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Hair is one of the essential parts of our body, and we have to take good care of them. Without taking proper care, your hair will be damaged in no time. Just applying shampoo and conditioner and keeping them clean and stylish will not assure you to have good hair days; you will need to find the right product.

Asian men have different hair texture than other continent's men. Their hair is mostly thick, black or brown, and silky. Not only that, there are so many textured various available. You will need to put some effort into taking care of them. To do so, you should be starting with finding the right product for your hair.

We have gone ahead and done some research on finding the best hair product for Asian men. If you are curious about them, keep reading along to know all about the top five products we have selected and chosen the one that will be the best one for you.

Top 5 Best Hair Product for Asian Men List


Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

The first product from our list of the best hair product for Asian men is the Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold. If you are looking for a gel-like work that will keep your hair right in the place to comply with your style, this one will suit them best.

This product is made to have a stronghold of the hair. Hence the name has the word Firme to it. If you want to do hairstyles that include siding in one part, doing a slick back or pompadours, you are going to love this product most. This product is not only for keeping the hair in place, but it will also let you manage your hair after applying.

The Pomade is water-soluble. You can use it on your wet hair for a slick style, or you can even use it when your hair is dry. By using on dry hair, you can run your fingers through your hair and have them blow on the air. The best thing about this product is that you can easily wash it off as well.

There are many gels like a rigid product that will not wash off properly, and they will leave your hair looking white after using. As for this one, you can only use water to wash it off. You do not even have to own some particular sorts of shampoo to do that. It will never stain your hair or make it greasy. There is no such harsh chemical used in this product either, so it is safe for you to use.

The product will make your hair look shiny. As we said, you can use it on wet hair, and operating on damp hair will make it more polished. The stronghold of the product will make your hair sit through the time it gets dry. If you want a mild version of the product, you can even get their Original Hold Pomade.


  • Has a stronghold for doing various styles
  • Can be used on both wet and dry hair
  • Easy to wash away
  • Will give a shine to wet hair.
  • No harsh chemical was used.


  • Few people said their hair became dry due to the product.


TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

As for the next product, we have the TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax. This product has been tested by many Asian men, and they have been vouched for the effectiveness of the product.

The ingredients that have been used for these products are known to be all high-quality. The consistency of the product will be able to hold onto different types of styles. Once you apply the product, it will not let the hair budge in the wind. Although it has a thick consistency, the wax still provides a natural finish to the hair.

It has materials such as beeswax, cera caranauba, and polymer blends. The beeswax on the product works as the main ingredients alongside with cera caranauba, which is another type of strong wax. The combination of these two waxes gives the perfect finish to the hair. As for the polymers blend, it will provide you with great separation.

As we said, although this product is a wax one, it will give you an excellent matte finish. You can use this product to style both wet and dry hair. The faint lemongrass scent of the product will make your hair smell great. It has a good humidity resistance, so if you are from the Eastern part of Asia, you can still use it without having to deal with humidity.


  • Has a matte wax finish
  • Healthy beeswax and cera caranauba combination
  • Has polymers blend for great separation.
  • Can be applied on both wet and dry hair
  • Has a faint smell
  • Great for humidity


  • Not best for long hair


Baxter of California Clay Pomade

The next product we have for you is the Baxter of California Clay Pomade. If you are looking for a matte finish product for Asian hair types that will make the hair look shiny and silky yet natural, you will love this product without any doubt.

The materials and the consistency of the product are very rich, and you will be able to feel it from the outer decorative packaging of it. The clay pomade will help you to achieve the textured look that a lot of men want to have in their hairstyles. It will hold your hair right in the place of how you want to style it. The clay will work its way to make the hair look as natural as possible.

No matter what is your hair type, you will be able to work this product on your hair as the company Baxter claims. You will not have to spend a long hour trying to set the effect on your hair. Instead, you can do it instantly.

