Best Lighting for Pole Barn

It doesn’t matter for which purpose you made the pole burn and how you are going to use them; it is essential to equip some light on them. After all, leaving your property insecure won’t be ideal. If you can light up your barn properly, it will be more secure during the night time and make the intruders stay away from your property.

In fact, it is also essential to increase visibility in the dark. So, whether you want to keep your property safe or increase visibility, you are gonna need to bring the best lighting for pole barn. Note that it is not a task for any ordinary lights. So, you have to pick the lights for your pole barn wisely unless you won’t be able to acquire the right amount of support from it.

A completed pole barn has got plenty of space inside. From your garage items to a place to take rest, everything can be set inside of a pole barn. You can use this space whenever you want, but if you have planned to use it at nighttime, you must think about some lighting. So, how have you planned to identify the best lighting for pole barn?

Look, there are numerous products, and if you don’t have any idea about the key features, things are going to be quite difficult for you.

In order to accomplish the task in the easiest way and save your valuable time, we have completed the hardest part for you. Below you will get a review list that contains the best options of the present market. You can compare each product from there and then select the right one for your barn. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Lighting for Pole Barn List


STASUN 200W LED Flood Light

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We are starting our list with the STASUN 200W LED Flood Light. A barn usually has larger spaces, and to light them up, you are gonna need some powerful lights. Well, this 200w LED flood light can create around 18000 lm high brightness, and that’s really outstanding. It will light up a large space without any complications. Once you install these lights, you will get a daylight-like feel in the darkest hours. These lights are energy-saving too, and they can save around 88% of your electricity bill. This huge amount of brightness with a lesser electric bill, isn’t that great?

These are shadow-free and anti-glare lights that provide additional security to your home and property. None of the intruders will escape from your eyesights when you have these bright lights installed on your barn. It has two pivots; one can be moved up to 330 degrees and another one up to 180 degrees from up to down. So, you can customize the coverage areas of these lights in your own way.

These lights are made of premium material. They are featured in a robust die-cast aluminum housing that will give you optimum support for years. Moreover, it has a shock-resistant PC lens to ensure long-lasting and break-free performance. The entire lifespan of these lights is around 50,000 hours, which is ten times more than the ordinary lights. This means you will surely get the right value for your investment.


  • Produces up to 18000lm high brightness
  • Saves up to 88% electricity bill
  • Offers customizable coverage area
  • Robust die-cast aluminum housing
  • Shock-resistant PC lens
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • IP66 protection rating


  • Due to the front-heavy design, the light requires some additional attachments


dephen 300W LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell

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We have got the dephen 300W LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell in the second position of our list. You will definitely prefer long-lasting support from a light. It’s because changing a barn light most often is quite annoying, and it is costly too. If you buy this light, you can stay relaxed for years. Unlike others, this light has 99% metal construction, which has made it stand out amongst others. The entire frame is constructed with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum.

That’s not all; it has a polyester powder-coated finish to extend the durability to the fullest. Due to this construction, it is entirely resistant to rust, contaminants, and corrosion. Moreover, it has IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating, which makes it suitable for all-season use.

This LED light is featured with a photocell sensor. With the benefit of this feature, it will automatically turn on at dark and turn off in the daytime. Besides, it has a dimmable power supply which will be responsible for saving your electricity bill. This light runs on high-efficiency LUMILEDS 3030 LED chips. Because of that, it can produce around 140 lumens per watt/ 42000lm. This means you will get brighter light to light up your entire space.

The installation of this light is relatively easier than others. It is designed to fit almost every standard pole and offers more flexibility for selecting the lightening directions.


  • Built to last
  • IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating
  • Uses high-efficiency LUMILEDS 3030 LED chips
  • Can produce 140 lumens per watt
  • Featured with photocell sensor
  • Easy-to-install
  • Rated life of up to 50,000 hours


  • May require some additional installation kits


EverWatt 120W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Pole Light

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Next, we have got the EverWatt 120W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Pole Light. Photocells offer a futuristic way to light up your space. If your light is featured with the photocell, you won’t have to rush every evening to turn on the lights. It will automatically detect the darkness and light to turn itself on and off. Maybe you are fond of this feature. If you really are, then you can take a look at this parking lot light.

It comes with the innovative photocell technology. So, you can ensure a hands-free operation, every time. Okay, if you aren’t fond of this feature, you can turn it off with a simple twist. This means you can use this light in both ways.

This pole light comes with dual adjustment fixtures. You can either use its slip-fitter mounting bracket or a direct arm mounting bracket for the installation. It’s up to you what you choose and what suits you best. It can easily replace almost every CFLs or metal halide, so you won’t face any complication while installing this light. This light uses the brightest LED chips.

As a result, you will get enough brightness inside of your barn to see everything transparently. Besides, it is made with ADC12 aluminum alloy, which will last longer than you can imagine. It has IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating, which makes it perfect for all-season use. All these features come with a five-year warranty, and if you need any replacement, you will get that within a day. So, purchase this light with the utmost confidence.


