Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats usually provide generic insoles inside it for your comfort. Though some great companies provide better insoles, it may not always fit with your feet. Every person has a different arch in their feet. So, a generic insole cannot always be best for you.

It is necessary for you to buy an insole for your soccer cleats if you face any of these-

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

1.If you are facing discomfort with your existing soccer boot, or2.If you feel pain in your feet when playing or after playing, or3.If your feet have a different arch type and you want to improve the fit of the boot, or 4.If you want to prevent injury in your feet

An appropriate insole in your soccer cleats also protects your feet against blisters caused by bacteria. It will help to make your feet more flexible and more comfortable than before. Also, it will improve your performance while playing because you won’t be distracted by your footwear.

Though an appropriate insole does not cure injuries, it will help you to heal faster from injuries. So, if you need insoles for your soccer cleats, we would like you to assist in finding some best insoles for soccer cleats. Here are our best five insoles for soccer cleats.

The Top Five Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats List

Superfeet CARBON Insoles

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Superfeet CARBON Insoles, Pain Relief, Strong and Thin Insoles for Performance Athletic...

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Our first product on the list is Superfeet Carbon Insoles. This US-made insole is thin and strong enough to eliminate your pain. Polyester is used to wrap knitting of this insole. It has a biomedical shape. So, it is more lightweight and occupies low volume or space inside your shoe. It will help your feet to feel more stable. It will also help to reduce pain from your feet, ankles, or knees.

With 4 inches height and 14 inches of width, it will give your feet enough support. The stabilizer cap of this shoe is made of carbon fiber alongside EVOLYTE (composite material to provide comfort and performance). The structured (proprietary carbon fiber of Superfeet) heel cup will help you to absorb impacts naturally.

This insole is made of lightweight and high-density foam to ensure your comfort. There are perforations in midfoot and forefoot areas for decreasing weight and increasing breathability.

Also, it is packed with organic coating. It will prevent blisters and odor caused by bacteria. This full-length Superfeet Carbon Insole gives you options for trimming to fit in your shoes. So, it will always fit your shoes. 


  • Carbon fiber
  • Thinner and lightweight
  • Flat feet and low arch support
  • Odor protecting and bacteria prevention
  • Breathability


  • Very few people experienced squeaking

Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Insoles

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Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Insoles // Superior Shock Absorption and Arch Support to...

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Our second choice is Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Insoles. It has an excellent shock absorption against impacts. It has excellent arch support in your leg. It is designed in the way so that you will feel less muscle fatigue and stress on your feet or ankles. If you experience muscle fatigue in your legs or feet, then this pair of insoles will be a right choice.

With its Massaging Get Technology, it will reduce your legs’ and feet’s stress. It has a flexible arch shell support. It has a rough and tough construction. It will help your feet’s stability and improve your motion control.

This insole gives you a money-back guaranty. It fits with any kind of shoes, including running shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, or court shoes. It also has an option to trim to fit shoe size, which will help to fit with your boots always.

This insole is best if you want to play for a longer time. Because it is designed to absorb shock and reduce stresses. 


  • Massaging Get Technology
  • Suitable for muscle fatigue problem
  • Very Comfortable for more prolonged use
  • Cost-effective


  • Not good for dress shoes or cowboy shoes

Children’s Athletic Memory Foam Insoles

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Children's Athletic Memory Foam Insoles for Arch Support and Comfort for Active...

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Our next product is for your kids. If they love to play football and you want to sure him good comfort and arch support, then this insole might be your right choice. It is made of high-quality memory foam. Memory foam is a polyurethane material. It can adopt anyone’s legs shape and mold according to that. This memory foam will ensure the best comfort for your kids.

With memory foam, this insole provides arch support for growing feet. It also provides a Sport Comfort Model, which is made for athletic activities. This insole comes with Micro-Bead Technology. So, when you use the insole, it will ensure maximum traction.

This insole gives your kid enough support to absorb high impact. So, they can easily do any kind of athletic activity wearing it.

There are three different types you can choose, including toddler size too. Like other good insoles, it also provides custom guided cutting. It makes sure that it will fit with a wide variety of shoe sizes.

This insole is made for kids. It always cares about your kids’ comfort. If your kids feel a low arch support problem, then it will solve the problem. If you have any problem with satisfaction, this insole gives you satisfaction guaranty. So, you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.


  • Specially designed for children
  • Memory foam
  • Very comfortable for athletic work


  • For some people, the thickness may be less


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currex CLEATPRO - Quick Stops, Tight Turns, More Control – Football, Soccer,...

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Our next recommendation is Currex Cleatpro insole. It will significantly improve your foot comfort than the stock insole provided in your shoes. With an elegant design for reducing foot pressure and fatigue in foot, this insole is great for removing your pain.

Injury prevention is the design criteria of this insole. So, it will improve your playing performance and prevent injuries. It also reduces stress on joints and tendons. By using this insole, your knee, foot, and hip will heal faster too.

When it is the matter of the grip, this insole uses NEO TOUCH grip technology to reduce the slipping percentage. So, you will get a better grip when playing soccer, baseball, or lacrosse.