The reason behind the product's texture provider is the ingredient called kaolin, which is a clay-based ingredient. It also has fennel and sage oil, glycerin, and beeswax. All these products together make a healthy combination of the clay pomade.

The product has a bit of an herbal scent, but it is not strong enough to annoy your smell buds. The smell will make it seem more of a masculine look. As we have mentioned before, you can use it on any hair texture and do any hairstyle you want. 


  • Suitable for any type of textured hair
  • Has a matte finish
  • Makes the hair look shiny and silky
  • Has rich ingredients
  • Does not contain a strong smell


  • A bit expensive than the other products


Layrite Superhold Pomade

The next one we have for you is the Layrite Super hold Pomade. If you are looking for a product mostly for curly and coarse hair, then this one will help you.

Some people like to style their hair by putting them high up. But achieving the high look can make be a little tough as the hair product needs to have a stronghold. And this Pomade from Layrite will give you the stronghold that you want for your hair. Any hairstyle that requires the hair to behold up high can be achieved by this product.

This Pomade is a great one to get the wet look on your hair. No matter what type of hair you have, the thick and comfortable to appliable hair pomade will let you work on your hair without any difficulties and style however you want. Once you put on the product, it is going to stay on your hair for the whole day.

The product goes very well with hair that is short or has a medium length. You can also work on long hair. It is always better to have your hair dry before using it. The drier the hair is, the strong the application is going to be. All the ingredients used in the product are natural and do not contain anything harmful. It has a fresh light vanilla scent that is loved by a lot.


  • Great for curly and coarse hair
  • Can hold hair up strongly
  • Last for the whole day
  • Can be used in both dry and wet hair
  • Natural ingredients


  • The smell of the product can be very strong.


Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade

As for the final product from our list of the best hair product for Asian men, we have the Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade.

The product was the first release for the brand Uppercut Deluxe, and surely, they owned the heart of their customers with the amazing quality. This product has been a favorite of the users for many years due to the perfect consistency and ingredients used for making it.

The Pomade is perfect for any type of hair that has a medium length. You can work with this product to create the timeless classic looks or whatever you have in your mind. The product is great if you want something to last for the whole day. No matter what type of weather you are in, this product will work perfectly on your hair.

By applying this Pomade to your hair, you can get the right kind of shine on your hair that you can style for day or night. The product will wash off very easily. As it is a water-based formula, it will not leave any residue on your hair after you wash it off. It will not make your hair dry but give it the best silkiness that you want. 


  • Amazing quality product last for the whole day
  • Great for any hair type with medium hair length
  • Provides the right kind of shine
  • Easy to wash off
  • Does not dry out the hair


  • Few people said that their hair becomes hard after applying the product.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hair Product for Asian Men

When it comes to hair, you will like to take the best care of them. Whether it is the shampoo you are using or any other hair care product, you should be selective as there are many products that become the reason why we lose them. Not only that, every hair has its own texture and nature, so selecting a product according to that is very important as well.

That is why when you are buying a product for your hair, and you have Asian hair; you have to be a little cautious. We are going to mention a few things that we believe you need to be considerate about when you are buying the product for yourself.



You should know what things are good for your hair and what does not work. So, whenever you are going to buy a hair product, you should focus on the ingredients. You will surely find if the product is going to work for your hair or not by looking at the ingredients. Also, if there is an ingredient that could cause harm, you should never purchase the product.


Hair Type

Each of the products mentioned will be targeted into some kind of hair. So, when you are buying the product, you need to see if the product is made for your hair type or not. Because you should never force down any product on your hair as it could damage them badly.



Lastly, we will tell you to focus on the price as well. Some products will definitely come at a reasonable price. But a lot of hair care products could be expensive, and if you are not sure about the product, you could be wasting a lot of money. So, you need to be careful about that.


That was all about the best hair product for Asian men. We hope you will be able to find the right product from all the products we have mentioned. According to us, we will recommend you to go for Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold, which stood out the most to us.

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