Best Fly Boots for Horses

Flies are one of the biggest problems for those who own one or more than one horse. As the lower parts of the body of the horses, the legs face the flies the most. So protecting the legs of the horses from the flies are very important. That is why fly boots are used mainly. So, if you own a horse, you must need flying boots for your horse, and we can help you find the best fly boots for horses.

best fly boots for horses

There are a lot of flies, such as horse flies, stable flies, deer flies, etc. They all cause harm to the horses. Different flies harm the horses in different ways. As an example, stable flies harm the horses by sucking their blood off. These flies are as big as the house flies. But a lot more harmful than the house flies. Like stable flies, all the flies cause pain to the horses. So, protection from the flies is essential for the horses.

Flies cause suffering all over the body of the horses. Legs are the lowest part of the body of the horses. So the legs are the most vulnerable against the flies. So, they have to be protected. To help those who are finding the best fly boots for horses, we have done some research and described some fly boots in this article. We hope that this article may help you find the best fly boots that you are looking for.

Best Five Fly Boots for Horses List

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Leg Guards

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Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Leg Guards, Arabian/Small Horse, Blue

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$28.99 $32.99

Cashel is a renowned brand for making functional fly boots for horses. This particular fly boot is one of their best products.

The boot is mainly made of two materials. They are vinyl-coated polyester and nylon. The vinyl-coated polyester is very soft that your horse remains comfortable. On the other hand, the nylon trim refuses to collect burrs and grass seeds while riding a trail.

The durable mesh of the boot helps the horse with sun sensitivity. Because of the mesh padding, the flies cannot harm the lower legs of your horse.

The hook-and-loop system is used in this fly boot for the closure. So, the boot makes a tight grip on the legs of your horse. And of course, a tighter grip is good for the fetlock area.

The unique design of this boot does not let it sag or shift. So, the comfort quality of this fly boot is unquestionable.


  • This boot does not collect burrs or grass seeds or thorns while riding trails.
  • It is very soft, but durable as well.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It fits well.


  • The price is a little too high.

Kensington Protective Products Fly Boots with Fleece Trim

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Kensington Protective Products Fly Boots with Fleece Trim, Horse Leg Guard, Protection...

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This denier Textilene made fly boots are flame resistant. It also can stand against fading mildew and soiling. The synthetic fabrics made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are durable mesh.

The materials of this fly boot can block up to 90% of sun rays. This mesh is breathable and has an air permeability of 78%. So, this boot not only helps your horse with the heat but also make sure the comfort, which is a good reason to consider this boot one of the best fly boots for horses.

This boot uses stay-up technology with a three-hook-loop strap. This strap helps to ensure the fitting of the boot on the legs of your horse. Because of the strap, the fly boot can have a better grip on the legs of your horse and ensures better mobility with less slippage.

There is a plastic stay system below the trim. This system makes sure that the boots produce better friction on the surfaces of the legs of the horse.


  • It can resist flame and mildew
  • It is UV resistant and breathable.
  • It has better mobility.
  • The inner surface can generate much friction.


  • It can be sagged after using a while.

Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots — Stay-Up Technology with Velcro Straps

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Kensington Natural Collection Fly Boots, Black, Horse

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It is another product from Kensington. This fly boot is made of Textilene fabric, which helps to maintain the color of the boot and to resist mildew. The plastic stay system below the trim ensures the perfect fit. Even if your horse stomps his legs or trots or gallops, the boot will not slip and will maintain the ideal fit. The three Velcro straps help the boot to be in right position. So, you do not have to adjust your boots again and again. The straps also cause less slippage.

The woven mesh fabric is heat resistant. It is 78% air permeable and 73% UV resistant. So your horse feels comfortable even in the summer season.

The synthetic polyester fabrics are coated with polyvinyl chloride so that the boot can stand against fire and can save the legs of the horses from burning. The top is webbed with nylon. The webbing increases the longevity of the fly boot.


  • The boot has less slippage.
  • It is heat and fire-resistant and breathable.
  • It is durable.
  • It is mildew and burr resistant.


  • It can sag over time.

Contoured Mesh Fly Boots

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Contoured Mesh Fly Boots Black

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This mesh fly boot is a product of Tough 1. The inner surface of the boot is made of a neoprene stopper. The neoprene stopper produces better friction between the boots and the legs of the horse.

The nylon binding of these fly boots increases longevity and gives a better look. It also provides more flexibility, so the horse feels relax wearing it. There is also a plastic spine in the boots, which also helps with flexibility.

There are two types of closer in the boots. There is a quick grip top closure, two lower Velcro closures, and those are also elastic. These closures help the boots with the slippage. The closures help the boots to fit well on the legs of your horse.


