Best Jar Opener America’s Test Kitchen

You might be fond of the jar foods. Well, that’s great because the foods that come in a jar are rich in taste and flavor. But the problem starts whenever you are about to open the jar. In order to maintain consistency, the manufacturer tightens the lid so hard that it sometimes goes beyond the strength of the users. That’s what makes a user suffer a lot. Maybe you are one of those sufferers and came here in search of an ideal solution. If that’s the case, then you can thank yourself later for being in the right place because we are just about to start our journey in quest of finding the best jar opener America's test kitchen. So, take a seat and enjoy this wonderful journey to the end.

Many of us love to watch episodes of America’s test kitchen. It’s because they give us the exact knowledge and the reality of every tool. That’s why we have selected some of the best jar opener America's test kitchen so that you can easily acquire the leading products from the market.

Before showing anything on their show, they usually test the products numerous times. So, if you ask anyone how to get the best jar opener, they will obviously suggest following the recommendation of America’s test kitchen. We also did the same and have chosen the top five products that are specially suggested by the experts of America’s test kitchen. Below you will get a comparison list of them. So, without any delay, let’s have a look at them.

Top 5 Best Jar Opener America's Test Kitchen List


Prepworks by Progressive 6-in-1 Multi Opener Jar Bottle Can Opener

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Product Features:

Our review list starts with the Prepworks by Progressive 6-in-1 Multi Opener Jar Bottle Can Opener. But what’s the reason for putting this product at the top of our list? Wanna know? Well, it’s because this particular product is one of the highly-rated jar openers in the present market.

In fact, its capabilities have satisfied thousands of users. Be sure that after reading this review, you will also become one of them. This little jar opener has the capability to open up to six different sealed lids. Whether you are trying to open the bags, safety seals, bottle caps, or jar lids, this opener can take care of all of them.

One solution to all your problems. Isn’t that the exact way in which you would like to acquire the value of your investment? This jar opener is featured with soft grip coating that ensures a firm grip when you are holding it. So, you won’t have to worry about any type of slip caused by accidents or any type of slippage during the operation.

You will be able to put the right amount of force to open the lid with ease. This multi-functional lid opener has a patented design and built-in blade for slicing the sealed bags easily. Whenever you are gonna need to clean this lid opener, simply toss it into your dishwasher because it is dishwasher safe and won’t have any damage if you do so.


  • Opens six different sealed lids
  • Soft grip coating
  • Patented design
  • Multi-functional
  • Built-in blade for slicing the sealed bags
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The rubber grip comes off easily.
  • Not suitable for small plastic lids


EZ Off Jar Opener

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Product Features:

We have got the EZ Off Jar Opener in the second position of our list. The small jar openers require a lot of strength, which is why those are not suitable for an elderly person. If you are buying a jar opener for them, you need to pay proper attention and select something enhanced like this one.

EZ OFF is designed specifically to grab the lids properly and take them off the jars easily. It is a simple twist jar opener that requires minimal strength to open any types of jar lids. So, this one will be a perfect product for an elderly person in your family.

EZ OFF can take care of any type of lids out there. Whether it is factory sealed, tamper-proof, childproof, or just have stuck accidentally, EZ OFF will be a perfect solution to all of them. From a water bottle to nail polish lids, it can be adjusted on any of these lids and taken them off.

Some installation is required for this tool, but it is pretty easy for having a pre-attached, peel, and stick adhesive. It also includes the required screws and everything else, so you won’t have to worry about anything. This tool is made in the USA and made of premium materials. So, you can rely on its support to the fullest.


  • Suitable for children, the elderly who suffers from arthritis, carpal tunnel, and much more
  • Easy to use
  • Opens lids of all sizes
    Made in the USA
  • Constructed with premium materials


  • The bottle lids sometimes slide on its teeth


OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

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Product Features:

Next, we have got the OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad. You might have used the jar opener pads before. Well, they are essential for keeping the jar lids at an accurate place and generate adequate force for opening the lid. So, how about a combination of both a jar opener and a base pad?

That will be interesting, isn’t it? This jar opener from OXO will give you dual support from both of these tools. It is featured with a bottom pad that securely holds the jar in one place. As a result, you will have to put a minimal force to make the job done.

This jar opener is featured with sharp and stainless-steel teeth, which are going to hold the jars firmly until you detach it completely. Because of having all these enhanced features using this jar opener is relatively easier than others. You to just place it under the jar, then slide the jar opener over the lid. After that, twist it counter clockwise.

That’s it; you will loosen your jar opener with a simple twist. This jar opener has an ergonomic design and non-slip grip so that you can acquire better leverage throughout the usage. You won’t feel any hand fatigue or complications while using this jar opener. By the way, this jar opener is dishwasher safe; you can simply toss it inside of your dishwasher and make it clean.


  • Comes with jar opener base pad
  • Sharp and stainless-steel teeth grip
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Utilizes less strength than the others
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sometimes the small lids slide on its teeth


Kichwit Stainless Steel Jar Opener

$8.99 $12.99 in stock
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Product Features:

Then we have got the Kichwit Stainless Steel Jar Openers. You will definitely prefer long-lasting support from each and every investment, aren’t you? But the main problem with the jar openers is that they become rusty easily, which reduces its lifespan significantly.