This insole fills the void between the shoe and your feet. It provides anatomic support and dynamic stability in your heel area. So, you get much better stability too. Ultimately this boot is great if you need to heal quicker from injuries, prevent injuries, and want to increase your performance.

It provides some small holes inside it to make sure your feet are dry and sweat-free. Which will make you feel comfortable. With three different types of arches – high, medium, or low arch, this insole will definitely help you choose one which will fit with your feet.


  • NEO TOUCH grip technology prevents slips
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain reducing in legs or feet
  • Lightweight and thinner
  • Enough breathability


  • Only three types of arch support

TOPSOLE Sports Shock Absorption Cushioning Insoles

Our last recommendation is Topsole Sports Shock Absorption Cushioning Insoles. It uses EVA material (memory foam) for its construction. So, it gives you a durable comfort structural support to your feet.

This insole is compatible with athletic shoes, casual shoes, or boots. It is good for walking, running, hiking. It will also help you in your work if you work for a long time standing.

With the support of all arch types, this insole helps to reduce tendon’s pain, arch pain. It will also help to solve flat feet or high-arch feet problems.

There are three layers in this insole. So, good support with cushion for your feet is provided. The mild and gentle arch is best for most people. It will help to save you from suffering from foot fatigue.

With the help of EVA material, you will get good sweat absorption. So, you will feel your feet dry. There are also perforations so that your feet remain fresh and free from sweat.

EVA material is also good for absorbing shock or impact coming on your feet. So, you will get more energetic, and definitely, your performance will increase up to a mark.This insole also has a trim to fit option. So, it will easily fit your all size shoes.


  • EVA material
  • Good for activewear
  • Shock absorbing
  • Keeps feet free from sweat
  • A good amount of cushioning


  • Cushioning feels hard for some people

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats


Cushioning will provide you comfort, so it should be according to your needs. Cushioning near footbed is good to absorb shock. Also, be aware that more cushioning is not always good.


Lightweight insoles will make you more comfortable. So high-density foam with less weight should be in your consideration.

Layer and Grip

Some insoles have a different layer for comfort without increasing weight. Also, check for the grip the insole provides. So, you won’t slip while playing.

Foot Shape

Everyone has a different arch in their feet. Some have a high arch, and some have low. A good insole provides the solution to this problem. So, before buying, check whether the insole will fit with your feet. Also, some have a wider foot.

Amount of Support

Depending on arch types, some people need a good amount of support in their feet, and some don’t. So, check if you need a good amount of cushioning or not.

Bacteria Control

Some insoles are great to provide bacterial control. It will help you prevent blisters in your feet. It will also help to control odor came from the sweat of feet.

Fitting With Boots

Large insoles may not fit with your small boots and vice versa. So, before buying, check if the insole will fit with your shoes.

Breathability and Sweet Control

Insoles with breathability help you to feel more comfortable. It will also help to sweat less.


Some insoles give trim-to-fit options if insoles don’t fit with your feet. It will save you if you have difficulties in choosing a fit insole.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Do I Need Insoles for My Soccer Cleats?

Yes, if you feel pain in heel or arch or feet with your existing boot’s insole. Or, if you feel some discomfort during playing, then a proper insole for soccer cleats may help you to prevent further injuries and heal you faster.

No, if you are ok with your existing insole provided in your favorite boots.

Is Using Insoles Right for My Feet?

Yes, doctors prescribe to use insole if you have pain in your feet. So, it is definitely safe for your feet.

Do I Need to Remove the Insole That Came With the Boot to Use the Bought Insole?

Yes, it is good to remove your old stock insole for the best performance.

Can We Make the Insoles Disinfected?

es, you can use sunshine to make the insoles sterilized.

Are Softer Insoles Better?

Only softer insoles are not better. But softer insoles combined with harder portions perform better.

Will an Insole in My Boot Give Me Instant Comfort?

No, most of the insoles need some time to break in with your feet. Give that minimum time to take the best advantage of this excellent tool.

Should I Use Insoles Only for Problems or Pain in My Foot?

No, a proper insole gives you a performance boost while walking or playing too. You will feel more comfortable wearing this when working for a long time on your feet.

Do I Need Larger Shoes for These Insoles?

No, these insoles have trim to fit options to always fit with your existing shoes. So, you can buy any of them without the hassle of changing your current favorite boots.


If you are wishing to play soccer or walk for a long time or go for hiking or work by standing for long hours in a day, please consider buying an insole for the healing and comfort of your feet. It is a lifesaver. The top five list of best insoles for soccer cleats we have given, all are very good with their existing pros and cons. But among them, we love the ‘Superfeet CARBON Insoles’ most. We hope you will feel less pain in your feet next time you play with your favorite insole inside your soccer cleats.

Let’s Check Our Best Pick:

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Superfeet CARBON Insoles, Pain Relief, Strong and Thin Insoles for Performance Athletic...

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Last update was on: December 21, 2023 3:44 pm

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