portion you want to shave, it will soften the follicle to make them shave easily and comfortably. We can guarantee you that by using this product, you will not face any razor bumps, burns, rash, or ingrown hair. 

This product is also very safe to use with your electric razor. The formula will help you maintain the pH balance between 3.5 to 4.5 in your private areas. With the formula, you will not only have a good time shaving but also make your skin feel great after you are done. It does not contain any strong smell instead has a tolerable fragrance to it that is liked by everyone.


  • A great formula to shave your private areas
  • Has five powerful moisturizing agents
  • Anti-inflammatory, and vitamins-rich
  • Will not allow any bumps, burns, rash, or ingrown hair.
  • Maintains pH balance


  • This one is also a little pricey.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shaving Cream for Electric Razor

Shaving is a necessary part of your daily routine. Whether you are shaving your beard or hair on the other parts of your body, you need to make sure you are doing it the right way. You will never want to deal with burns, bumps, or ingrown hair.

To avoid every negative aspect, as it is very important to select the right device, it is also essential to find the perfect shaving cream as well. Using an electric razor is somewhat more convenient than using the traditional ones. But finding a suitable shaving cream can be tough.

We have already mentioned the top five products that you can get when you are in need. But before you can select it, we will like to remind you of the few things that you need to keep in mind when you are making a choice. So, continue reading ahead to know what we have.



What is mean by type is regarding both the shaving cream and your skin. We already know that you want to buy a cream for an electric razor, so the razor type is out of the question. As for the other two, both of these options are interlinked with each other. Before you jump on to buying any product of your preference, you need to make sure that they are suitable enough for your skin. Whether you are shaving your face, underarms, or another part of your body, each of the skin is equally important to take care of. Hence, you need to know your skin type and buy the product according to it so that your skin will not turn against you after you are done shaving the hair.



The next important thing to consider is, what sorts of ingredients were used to create the formula! It is extremely important, as we have said already, that each part of your body needs to be treated equally. Some of the products may contain something that can irritate your skin, cause rashes, or make it unbearable to be shaven. That is why you need to find one product that will not cause any inflammation rather product your skin when saving. The ingredients will also contribute to the smell as well, so if you are concern about the smell, you need to look at the ingredients too.



The last thing we will tell you to consider highly is the usage of the product. Well, not every product is going to be like using lotion on your skin. Some of the shaving creams will need extreme preparation before you can use it. A lot of people may not mind the preps if the product performance amazingly, but we are aware that a lot of you do not have much time to go through the hassles. If you want it simple and plain, then look for a product that will not require you to use a bowl or a brush to make it work.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Shaving Cream for Electric Razor


Why Do I Need to Find a Specific Shaving Cream for an Electric Razor?

Unfortunately, not all the shaving cream will show you the same result using the electric razor, and to some extent, it can be dangerous and can cause harm to the razor.


Do All the Shaving Cream Needs a Brush to Get Foamy?


Not all the shaving cream will require a brush.


That was all from our guideline on finding the best shaving cream for an electric razor. We know your struggle, and that is why we tried our best to put all the required information. We hope you will be able to find a suitable product for our help. If you are still confused, we will suggest you go with the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl one as it has stood out the most to us.

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