That’s why we have selected this rust-resistant jar opener for you. Unlike others, it is made of heavy stainless steel, which combines with a solid hard plastic handle. None of these will rust or decay, and that’s why you will get long-lasting support through this particular tool. Let’s see what else it can provide.

This sturdy and durable jar opener is suitable for every lid that has a measurement between 1” to 3.7” in diameter. Besides, it has stainless steel teeth on its clamp, which holds the lids tightly until you take it off completely. Like the ordinary products, its teeth won’t slip from its place. Its teeth will grab and hold the lid during the entire time of your operation.

That’s what makes the lid and twisting it easier. It doesn’t require more strength to take off the lids from the jar. So, if you are planning to gift this tool to someone elderly who has arthritis issues, then you can undoubtedly pick this one.


  • Made of sturdy and durable material
  • Rust-resistant
  • Featured with solid hard plastic handle
  • Suitable for every lid with the measurement between 1” to 3.7.”
  • Easy to twist
  • A sweet gift for an elderly person
  • A compact kitchen tool that can be stored in every tight place


  • Doesn’t provide the required grip
  • The plastic handle isn’t durable enough


Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

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Product Features:

This time we have got something more special. How about an automatic jar opener? It is a modern era, and you would like to have an innovative product. With this in mind, we have selected the Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener as the ending product of our list.

Compared to other models, this jar opener offers an effortless lid opening system. You just have to set it up on your jar’s lid and push the button. The rest of the job will be done by this jar opener. Cool, isn’t it?

This jar automatic jar opener is suitable for a large variety of jar lids except those which are too tall. Hamilton is a renowned brand, and you will surely get what you pay for. Like their other products, this one is also built to last. So, you won’t have to worry about its construction.

You can get out of the thought that an automatic product will not last for long. This jar opener has a compact design and fits easily in every tight place. All of its features are loaded at a reasonable price with a one-year Hamilton warranty. So, you can make the purchase with the utmost confidence.


  • Opens a wide variety of jar lids
  • Effortless push-button opening
  • Compact design
  • Made of premium materials
  • Comes with 2 AA batteries
  • One-year warranty


  • A bit noisy

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Jar Opener America's Test Kitchen

Before putting the above products on our list, we had to ensure some key features. Those features are responsible for giving you the right amount of support. These features also make a product the best of the best. Now that you have come this far let’s have a discussion on them and make things clear for you to understand.



Whether you are buying a knife or a sharpener, you will definitely like to have a durable product. It’s because a durable product lasts longer than the ordinary one and gives the required amount of support throughout the usage. The case is the same when you are about to buy a jar opener.

When you are going to open your jar’s lid, you may have to put in a lot of strength sometimes, and if your jar opener isn’t durable enough, you won’t be able to open the lid easily. If you put more force on them, it may breakdown and cause some unwanted accidents. That’s obviously not the way you would like to have the value of your investment.

Jar openers are usually made of steel, the strongest steel, indeed. Even if you bring something made of that strongest steel won’t make the jar opener long-lasting. Steels are vulnerable to rust, and that’s what also makes them weak. So, your strongest steel can also break down if you are not using a rust-resistant product.

That’s why it is ideal to use a stainless-steel jar remover, which is entirely rust-resistant. Only then will you be able to ensure long-lasting support through this. You also have to pay proper attention to the handles because that’s the place where you are going to put all the pressure. It should be capable of taking a considerable amount of pressure. Otherwise, you may also end up breaking the handle down. So, keep these things in mind when you are looking for the best jar opener in America’s test kitchen.



Without an adequate grip, you won’t be able to put much pressure while opening the lid. If you do so, it may end up slipping from your hand. And that’s really very annoying. In order to get the required amount of support and apply proper pressure, you will obviously need an ergonomic and gripped handle.

That’s where we have paid proper attention. If you look close to the above list, you will notice that most of the items do have a gripped handle. With them, you will surely get the required amount of support to take off the jar’s lid. In fact, they also have an ergonomic design, which will help you to acquire adequate mobility without any hand fatigue. So, it will be better if you buy one from there.


Easy to Use

A lid opener should be easier to use because people always avoid complicated versions. That’s the manufacturer uses special techniques for making their products handier than others. In this case, the most common design is the stainless-steel teeth and some enhanced mechanism.

Remember, if you are going to gift these items to an elderly person, they aren’t going to put as much pressure as you can. That’s why it will be better if you buy something that’s easier to twist, turn, and use. You can rely on the above products for this. It’s because all of the products in there are suitable for both children and elderly persons.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Jar Opener America's Test Kitchen


How Does a Jar Opener Work?

The Jar Opener is made for the difficult job of opening cans and lids. You just have to twist with. Simply hold down the Jar Opener, mount it on the jar lid, and twist it to open. Its stainless-steel teeth tightly hold the lid, and the handle is crafted by a soft non-slip grip.


Are Jar Openers Suitable for Arthritis Patients?

Of course, they are. With the benefit of these tools, they can easily take off the lids without putting much pressure. This reduces the chances of their pains too.


If you don’t want to struggle with jar lids anymore, you should start using the best jar opener America's test kitchen. They are specifically designed for this type of tough works. Hopefully, you will be able to select one from this buying guide.

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