  • Featured with twist-lock photocell
  • Easy-to-install
  • Uses the brightest LED chips
  • Made of ADC12 aluminum alloy
  • IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating
  • Perfect for all-season use
  • Five-year warranty


  • Pretty heavy


320W Led Parking Lot Light

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Then we have got the 320W Led Parking Lot Light. Most of the LED lights have a complicated installation process. That’s really very annoying. In order to solve this problem once and for we have selected this arm mount parking lot light. Its arm mount design has made the installation a breeze. You just have to put the screws in the correct place and enjoy it.

Another good thing about its design is that you can select the angle of its lightening coverage easily by pulling the light downwards or pushing it upward. This bright light has a maximum output of 44800lm.

It uses a high-efficiency SMD3030 LED chip to light up your space without increasing the electricity bill. It can save up to 75% of electricity throughout the usage. This means you will get brighter light without being worried about the limitless bills to pay. This light is constructed with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing. It's fully sealed and has a polyester powder-coated finish on it. That’s what has made this light rust, corrosion contaminants resistant.

You will get exceptional durability from this light for sure. Like the previous products, this one also has IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating. So, you can use this light in your own way instead of being concerned about the weather condition. By the way, this outdoor LED light is certified and verified from DLC for safety.


  • 44800lm maximum lightning output
  • Offers exceptional durability
  • IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating
  • Arm mount fixture
  • Uses high-efficiency LED chips SMD3030
  • Ul listed and DLC verified for safety
  • Perfect for a wide application


  • Some of the customers weren’t satisfied with its brightness


300W LED Pole Lights Outdoor

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Lastly, we have got the 300W LED Pole Lights Outdoor. It might be the last one of our lists, but the features and capabilities of this LED light have made it stand out amongst others. It is featured with dusk to dawn photocell, which allows it to detect the darkness and light of outside. It will turn off and on automatically depending on the sunset and sunrise.

This light reduces up to 50% power consumption so that you won’t have to pay a large number of bills at the end of the month. This LED is more reliable than the ordinary lighting source and offers a brighter light than them. This means you can enjoy the great reliable light at 50% less electric energy.

This LED light offers up to a 36000-lumen output. So, you will get brighter light during its lifespan. This LED light is made of premium materials, which is why you can avoid the additional maintenance costs. It comes with a direct fix slip fitter that can be easily mounted with any fixtures. The entire maintenance cost and mounting cost will remain inside of your pocket.

This light is ETL listed and 100% safe to use. It doesn’t have sensitives, which can cause unwanted accidents. The best part of this product is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. During this time, the manufacturer will replace any parts within a short time. So, make the purchase full of confidence.


  • Featured with dusk to dawn photocell
  • It offers 50% less power consumption.
  • Fits any mounting fixture with the slip fitter
  • ETL listed
  • Brighter than the ordinary pole lights
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • There is no mounting instruction with the light.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lighting for Pole Barn

At this point, you might be wondering about the differences between these lights and the rest out there? Well, don’t worry; we are going to clear all your hesitations here. Actually, the selection was made based on some key features which are necessary for ensuring the required support. Let’s highlight them to make things clear for you.



Whether you are buying a pen or car, you will always prefer the maximum amount of durability in your product. The case is the same, even if you are buying some lights for your barn. You would definitely not like to change the barn lights every month. But if you bring something unpleasant you may have to do that very often.

As we have said before, all of the lights were not built in the same way. In order to be perfect and bright on the barns, your selected light must have to be a powerful one. You can ensure that power through some cheap products, but honestly, they aren’t going to last long. That’s what will tend you to change the lights more often.

If you look close to the above list, we have paid proper attention to the brands of the lights. All of the lights in the above list are selected from renowned and popular brands. Their heavy construction makes them last for a long time. They also have IP65 and IP67 waterproof rating for which you can also use them in any weather condition. So, if you want to ensure the maximum amount of durability, you should make your selection from the above list.



The brightness of light plays an important role in being perfect inside of a barn. Your burn will usually have a large space, and that’s why a less powerful light won’t going to light up the entire space. You can still work with them by installing a bunch of those models. But for that, you have to make some additional payments. For this, it will be better if you choose a powerful and bright light. Those lights are powerful enough to match three-four of the less powerful lights.

As a result, you will be able to light up your entire space with one or two lights. That’s the reason for which we have picked the powerful lights which can create sun-like brightness. They can give you unmatched support by lighting up a wide area.


The best part of those lights is that they consume lesser energy for doing the entire stuff. So, if you want to save your electric bill and expenditure, you should select one of the powerful lights from the above list. If you prefer others, make sure to select those lights which can occur to deliver up to 44000lm output.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Lighting for Pole Barn


How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Pole Barn?

It depends on the area of your pole barn. In general, measurement around 100-200 lumens are needed per square foot.


What Is the Best Lighting for a Pole Barn?

It is literally hard to say any particular brand or product best. But based on the reviews and ratings, we are going to crown, STASUN 200W LED Flood Light is considered to best light for a pole barn.


Intruders can peek into your property and steal your valuable items. Don’t risk them. Bring the best lighting for pole barn and ensure proper lighting around your barn. It will increase the visibility and your property’s security. Hopefully, you will get your desired product from the above list.

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