  • The boots have rolled neoprene stopper inside.
  • They have two types of closures.
  • They have a plastic spine.


  • These are not long-lasting enough.

Professionals Choice Fly Boots

Professionals Choice Fly Boots

Last update was on: July 6, 2024 5:44 am

This fly boot is made of nylon mesh. The nylon mesh is breathable and also can protect UV rays. It also can resist stains and wrinkles. Besides, the mesh is heavy-duty, so it is lightweight and long-lasting as well. The polyester rip-stop technology is used in this boot that maintains the quality of toughness and durability.

The inside of the boot is padded with cushion, and the fleece lining can bring the horse great optimal comfort.

The boot fits well because of the contoured shape of this. The nylon binding and reinforced webbing control the slippage of this boot. The surface of the boot is rough because of the binding and the webbing. There are also three hook-and-loop straps to hold the place of the boot on the legs of your horse.


  • This boot is very comfortable due to the cushion pad.
  • It fits better because of the contoured shape.
  • It has less slippage because of the nylon binding and reinforced webbing.


  • It cannot resist the burrs or the thorns on the trails.
  • It can be easily torn.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Fly Boots for Horses

Buying a fly boot is easy, but selecting the one you want to buy can be a tough job. You cannot just buy any fly boot for your horse. There different kinds of horses; the same goes for the boots. So, you should have a clear understanding of the fly boot your horse needs.

Insects and seeds are very harmful to the horses. If the proper protection cannot be ensured, the legs of the horses can be in great danger. So, no compromises can be made with the safety of the horses. So, you must have to find the best fly boots for your horse.

In order to select the best fly boots for horses, you must consider some factors that may affect your horse. For that, you must do some study on the fly boots. You must research the current market.

But, sometimes we do not have the time to research properly in our busy life. So, we do not care about the factors or anything and buy a random fly boot for our horses. Most of the time, our horses suffer because of us.

Time is precious, and we all know that. In order to save your valuable time, we have tried to discuss some factors in this article that you really should keep in mind before buying a flying boot for your horse.

Size of the Best Fly Boots for Horses

The size of the fly boot is really important. If the boot is not high enough, then it will not be able to save your horse from the flies and the insects and the dirt from the trail. If it is too high, your horse will feel discomfort. So you have to select the perfect size of the boot for your horse.


You must select such boot that has less slippage. Otherwise, the boot will keep slipping from the legs of the horse, and the horse will not be able to move comfortably.


It is important that the boot wraps properly around your horse. So type or system of closure is important. Otherwise, the boot cannot save the horses from the dirt or the other unwanted things. And of course, you must keep in mind the tightness. If the boot is tighter than necessary, then the blood flow in the legs can face problems. If the boot is not tight enough, slippage will make your horse uncomfortable.

Cushioning of the Best Fly Boots for Horses

Cushioning must be breathable and must be able to absorb the moisture due to sweating while riding. If it cannot absorb the moisture, the horse can catch skin diseases. And of course, it should be comforting.

Weight of the Best Fly Boots for Horses

The fly boot for your horse should be light. If the boot is heavy, the mobility and the flexibility of your horse will be lessened. So you have to very careful about the weight of the boot. You must select a boot that fulfills all of your requirements and is light as well.


Almost all of the flying boots sag after using a while. You have to make sure that the boots you are buying are made of materials that can last long against sagging.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Fly Boots for Horses

Is It Necessary for the Horse to Put on the Fly Boot Always?

It depends. If the area where you live is likely to have more insects, then it is good for your horse to put on the boot always.

How Do You Control Flies in the Stable?

You can use insecticides, but they can be harmful to the horses. So, using the fly boots and other protection is the best way.

How Do You Put on Horse Boots?

Different boots have different methods to put on. The packet of the boot should also have a manual, and the using methods must be described in it. So, you just have to follow the manual.


After researching and considering the factors mentioned above, you can select the best fly boots for horses. But remember, you must select the one that meets the requirements of you and your horse. Perfect fly boots will make your horse comfortable.

All of the fly boots that we have mentioned and described above are great. But if you are looking for a suggestion, we can help. Considering all of the advantages and disadvantages of the boots describes above, we would suggest the first one we described. It looks great after considering the features. And according to the customer reviews, it is really impressive.

Now, you decide which one is the best fly boots for horses. We tried to help you find what you are looking for through this article. We hope that it helped. Good luck.

Let’s Check Our Best Pick:

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Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Leg Guards, Arabian/Small Horse, Blue

Last update was on: July 6, 2024 5:44 am
$28.99 $32.99

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